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  1. If not you come visit me...........lol
  2. How do they determine who will get the offer for an up sell to a suite?
  3. No I don;t but will look them up. Thank you
  4. When they did the CC to full suite for you about how much was it and How long before the cruise? Thank you
  5. He is in England you are in the United States doubt his answer will apply to you
  6. Has anyone been able to book spa appointments? If so how far before the cruise and where and how? Thank you
  7. Tell them you are in sales and work with the public and like getting the test every so often. That is what I tell them which happens to be the truth. Best wishes Kathy
  8. OR delete the app and reinstall all the infor currently there would still be there
  9. I posted this in another thread but will post again here for those that didn't see. When I went to Quest for my alternate monthly diabetes blood test I asked about the Princess post. They knew nothing about it I live in Fr. Lauderdale and suggest you call the CVS you intend to go to. I go every couple months for a Covid test because I am out in the public selling advertising. The last time I went to the one by my house they told me they don't do the rapid tests however I did get my results back on there app in 2 days. Make sure you can get the rapid test if needed by calling the store. Kathy
  10. I am not CRAZY about complimentary dinners and would have paid if I had to and apparently did since they charged me and did not honor my complimentary fees. The problem is two fold. I have very bad legs and cannot run around quickly. I want to make sure I get the Sanctuary days I want and my hair is past my butt so I need the spa appointments I want. I travel alone so I have no one to help me. Lastly I know very well because I am in CC I would get the times and dates I want for restaurants I want. I am also like the lady that posted about planning. I like to have everything done BEFORE I get on the ship so I do not have to do anything except relax and have a good time. I think everyone likes to enjoy their cruise the way they want. If booking what I want be it hair appts, massages, dinner reservations and anything else I want to do and pay for my own reasons is your definition of being crazy I suggest you enjoy your cruise the way you should and not make comments about how I want to enjoy mine. thank you Kathy
  11. I was FINALLY able tonight to book the 2 specialty restaurants I wanted. YEA ! BUT I have 2 complimentary fees for them and Princess charged them to my CC. What do I do? Now if I could make the spa appointments I would be a happy camper. Thanks in advance Kathy
  12. WTG WAYNE! Sorry I am not getting to meet you on our cruise this year Blessings Kathy
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