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  1. I thought I was the only one that didn’t know you could only use the CNC for 7 days or more! Booked a cruise out of NOLA for Super Bowl. First thing was I didn’t realize it was only five days, just assumed it was seven. But was ok with five days none the less. Then when I said I wanted to use my CNC was told nope, only on seven days or more. Again I just assumed I could but I was ok with not using it. The lesson I learned was to never book any cruise that’s less than 7 days!
  2. If I had a cruise booked I would definitely cancel but my reason is different than most. My Mom is 90, has COPD and stage IV lung cancer. I don’t have time to be sick or quarantined. Or to risk exposing her to it. She wouldn’t survive it of that I’m certain.I’m trying very hard right now to avoid being in closed areas with a lot of people like airplanes, public transit, movie theaters and sadly cruise ships. I just can’t take the added risk these places could pose. I know there is the possibility of getting exposed to it everywhere I go but feel I’m better at taking the recommended precautions
  3. We just got off the Getaway, third time sailing on her and our 17th Cruise. Most of our cruises have been on NCL. Do you have some specific questions? I haven’t been on Carnival in a number of years so I can’t really compare the two for you.
  4. We just got off our five day cruise on the Getaway on Friday. This was our 17th Cruise, the majority of which have been on NCL. We’ve always had a balcony room which was just fine. But this time we were lucky enough to stay in a spa suite in the Haven. I’ve enjoyed all our cruises but being in the Haven was the most wonderful experience we’ve had cruising in a long time! There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about it. When it comes time to book our next cruise, the practical voice in my head will say balcony room but the spoiled (brat) voice will scream HAVEN! Which voice will win? That remains
  5. We just got off the Getaway on Friday. We were due in at 8:00 am. Due to high winds and a medical emergency, we didn’t arrive until 10:00 am. We were in the Haven and it was almost 11:30 before we could get off the ship. For some reason, the disembarkation seemed to go very slowly. Luckily we were spending the night in NOLA so it was no big deal to us but there were a lot of people worried about missing their flights. This was the first time we’ve experienced a delay getting into port but it can & does happen. We had no lines going through customs and no wait to get a taxi to our hotel. M
  6. I’m so paranoid about not be allowed on the ship, I print EVERYTHING. LOL.I end up with a file folder that’s an inch thick but I sleep better the night before getting on the ship knowing my file is ready to go. Funny thing is, I’m not like this in my everyday life, well, for the most part I’m not.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I’m ok with whenever the room is ready, was just curious. Excited to see what all the Haven has to offer.
  8. 15th NCL Cruise but first one in the Haven. Leaving out of NOLA on 2/2/20. Very excited. My question is are the Haven rooms generally ready if you board around noon?
  9. Karinad, I do hope you can go, with or without hubby! Im sure your Doctor can tell you if it’s advisable or not. For me that would be the deciding factor. If you decide to go, as suggested, pack your carry on as light as possible. Carrying around the weight can tire you out. Don’t be shy about asking for someone’s assistance, people are generally willing to help someone who asks. As for trip insurance, we made the same trip the first part of April of this year. Last November my Mom had a serious heart attack & was told at the same time she may have cancer. I looked at travel insurance th
  10. Foreverinmyheart, I am sorry this all happened to you and your son and hope the experience doesn’t sour you on cruising. As I’m sure you know, it can be such a wonderful way to vacation and spend quality family time. I also hope the opinions you received both for and against do not sour you on Cruise Critic. We cruisers seem to be a very passionate bunch when it comes to all things cruising.
  11. No, Outerdog, I don’t think most people would expect a full refund on the cruise. I would think it reasonable to expect a “goodwill” credit for the taxi and perhaps a note from NCL stating they hoped her son was doing ok. Seems like good PR to me.
  12. I absolutely would’ve done what you did! They hit a reef and expected you to wait and then get back on it? NO WAY! That’s like saying “I know your ferry captain is incompetent but it’s free so that’s ok”! Well sorry but it’s not OK. And by the way, NOTHING is free. And yes, I would’ve expected NCL to reimburse me for my trouble. NCL is lucky there were only a few people that needed medical attention. What would you all think if THEY asked NCL to pay for their medical bills? I guess the injured people should’ve just sucked it up and said “that’s ok NCL, I’d be happy to pay for the medical atten
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