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  1. 8 hours ago, kamabet said:

    Do you by chance have an iPhone to put your setsail pass in your wallet? if you do put in wallet and barcode has a series of numbers below it. The last 4 should be your room #. If you don't have iPhone/wallet download any barcode scanner and scan you setsail pass and you will get your room # that way too. 

    Thank you. I have a gty for the kids and it showed up on the Apple Pay Via the Apple Pay app. . Turns out the rooms are across the hall. 

  2. On 9/18/2019 at 4:45 PM, PCWalton1 said:

    Later today I will be stopping at the Seattle-Tacoma airport to pick up the rental car we will be using to drive over the border to Canada. Tomorrow night we will be staying at the Pan Pacific Vancouver after catching a terrific rate on Hotwire just last week. We get to drop the rental car right there at the hotel and as you can tell from the picture getting to the ship will be a breeze too. 😋



    I just looked at Hotwire today for my trip in October. Was it a secret deal. If it was Do you mind sharing the amenities/area you selected. Have a great trip. 


  3. 1 hour ago, Krazyfuntimes said:

    The TA said, it is Royal not allowing it. Something about not getting more money after the cabin has been upgraded. I totally understand that part.


    I was just wondering if it should be in fine print anywhere, which it is not and they say it never will be, nor will they tell me. They do ramble off a ton of policy info, but that won't ever be included per the supervisor I talked too.


    It is not a big deal, but i think it should be printed somewhere, so I know (now if I find my readers to read all of it is another story, LOL).

    I got communication and then talked to an agent and they said the big box ta opted out of it. 

  4. 35 minutes ago, STANMELB said:


    We live in Melbourne, Florida. As of now not sure if we can make it to Port Everglades tomorrow. Will have to wait and see if we experience any property damage tonight. If we do not sail, Crown Loft # 1756 will be available.  

    I was wondering in you were on board. Hopefully you will be able to stay with no damage  to your house. Royal  confirmed that pe is open for business. 

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