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  1. Geez. I was just thanking you for the photos and info. Not looking for a snarky reply. What's up with that? Were you a teacher of something. LOL
  2. Really appreciate the info and photos. My first O cruise is next Spring in the med and I'm very excitied!
  3. This is really good information. Thanks!
  4. You are absolutely right! The Westin is the only choice of hotel post cruise. Can't wait to stay there. Yes, I've read all the reviews pros and cons, etc.
  5. I see you live in Bermuda. Could that be why? Also, you don't get an email into your personal email account with your KTN number. Did you mean after you logged into your GE account page you received the letter there?
  6. After I applied online for GE I waited for an email regarding scheduling an interview. I then realized I had to log into my GE online account and that was where there was a link to schedule an interview.
  7. DH and I got our GE card in the mail 3 days after our interview. Our interview was in GE office in the building near FLL. Not at the airport.
  8. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It was very helpful!
  9. Thanks everyone for your help and support! Can't wait for my first O cruise!
  10. We are going on this trip with a group of people that this is their first time in Europe. Everyone knows the options, pros and cons. We feel more comfortable having the cruiseline handle all of this. If you don't like the decision we have made, that's OK. I may not like decisions other people have made. It's not right or wrong. It's a personal choice. Just looking for an answer to my question, that's all. If you don't know, that's fine.
  11. As I said, I understand all the options for getting to the hotel post cruise package, costs, etc. Just looking to see if anyone has done this and has an idea at what time I would arrive at the hotel in Rome. LHT28: I agree with you that I figured about 11AM. It's not critical that I get to the hotel by 11AM. But I have an afternoon private tour scheduled and don't want to be late. I'm assuming I would have plenty of time to meet my private tour, but thought maybe someone here would have an idea of the hotel arrival time. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts.
  12. I appreciate your responses. I am using Oceania's transfer to a hotel I booked with Oceania when I leave the ship to go to my post cruise hotel. Not going from the hotel to the ship. Yes, I understand the costs, other options. LHT28 I haven't seen anything mentioned as far as a drive by city tour, which is not something I want. I will check with Oceania about that. Just would like to know approximately what time I can expect to get to the hotel. Not checkin, just what time. Thanks!
  13. I always get to the airport early and give at least 3 hours to connect if connecting. Flying this Spring nonstop to BCN the day before my cruise. Coming home I have to connect. I chose to connect in the good old USA. If I have a problem, I'm more comfortable being in my home country. For me, this a great stress reducer. 😀
  14. When you disembark the ship in Civ. and use Oceania's transfer to a hotel in Rome, approximately what time can you expect to arrive at your hotel? I realize there are other ways to get to your hotel in Rome, just want to know about Oceania's transfer. Thanks!
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