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  1. If you have an eligible reservation, use the online form to enter your request for shift and view what options are offered.
  2. I did not claim such. My post is merely a link to evolving environment. But then again not all cruises visiting the Hawaiian Islands depart from the West Coast. One ship, to my knowledge, departs from Honolulu, if and when it is allowed to sail with paying passengers.
  3. As of August 1, visitors who provide a negative test result up to 72 hours prior to arrival will not be required to self quarantine for 14 days. https://www.hawaiitourismauthority.org/news/alerts/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/
  4. From information currently available, theme park operation would occur in Stage 4. When would Stage 4 reopening occur? I cannot say. Hypothetically, Stage 4 might never happen.
  5. Are you attributing the delayed reopening to California uptick?
  6. I don’t know and accept my risk. This hypothetical 35-year-old makes their own choice. Have they taken precautions? Have they left their domicile? Apparently so because “we” are passing on the street.
  7. And I say the “high risk” should live their life as if every other human is infectious.
  8. I still don’t agree the “high risk” should be walking past “me” on the street.
  9. I did not post any comment regarding Disney and Florida. You have, however, asked my opinion. My opinion is the Country and the World cannot stay locked down 100% and survive.
  10. I responded to this sentence. Whoever is “high risk” has to accept risk for meeting absolutely anyone because they do not know the other person’s history of activity or exposure.
  11. First off, we are both using “you”, whether it be the collective or specific. I accept you are not calling out me specifically. I specifically am not hanging out with anyone besides my husband. And we know each other’s medical history.
  12. So you are saying the “at risk” are not practicing what you (and you are not alone) consider necessary to mitigate virus transmission. So why in the onus on me to prevent transmission?
  13. Where do you theorize I will run into this “high risk” human? Operating under current guidelines, they are masked and staying at least six feet from any other human they cannot knowingly trust.
  14. Please, Please don’t believe what you read without more facts. Fact: On June 16, the Texas daily total of cases reported included a large number of cases dumped in from TDCJ without regard to date of occurrence. P.S. I have a screenshot for the naysayers. The spike is evident but not due to cases which occurred/verified positive on that date.
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