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  1. You are correct!!! You must be a theater fan as I am. Stay safe Kathy
  2. You got this idea and even said as much on a thread when I asked Kittyonions how she got her CC name. But still a great idea. Mine is for my afghan hound Rabintinathia. My mom used to tell me by the time I called her she would be gone. So I gave her a nickname Rabin. I had another one named Dulcinea (does anyone know what that is from)? Also YES YES YES on the Steelers. I am from Pgh originally and once you have the black and gold in your blood it is their forever. We finally had 2 minutes of Tua time today. After the game still in his uniform he went to the 15 yd line and sat
  3. Thanks Paula. I know what a kitty is but my mind went to a lot of cats not your definition...........lol Really cool about the onions part as well. I think it is a really cool handle. Mine is my first afghan hounds name or should I say her nickname Take care Kathy
  4. I agree with you 100%. I think it very unfair and thoughtless of them taking final payments on an if and a maybe. People are understanding if they are told the truth about anything but not when you get no info at all. I don;t understand how they could in good conscience be selling cruises that most probably will not sail. Off topic but dying to know where Kittyonions came from? I think it is adorable Kathy
  5. Read in my post what psycho babble Mickey Arinson said. He is very charismatic. Guess this time it didn;t work. If she is saying they can;t sail for 60 days I wonder if that means after the CDC says that ships can sail or from the date of her order and if they are starting the compliance checking now? Either way I cancelled my cruise no way am I going on the December 20 cruise. Have a great day everyone Kathy
  6. Hi, I live in South Florida. Micky Arison the man that owns Carnival is not a nice person. He pretends to be but isn;t. He is always about the money. He also owns the Miami Heat. We see on TV and newsprint things about him all the time down here. I was booked on the December 20 Panama Canal cruise. I cancelled it on Monday. NONE of the Carnival owned ships will be sailing anytime soon. Kathy Here is a copy of the article from Channel 10 News Miami. MIAMI – Since Carnival Corp. is on probation over an environmental crimes case, a U.S. District Judge for the Southern D
  7. You are correct. If anyone wants to read the whole article go to channnel 10 news Miami. I cut and pasted it and sent it to my Princess travel planner yesterday. Mickey Arienson (not sure spelled correct) who owns Carnival also owns the Miami Heat and he comes off as a cool dude but is not. He is always in our news down here in South Florida for something. So they brought this on themselves by not abiding by the rules. The article tells all they did from dumping waste into the ocean, to garbage to oily products and more Kathy.
  8. It was a statement as to why I cancelled not a question............ I know why the ports are not open Have a wonderful day Kathy
  9. I was on the December 20 canal cruise and just cancelled Monday as final payment was due next week. It was to leave LA (port not open).back to FTL where I live and our port isn;t open either. Also don;t want to cruise wearing a mask not a vacation to me nor buying only ship excursions. I will open my patio door and go sit by the pool Kathy
  10. I agree with you about Joe Cocker and a little help from his friends BUT we both aren;t talking cruising we bad.............lol Lol Kath
  11. That is my problem. I don;t want them holding my money. Said that in my post. I read about all the horror stories of how long it took people to get their money back. I want to go back to Africa and want to do Jordan/Israel so no probably won;t be cruising for awhile. Would need the money for those trips. Both are very expensive especially Africa. I know cause been there twice Thanks Kathy
  12. But what if they don;t cancel by final payment date of October 21 do I pay or cancel? Thanks Kathy
  13. The cruise I started this post on is set to leave LA on December 20 and sail to Ft. Lauderdale. I have been watching the bookings like a hawk and it looks to me to be only 20% sold. So now I am wondering if it will go not for overbooking but for not enough people bought it. The other questions will the the ports in LA and Port Everglades be open and will there be another extension from the CDC? I have to pay for the balance on Octtober 21. I am afraid if I pay in full it might take me months to get my money back after what I have read others have gone thru. What would you do pay or not p
  14. I sure am hoping you are correct since I leave on the 20th...........lol Was this a TA or a cruise planner? My Princess cruise planner keeps telling me she knows nothing grrrrr Thanks Kathy
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