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  1. If I'm not mistaken, didn't "Easy Cruise" or some company do that a few years ago? It was not well recieved and ended.
  2. Just heard from our TA. A) Final payment is now due May 25th. B) Their offices are closed for 6 weeks.
  3. My husband and I will board in Southampton on the 24th after spending 2 weeks in England/Scotland. We were on the MSC Divina last month and they do a hosted LGBTQ gathering. 8 of us attended.
  4. I'd suggest looking at "Pied Piper". They do gay groups on a variety of lines/ships/itinerary. Groups are on average 10-30 folks. We've found that traveling with Pied Piper offered us the opportunity to develop close long lasting friendships. We have done an RSVP but not Atlanits. Much prefer a small group on a more "mainstream" cruise.
  5. Friends of ours just booked...at least there'll be 6 of us at the LGNTQ get togethers. Anyone else coming on this cruise?
  6. Hubby and I and another couple just booked this. Great deal and the beverage package comes to something like $22 a day and WIFI for the entire cruise, too. Anyone else? We've been on this ship in the past and REALLY like it and yes, they have LGBTQ get togethers.
  7. We were on the Divina last month in the Caribbean. They did have an LBGTQ get together every other evening. The "every other, other" was for solo travelers. It was in the Golden Jazz Club at 5:15 PM, but if you want a drink, grab one elsewhere and bring it as the bar in that lounge opens at 6PM.
  8. We're a bit older (in our 50's) but pretty much in the same situation. We took a Viking ocean cruise and enjoyed that. However from what we could tell, we were the only gay couple on board, but had no issues with staff or other pax. It was a very nice experience and stay in touch with other passengers. Also, we've done MSC Yacht Club 2X and for the price..you can't beat it.
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