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  1. The current advisories are not at the level where Insurance will kick in. That needs to be lifted to Do Not Travel. And that warning is rarely, if ever, used.
  2. A Tsunami warning has been issued for affected areas.
  3. Same for Australia. And many countries have stopped flights from China into their country. Hong Kong is not exactly closing their borders to the mainland but they’ve stopped trains, and ferries going to the mainland.
  4. I guess on this port intensive cruise we want to explore the ship and get to know it. How long does the lunch normally take? I get a bit restless during the day if I have to wait for the meal to be served. That’s more the issue. Once I’ve had a quick bite and drink then I’m on my way. Is that possible do you think?
  5. It seems that Shanghai is being suspended as both a port of call and an embarkation port for the immediate future and full cancellations provided or a new cruise etc. There hasn’t been an overnight update in Australia but we are about to recommence school and University after a summer break and we have thousands of external University students from China who will be arriving here shortly although one already here has now tested positive but she did the right thing and had self isolated when she arrived recently and is now in hospital. Hopefully by throwing everything at it it will be snuffed out just as quickly as it started. And the wet market at Wuhu was the epicentre.
  6. Celebrity buffets are excellent. It’s hardly a chore to eat there and even though we can eat in Luminae this cruise we won’t likely be having first lunch there. I’m not sure what people actually expect of a cruise line but reckon they aren’t going to enjoy it if eating in the buffet is such a bad thing to have to do. Especially embarkation day with a cruise to look forward to.
  7. Can we stop the “who is the cleverest” and get back to the issue. I think stock markets around the world are plunging. The Aussie dollar is crashing and our lucrative seafood industry that exports to China lost 95% of its trade overnight. I think this has more to do with pandemic than any pharma company trying to make a big buck.
  8. Yes, Santorini has too many cruise tourists but there is a reason for that - it is truly spectacular. We spent a week there after a cruise from Athens with Aegean Air. There were a couple of days we had with only a small cruise at tender and on those days we walked the path from Fira to Oia. Amazing views. On the busy cruise days we escaped the tourists going to the beach a distance away or by public buses and not venturing near the cable car. Then when everyone left on their ship we went to the local restaurants and enjoyed the peace.
  9. Not in the Sky suites all the time. He doesn’t specifically mention the 4 Perks, just the Perks which may simply be referring to Priority embarkation and dining room and butler.
  10. We’ve been on 3 Princess cruises and 3 Celebrity ones and for us, in a basic Balcony cabin, Celebrity runs rings around Princess especially entertainment and atmosphere. I hate the Princess buffet both food and set up. We are in a Celebrity Sky suite next time and now we won’t revisit Princess again.
  11. Ok. I guess no damage really done then except time looking for another cruise around then.
  12. And which is much cheaper than landing in hospital with complications from diseases that are preventable through immunisation and inoculation.
  13. Having never eaten in Luminae on any ship but only Aqua on Equinox and three times in MDR, on the Solstice ships, how does the size of Luminae on Edge compare with the MDRs on the Solstice ships, and the MDRs on Edge? Another query - for embarkation day is the lunch served quickly in Luminae?
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