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  1. 4 hours ago, Liverpoolfan181 said:

    We put down a deposit on Anthem of the Seas sailing next September 23 2021 for 9 nights in Northern Europe.  

    Through other social media forums, We learned that this sailing has apparently become a charter sailing for a themed concert. This charter is also expected to be a 3 night heading to completely different ports. 

    At what point does one learn that they will be bumped from this sailing? Why is RCL double booking same ship with different itinerary? 

    the charter is selling rooms but so is RCL. Our TA says that as long as RCL puts the rooms in inventory to sell, she can sell them and they can’t see anything on the charter. 

    Of course for a good laugh, called RCL direct and they claim the “charter” is only 3 nights of the 9 and won’t interfere with regular sailing guests, but again how does this make sense with 2 different itineraries?? They keep stating our sailing will happen. #facepalm


    Also if the charter sails 3 nights, what happens to the remaining 6 nights of the original cruise? RCL not offering any 6 night cruise pre-sale and I can’t imagine they just don’t pick up passengers for 6 nights. 

    the cruise before us became a charter as well but full week which made sense.

    trying to plan a bday trip for my mother and ideally this is the preferred sailing, but how long do you hold out to see what happens?


    We’ve luckily never had to deal with a charter bump in all our cruising years.... has anyone experienced this before? 

    We are on oct 2 right after this. What themed charter group is it?  We may be able to add Another sailing before ours if it is 6 days. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, molly361 said:

    In case you are thinking of switching to next year instead FYI Allure out of PC has CL in October 2021 for $5300 - $5400

    We are booked on Oct 31 in a 2 bedroom GS with 3 girlfriends.  They had some great prices a couple of months ago.  You thinking of that sailing.  It is a good itinerary as well. 

  3. On 7/17/2020 at 7:50 PM, BND said:

    Um, it is being tested right now.  It also is using data and research from SARs from several years back.  I do think that countries will require it so I guess you won't cruise.  I will get the vaccine.   I think some need to do some actual research and quit regurgitating unsubstantiated crap they've heard.  I'll be in line as soon as it's available. I get the flu shot every year and I got the shingles shot this past year.  Even though I had a reaction to both shingles shots, it was nothing compared to the shingles.  

    Curious , what was your reaction to shingles.  i had severe muscle pain for days to the point I could barely walk.

  4. 3 hours ago, Jussnskip said:

    I just did my first choice which was quantum, there were lots of others but wasnt interested in them. We have a 2 bed star class suite on allure but they just said sailing wasnt eligble which is not correct as i picked it from their list of approved cruises!


    I had a 2 bedroom AQ on the Allure for the President's Cruise.  I used the online form for Anthem and they gave me a Grand Loft.  We only have 2 passengers so that is okay with me.  It took about 4 days for it to show up in my c/a account.

  5. On 6/14/2020 at 9:05 PM, PCWalton1 said:

    Shortly after leaving Bird Creek the rains hit so that ended the highway exploration. We continued on to Seward and our home for the night two night, Murphy's Alaskan Inn. Sorry but what a dive, paper thin walls and an odor that is not pleasant. Oh well, as small as Seward is and as late as we booked we can't be too picky. 



    We stayed at the Best Western in Seward and I will have to give it a 5 star for people and accommodations.

  6. 36 minutes ago, BettyGiggles said:

    So I called back a couple of days after first call and asked for Resolutions, spoke to Josh, had to send him our email received from RCCL and with a phone call about 1 hour and 20 minutes, he came back took my phone number and today 3 days later we did get a call from a lady in Revenue who apologized several times for the how wrong our future stay was handled. She had already reserved another suite in Star Class for us and we did get upgraded to Grand Panoramic Suite - 1 bedr with price protection. No one can really handle this kind of situation except Revenue. So while I initially called to just make sure we were really given our best choice, we are pleasantly surprised by how this was really taken care of. Back to Star Class we go. Thank you Royal!!! 🥰

    Thanks for the update!  So glad for you.  I am glad you called back.  It just goes to show you that it is who you talk to.  See you on board.

  7. 1 hour ago, scooter6251 said:

    We have a Nov 1, 2020,  Harmony currently booked which I'd like to move until early 2021.  As I understand Lift & Shift, which appeals, I would have to move this cruise to a date within the dates of Oct 1, to Nov 30, 2021.  This doesn't work because we have a Nov 15, 2021, cruise already booked.  And cannot take 2 cruises that close together.

    So I'm asking you smarter than me folks on here for suggestions.  We have a very good price on the upcoming cruise, far better than anything I can find for next Feb - April, the dates we need to move to.  Since Lift & Shift apparently won't work, how can I preserve my pricing.  Thanks


    Cancel your 2021 cruise if it isn’t a better deal than the 2020 one and then lift and shift your 2020 cruise to 2021. You can then apply the fcc from that cancellation to the shifted cruise. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, BettyGiggles said:

    Caribbean out of Pt Canaveral Oct 31 2021, we got nothing, no price protection, nothing, cheaper price, yes, but we had an awesome deal for the UP including drink package, gratuities and Genie. The only one they had would cost us $4000 more and a different sailing on Allure


    It doesn’t sound like they worked with you at all. That’s disappointing. I am in that sailing with some friends in the 2 bedroom gs. See you on board!


    my allure sailing where I have the up is in the med so it looks like they won’t put me in another star class room without having to pay. 

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