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  1. 1 hour ago, Cruise_Couple said:

    I thought about that but I like to sit on my balcony and only hear the ocean. I am concerned about the noise from the rockwall, aquatheater, boardwalk, etc.

    We have stayed in those rooms a few times. They have a side balcony that faces the ocean. It is removed from the chaos of the boardwalk. My friend actually napped in that side so it is quiet as long as there are no shows going on. It was actually quieter than my loft on Deck 17 side facing. 

  2. Just now, Cruise_Couple said:

    We are using a travel agent but I trust the people on this site for the best information! We will be getting 2 adjoining junior suites and listing 1 adult (over 21... wayyyyy over) in each.

    That works out perfectly.  With that large of a group and the expenditures you are making, you may want to look into getting as A1 or A2 Aquatheater suite.  The First and Second passenger is very high but if you add the other passengers at the 3/4 rate it becomes a little cheaper.

  3. This is a good list, but keep in mind there are numerous spending opportunities on Oasis class ships.  They have shopping, a candy store, popcorn and cotton candy for sale during movies and shows etc.  They may want to purchase photos as well.  It would be up to the individual parents on how much they will allow for extras while on board.  Also at 18 they are allowed in the casino.


    Are you the only adult going, if so they only allow age people to book so you would have to have an adjoining room to book your children in.  I would contact a travel agent to make sure everything is done properly.

  4. 2 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    That is just on the 4 Oasis class ships.  Been like that for over a week.  There is at least 1 cabin type in each category that is still available to be booked...nothing is completely closed

    On another group I look at someone commented that they were going on a group cruise and some had inside rooms on Symphony in April.  Those with inside rooms were moved to balcony cabins recently. 

  5. We were pier stumblers

    on the presidents cruise in Italy. We had booked the balloon ride special excursion for the presidents cruise. There was a drought in Italy that year. The drought ended that day with horrible thunderstorms cancelling the luncheon and ballon ride and we were all corralled into the winery. The power went out . The executive said open bar until we leave. We were in the last coach bus to leave and ended up probably about an hour after departure. We had about 30’ people on  that last bus. As soon as we boarded they pulled up the lines. The executives were not far ahead of us. And we got the excursion money back as obc. The best free excursion ever. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

    Have the individuals that reside in FL long term care had their vaccines yet?  

    It seems as though they are having a hard time getting it to the general public from what I read here and in the press.  I am wondering if all front line staff at Hospitals, care centres, first responds etc have had their opportunity to be vaccinated on top of LTC residents. Seems like a cluster “f” to me.

    In Georgia the rural areas with the highest death rate received more vaccines per capita than the Metro area of Atlanta counties. The governor said a lot are Sitting unused because they do not want the vaccine and now are making plans to move the initial allocation to those counties that have waiting lists. They also are allowing 65 plus to receive the vaccine. 

  7. 3 hours ago, island lady said:


    Actually there are a lot of very popular excursions (even before the Covid mess) that can only be booked through the ship.  One of our favorites:  Taku Glacier Lodge glacier flight and feast out of Juneau.  

    One of my top ten excursions ever!


  8. 1 hour ago, Ocean Boy said:

    So if I am understanding this correctly, it seems like once you lift and shift the reservation converts to a regular booking without any of the protections of the original reservation?? Does this also mean if there is a price drop on the subsequent cruise after final payment that you can't get the reduction in the form of OBC?

    this is under the current faq's 

    Extended Cruise with Confidence - Loyal To You Always




    • • Lift & Shift your clients who simply wish to move their existing reservation to next year, protecting their original cruise fare & promotion. It’s simple— select a qualifying sailing in the future, fill out the automated form on CruisingPower.com, and we’ll handle the rest.• Book your clients on or before January 31, 2021 and they’ll also be eligible to take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee up to 48-hours prior to sailing, ensuring the best deal!
  9. 6 hours ago, Milwaukee Eight said:

    Sure. Forever on my iPhone and iCloud. What a shame, the same wine throwers were on the following year President Cruise and “seemed” to have connections. We were told they would forever be banned from cruising with Royal. That didn’t happen. 


    We missed the next Presidents cruise due to poor health of my father, but I saw them on a cruise afterwards and  I almost, accidently tripped in the lounge with a full glass of red wine near them.  But I was better than that.

  10. The ship is yours. 


    Some of my favorites:


    We had starbucks delivered in the morning.


    We had Vintages appetizers one day with Cava


    We had Tiramisu martinis ( a bartender specialty  drink) delivered by the pitcher for a get together  to watch the dive show


    Our genie reserved seats on the Rising Tide bar one evening for the party.  


    Front row seats for the Micheal Bolten show on the President's Cruise.




    The  genies really try to make everything possible.





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