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  1. 2. I could understand although NZ was already tightening the border. And they would need to be essential supplies. 1. I'd really hope that wasn't the case. 3. That doesn't seem to have been an issue in recent times with ships at tender. And It would have shown intent to get back to safety as a priority. Time will tell I guess.
  2. It is the ships decision as to how much information they gathered initially to ascertain any situation on board.
  3. Someone who has no skin in either Princess or Government game. From a major hospital.
  4. Thanks. I guess my next query is why it didn't simply set sail for Sydney and not try visit Wellington and Napier?
  5. There was a death here in SA from the same Barossa Hub. I'm not sure though that the US passengers were from Ruby. I don't think the dates work but must admit I haven't researched that properly.
  6. @Aus Traveller - I took this to mean that ships had to return to port within 5 days. Ruby didn't. I'm not sure if another NZ port was visited after the announcement? Professor Plum - NSW Gladys also had an embarrassing gaffe by one of her Ministers that was leaked today - he went off to his beach house! Hence my confusion! Australia has way too many levels of Government. It's getting very confusing as each state has different rules now.
  7. I went for a beach walk this morning and being a nice day here in Adelaide it was busy. I passed many people. On three separate occasions I heard people discussing the three lives lost here on SA and each time there was quite some angst when Ruby Princess was mentioned as being THAT ship. One couple clearly knew a well known Adelaide TA very well, he's quite a media fiend down here. And said they had been devastated. Given the high number of SA cruisers testing positive, and now a death, it's quite possible that this TA had taken a large group onboard and as they all mix socially onboard as a group, that may explain the over representative numbers from SA.
  8. Doesn't this suggest that Ruby didn't comply with the direction to return ASAP?
  9. State Premier? If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. Thank goodness SA and seemingly Qld, and WA the Governing parties are performing very well. The thing is, we rarely see anyone but Gladys on national TV - the ones doing the job well just aren't featuring. Guess that's because they are "doing" rather than the PR stuff and not doing.
  10. Then it must have been an asymptomatic or sniffly nose passenger or crew who just didn't present to medical.
  11. Yes, that's my recollection too. People were supposed to self isolate. I guess there may have been some who had no "safe" place to isolate to - eg aged relatives or families with kids. I did read about that in SA where a caravan park was used for temporary housing.
  12. Well it was dark at 7pm!. Damn media. We would be better off without it. What would a ship black box record? Just Bridge conversations?
  13. Agree. I had no concept of just how many travellers arrived each day. They had to stop incoming tourists so that ban had to be put in place. Hotels were still being occupied by tourists. Their plan to negotiate payments and staffing was implemented very quickly but must have been weeks in the planning. I think they needed to get it down to 1000 a day? So over a 2 week period that's still up 14000 rooms taken.
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