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  1. Some ports are currently open also for cruise ships like e.g. Tromso, Hamburg and Southampton but this does not include any touristic passenger movements as long as borders are closed and rules for running cruise ships again are not defined. Hence this list is not helpful for cruise ship tourism.
  2. The issue is not Manila but domestic flights to the islands are not running so crew can not leave Manila and therefore some have been forced to stay there in quarantine for six week and longer. As long as they may not leave Manila no space in the quarantine places for others to leave ships...
  3. It is not the yard, currently it is the Cruise Lines who prefer a later delivery due to cash flow issues and no demand. Hence Meyer slows down. Iona could be ready but no one needs her.
  4. http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/Live_Information/Shipping_Movements_and_Cruise_Ship_Schedule/Cruise_Ship_Schedule/
  5. I have been told by Royal agents it must be the same class of ships, is this true?
  6. Sorry but it is still a shame how many misuse this good option now and show off with their saving due to shifted fake bookings. Royal's agents should not be bothered with all this calls to close such deals but focus on the people who are really not able to travel as planned and still waiting for help, solutions and refunds.
  7. You are right, I just do not understand why so many big ships stop just at boring Corner Brook when visiting Newfoundland.
  8. Yes, removed on Brilliance and Serenade.
  9. I believe when cruising is permitted again the mask wearing requirements will be gone already. Hoe long do people expect to run around withs masks?
  10. She has been delivered to Celebrity already, why should she be not ready in one year??
  11. As most cases occur without or with little symptoms and suitable medicine will help as well in the near future there should be no general need for airlifting and intense care in local hospitals. Cases just need to be identified and isolated quickly.
  12. And Empress is the only ship able to stop in St. John's, Newfoundland!
  13. I believe Jewel could be the first ship back in service in Northern Europe as the situation in those countries is improving. And yes, the 14 day quarantine has been in place in Scandinavia, Germany and many other countries for a while and it will be lifted sooner or later together with the re-opening of borders within those EU countries.
  14. According to DNVGL: "In cold lay-up, the machinery is taken out of service and the vessel is kept “electrically dead”. Many vessels in cold lay-up use a deck generator or utilize shore power, which means even the emergency power is off. Only minimum manning covering fire, leakage, moorings and security watches is maintained. This option involves more complex measures compared to hot lay-up, such as steps to prevent corrosion and ensure protection, the draining of systems and pipes, and more. Cold lay-up is more common for a duration of more than 12 months, but the duration depends naturally on the owner’s needs."
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