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  1. Flatbush: I appreciate your advice. I only have the problem on the O website, nothing else. It's not a "slow load" problem. After logging in when I click on various things the screen says something like: O is having problem with it's website. I don't remember the exact words. I would say it has happened to me about 5 times within the last three months.
  2. I have a similar problem. I log into my account with no problems. When I click manage my account, it goes to a blank screen. This happens more than occasionally and it is quite annoying.
  3. When I had a problem with my regent cruise to Tahiti 15 years ago, Mark Conroy personally handled it. And, it wasn't regent's fault. It was my lousy TA at the time. I will never forget his kindness.
  4. Just did a "dummy" booking April 2020 May 2020 MIA to BCN Nonstop American, BCN - MIA nonstop American, both flights premium econ for 3 people, total price $2964. Main econ $2067 for 3 people.
  5. Pingpong1: Really appreciate your thoughts. I totally agree! I want to get this whole airfare business done and then think of more important things like what I'm going to wear, eat, drink lol! Everyone's advice has been so helpful as I look forward to booking my airfare and crossing that off my list.
  6. Check out the available flights on Travelocity or other sights. If you like the price and PE seats, etc. you may want to book yourself. A bird in the hand....
  7. Buggins: Great answer, I appreciate it. I have looked on ITA, google flights, Travelocity, expedia and American. I realize that all of this is just a guess at this point. But what it does is gives me a good idea of prices and routes. I have taken a gander at October fares. I realize that when the schedules comes out the prices can be more or less. It's a total crap shoot. When the schedules come out for Spring 2020 which will be about 2 months BEFORE I can talk to O air, and the price/flights are what I want, I'm going to buy the tickets myself. I'm not going to scrape around for $50pp. I am going to pay less than O air, pick my flights/seats and most important: I have control. A bird in the hand!
  8. confirmation/locator number is what I'm talking about. Sorry if I wasn't clear. If you booked DH and your flights at the same time and have the same confirmation number, when you check in with the confirmation number both your flights will show up and you can both checkin at that time.
  9. Thanks everyone for all the valuable information. I'll be watching the flights that I want when the schedule comes out for Spring 2020.
  10. As long as both tickets have the name number assigned to both you and your DH. If they have two numbers, you must check in on each.
  11. ORV: Thanks so much for sharing your experience! What you said is exactly what I've seen online while searching PE on AA on specific planes. It looks good to me. What I REALLY would like to know at this point is: Is $2500 per couple roundtrip a good price from MIA-BCN nonstop, FCO-MIA one connection in AA true PE seats. Thanks!
  12. Rally and Dan: Yup went to seat guru.com. So much to check out! Thanks again for all your info. It really helps a lot.
  13. FlyerTalker: I have researched AA PE on the 772-777 config 2-4-2 in separate cabin with 3 rows and AA PE on An Airbus A330 config 2-3-2 in separate cabin 3 rows. I've looked at utube videos and reviews. I like the larger seats, food, drinks and amenities. Is this the true prem economy you're speaking of? These are not regular econ seats in the econ section with drinks and better food ex: Delta comfort. I agree that I don't know exactly what Oceania means by PE. The cost of the flights if I go through O is: $1,800 plus $800 for PE plus $350 for air deviation, equals $2,950 per couple roundtrip. And, I may have to pay even more to get the flights I want with a possible upcharge after speaking to the air deviation dept. I'm just not too comfortable with these unknowns, On Tuesday April 23rd the flights I mentioned above in my dummy booking in PE was $2500 per couple roundtrip. Today, a Sunday, those same flights are $3,669. So I ask, should I grab these flights that I want when the flight schedules come out if I can get them for $2,500 to $3,000 per couple roundtrip. I'm assuming this is a good price, but as I've mentioned, I'm not familiar with prices to Europe. FYI I will be getting travel insurance. Thanks again everyone!
  14. Buggins: My dummy booking I did a week ago on AA leaving 3/2/2020 MIA to BCN Nonstop on a Boeing 777 PE and returning on AA 3/16/2020 FCO to MIA connecting in PHL on Boeing 777 PE $2,502 per couple round trip. It's a true PE on a 777. Yes, I realize that's for March and I'd be looking at end of April returning beginning of May 2020. I'm thinking if I can get this price for my actual dates when the airfare schedules come out I should grab it. This is my first trip to Europe and I'm not familiar with the air prices at all. What do you think? Thanks!
  15. Pinotlover: I've also been checking matrix per your advice and will watch. Great tip! So, you're saying that if I catch a sale that I could get flights in PE for $1800 pp, $3600 per couple for roundtrip? Or are you saying that $1800 is per couple roundtrip in PE? I found flights on American for around $2500 per couple roundtrip in PE. Am I misunderstanding?
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