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  1. Prices are pretty much out of whack. I looked into Empress just because I was curious as I prefer the larger ships. But, for a junior suite for two - what I understand is a bit larger than a balcony on the newer ships the price is $7,584!!! Same dates in 2020 out of Miami totals $2,393 for a Junior suite. smh really
  2. looking at bookings just curious why do you think Oasis will be PE year round?
  3. Just saw a sailing posted for Harmony out of PC for January 30th 2022..
  4. Just looked at Harmony for August 2021. New category listed: (cb) Connecting balcony rooms priced at $600 more Per Person than ocean view!!! What in the world?? didn't see this category for Harmony before! Same cabins in august 2020 still priced and listed in the regular ocean view balcony cabin category. Just a way to take more $$ from families? It's the same room as regular balcony (size etc) just with a connecting door! Part of their new and improved customer experience I guess..very annoying. I guess they prefer kids unsupervised next door or across the hall? I'll pass.
  5. Was hoping for a ship that was both hot/cold weather compatible for some more year round NE options, but unless the aquatheater will be enclosed, not much hopes in that happening.. 😐
  6. Do you mean that kosher food is generally available on sailings where kosherica has a group sailing to all passengers or just for the kosherica guests? Their prices are pretty outrageous IMHO and I understand they have a whole logistics expense etc. but my friends aren't looking for all the activities offered by kosherica just some decent fresh kosher options that are not TV dinners and that they won't have to plan a day ahead for...
  7. Thanks everyone, I figured it was some special sailing and not something that is always available but the people that mentioned it didn't say anything about it. I think it was a September week. Probably another holiday sailing. I guess there's always pasta, veggies and fish 😐
  8. We are booked on a cruise and friends are thinking of joining. They keep kosher and not thrilled with tv dinner style options.... I read somewhere that Oasis has a kosher (or kosher style) section in windjammer and solarium bistro (open to all not just kosher groups etc as we are not booking a kosher group cruise or sailing). Can anyone who sailed recently confirm? Also - for future reference - is this available on other ships? Is this something that is only available on certain dates (Jewish holidays etc.) or class of ship? Any info appreciated.
  9. with all the privacy concerns and closing the curtains defeating the whole view/window concept you would think they could make the windows one way or think of some other way to address the issue. Personally I prefer balconies but for the price have considered these. I also really like the window seat. But, I always end up passing because of the privacy issues...
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