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  1. the latest flyer we got in the mail from Princess casino was for cruises up to 15 days, that is a first for us. We are still waiting for our phone call from casino department about our cancelled cruises.
  2. I sent my email last week to the Casino department, then cancelled the cruises and asked for full cash refund on Monday 11-23, then this morning when I was out I got a returned phone call from the Casino Department. message left: We have until May 2021 to rebook a future cruise and keep all our perks with the offer that was cancelled. Cruise must sale by May 2022. Call back at 1 888 772 6697 I called back, but the phone was rerouted to the main reservation number, she looked up our reservation and they had placed all the above info on my file. But I still need
  3. Well, I sent an email on Friday to the casino department and have not had a response, and over the weekend, my husband and I decided that we would not rebook. We have had the cruise for April 2021 booked since April 2020. It is a good deal, but not if we don't ever get to go. I put in a request form this morning for our two cruises that were cancelled and I will see how long it takes to get the money back. We will not book again until ships are sailing again, and if we can not get a good deal using the casino rate, we will book last minute cruises and hopefully get a good deal that
  4. thank you iamaqt2 for the correction on my bad email address for the casino. I sent an email, and figured I would wait until monday. We are really going back and forth on taking the money and waiting until things go back to sailing, or rebook and then wait for the refund. I hate having my money tied up, even if it is a good deal.
  5. I no more than posted above, when I received four emails from Princess letting me know that they have cancelled my cruises for 2021. I called princess to talked to the casino department, but they said that they were having phone problems and suggested that I email them casinoinquiry@princess.com I have sent them an email asking if I can have all perks and offers from my April 2021 cruise transfered to a date in 2022. If they say no, then I want my money back. The other cruise is just a $200 deposit using FCC - I will let that go back to our account and book something
  6. We received an email yesterday for $500 casino play, all the perks and 35% off any cabin. When I compared pricing for the cruises available (winter 2020 and spring 2021), they had upped the price on all categories, so the 35% off would be the same price on what we were already paying. We have a cruise in April 2021 with a great deal, free cabin, $500 casino, all the perks. If that doesn't go, I would love to transfer to another time, late 2021 or spring 2022. If they say no, I will ask for my money back - which I had to pay the tax, port tax, insurance upfront. And I will not
  7. google Geo Blu Voyager Choice we used them for our 28 night cruise to Tahiti. The cost for the two of us saved us a couple of hundred dollars. I was told my the representative, that if we are going on multiple cruises, it would be cheaper to buy the year coverage. It would cost based on age of both cruisers and which coverage you choice (I think there is a choice of 3) If I had multiple cruises to take in one year I would go with the year plan. Other wise I am happy doing it with the cruise line - even though I notice that their costs went up when I booke
  8. to Mcrcruiser my son just did a road trip in October from Orange county California to Denver. All along the drive through Nevada, Utah and then into Colorado, he stopped at gas stations, fast food, and a motel and no one was wearing a mask. No one was social distancing. (he wore a mask everytime he got out of the car) He came back home and stayed away from us for two weeks to make sure that he had not picked up anything along the way. I realize that you are going next year, but just wanted you to know how other people in other states are handling the situation
  9. Do a comparison booking. One with no perks involved and one with the perks. I think you would be way ahead if you book with no perks and then purchase drinks individually when on board, no package. My husband and I do not get the beverage packages and end up spending around $10 per day for coffee and his occasional soda. We cut back. I do purchase the water bottles that are delivered to the room and we have water that I add lemonade packets. Internet - some people can not live without it. When we go on a cruise, we read books and watch tv in our cabin and check emails when we go a
  10. When we first started cruising we would bring cash for the cruise that we would use for the casino. Now we just make sure that the credit card company is aware that we will be on a cruise and there will be large charges to the card. Once you have your account set up, you can go to the casino cage, ask to have money put on your card/medallion (they put the charge on your cabin). example: You go to the cage and if you have any offer for "free play" you ask to have it on your room card - once you go to the machine or table you set yourself up with a passcode. Every tim
  11. kld05 the only way to see the cruises is if they send you an email and then you click on the cruises. The cruises are normally, the 5, 7 or 10 night cruises. I tried to use an offer on a 14 night Alaska cruise, just using the free casino play, but the answer was no. You need to call the casino number listed on the postcard and talk to the representative.
  12. I tried to go online to the Princess website to check prices for the July 3rd date. The web page would not load. I went to my online travel agency and they do not show the cruise. So I called the casino department for Princess and asked about the cruise and I booked , used our deposit from the FCC we had purchased on our last cruise. So we have the following BB cabin on Deck 11 mid deck (balcony) - we won't due anything less just in case we get stuck on board got the princess protection plan taxes and port fees total cabin price is $5, 029 we are getting th
  13. We had the same offer, but we chose to go out of Los Angeles port, so no flying, just in case. We pad $225 pp to upgrade to balcony.
  14. We are on an April 2021 - I not sure that will be a go. We are hoping yes, but if it gets cancelled, we will not book another cruise until 2022
  15. We wish we had all the options that the Florida ports offer. in 2016 when we did our transatlantic from Florida to London, we paid around $899 pp for 15 nights with maybe 5 stops. One of the other passengers we talked to got the same cruise for $599pp - it was within the 75 days after the final payment was due and some people had cancelled. They were from Florida and it was the only way they would book a cruise - last minute and very low price. If we lived in the south Florida area, that is what we would do
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