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  1. Just got off a 2 hour long call with Royal and not sure what to do next. Back in January my wife booked us a SOS for my 40th on sailing on July 4th. I had also secretly booked a cruise on Virgin Voyages leaving April 5th as a surprise for my wife. Unfortunately like most of us my plans got altered by Covid. When I received my cancellation with Virgin I took the 200% credit and was able to easily book a cruise for Labor Day 2020. However, I still needed to replace my April 5th cruise. I looked on Royal and found in OAS leaving April 5th which I quickly booked and paid my fare. Fast forward a week or so and now that sailing in cancelled as well. Trying to make the best of it I call Royal and decide to rebook for OAS for April 12th. Before paying my fare I ask if I can just transfer over my funds from the 5th to the 12th. Now I’ve been on Royal several times before and have never had FCC. So the agent explains that I can’t do that because I have to be issued an FCC, which could be used towards my July sailing. Realizing that my final payment for July is due April 6th anyway I figure no big deal. So I paid my fare for April 12th and went about my day looking forward to vacay. Fast-forward 2 hours and Covid has cancelled cruises for the next 30 days. I again call Royal and explain my situation and they said no problem wait for your FCC and all that credit can go towards my July cruise. Now, I kind of get excited because I was getting 125% credit for my cancelled cruises. While waiting for my FCC’s to come in I realize it’s April 5th and I still don’t have them I call Royal again and explain the whole scenario again. After a few minutes they say they can extend the due date because they realize that I have more than enough credit to pay towards my July cruise. A week later I get the FCC from my cancelled April 5th cruise. So I call Royal explain the whole situation again. I applied 1 FCC each for myself and my wife. I again ask for extension while I wait for the credit. They again say no problem don’t worry about the balance will take it when your FCC comes in. Well today I received my FCC and call Royal again, but today there is a problem. Now I’m being told that only 1 FCC per person can be used for my July cruise. After 2 hours on the phone they won’t budge because that is there policy. My only recourse is to ask for a refund. If I get the refund i’m Going to remain optimistic and book another cruise with another line. If I disregard the extra 25% credit I received they still have more than enough money to cover my July Cruise. I don’t want to cancel because I’ve been looking forward to my 40th all year. I just don’t believe that no one working at Royal can make this happen. I spoke to corporate and am running out of ideas of who to speak to. They have notes of my conversations and they seemed more eager to discipline the agents who gave me bad information than helping me make it right. I don’t want anyone to get in trouble, but I can’t wrap my head around them willing to give me my money back rather than just transferring it to a cruise I’ve already booked. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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