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  1. We have always did royal with a few Disney’s. We started looking at other lines when the suite program and amenities started to diminish. We sailed in Celebrity and were blown away. We now have our 2nd booked next month. I still sail Royal but not as frequently.
  2. I had something similar. Every time they said it was issued and actually asked them via twitter and got a response pretty quickly. Turns out it was refunded but was coded as a hold on my account in the royal system. They took the hold off and I got the refund.
  3. I just looked at Hotwire today for my trip in October. Was it a secret deal. If it was Do you mind sharing the amenities/area you selected. Have a great trip. Thanks!
  4. What was the price. We are looking for a driver to go to the other side of the island and back.
  5. I got communication and then talked to an agent and they said the big box ta opted out of it.
  6. To add. Go to their website and search feedback. That will bring up a screen that allows yoU to provide feedback. It enough people do it they may change their policy.
  7. The only thing you can do is to call and voice a complaint. I have done an non every cruise I have booked. They are still under the assumption it works like the ncl program where they have to get involved. Explain to them as I have done that the ta does not have to be involved.
  8. Just saw on the GGG Flyer an OS for 1649 pre tax/fee. There was one left and I clicked on it so it may be out of inventory for a bit. Hope someone gets it.
  9. I was wondering in you were on board. Hopefully you will be able to stay with no damage to your house. Royal confirmed that pe is open for business.
  10. Thanks. Port Everglades is now open so it is looking good for our sailing.
  11. I contacted the concierge on Allure and she told me they have no idea of who is coming or not since there will be a lot of no shows and any upgrades won’t happen until after sail away for any rooms that were not cancelled in advance. I am already in a Grand suite and would to get back into a loft suite. Either way I’m happy to be sailing
  12. Port of Miami and Everglades are open!
  13. Going on shortened allure cruise. I will have 1500 obc from the Dorianmissed days refunded to cc if I don’t spend it which I won’t. 300 obc from next cruise non refundable 100 obc from ta refundable. small amount of refundable from port charges. I have to pay gratuities and probably a spa day. Does that come of the the non refundable first? When that becomes depleted don’t get the use the refundable? or is it the other way?
  14. The weather channel is reporting fll airport is opening at noon on Tuesday.
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