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  1. This is the second deal I have seen this past week. The first was Harmony for about 2600.00 August 18th. Those rooms are gone. This one is Allure 8/11/2019 GS with Georgia Resident/senior discount/diamond + discount 2516.00 for 2 people.
  2. We just got back from Alaska on our first Celebrity Cruise. We normally stay in suites on royal. We stayed in a CS which has a seperate bedroom without windows. I would compare it to a little bigger than a grand but not as open as an owners. The amenities for suites were far and above anything Royal offers including Star suites that I have stayed in. The service, food and staff were amazing. We did not do a lot of shows so I cannot comment on the entertainment. If you book the Royal or Penthouse you receive the drink package and speciality restaurants as well. The retreat lounge and suite sun deck is available with call brands and specialty beers all day, not just from 5-830 not like Royal with crappy wine and cheap liquor in the Suite lounge. Not a lot of Diamond benefits. You do get pressing and a laundry bag as well as 90 minutes of internet that you can log on and off of. I will more than likely be booking Celebrity in the future for non-Florida itineraries.
  3. Love Carmelita. She is one of the best! Empty nesting is great! Our 3 our finishing college next year. Now we can start spending money on cruises instead if college. Oh happy day. We we just got back from Alaska on Millenium and the service or exceeded our Star Class sailings!
  4. The bar faces inward. The lounge part is nicer than Allure. It does seem smaller as it was designed with ck in mind and is a little narrower. On the positive side the suite sun deck has a hot tub!
  5. That’s a great deal! It even includes the buyers choice extras.
  6. I guess my offer wasn’t that great. Seems like there were better ones to be had. I don’t gamble that much so that must be the lowest tier rate.
  7. Just in case anyone is interested. I never get any casino offers, but just got one today for the June and July sailings for 250.00 pp for 4-8 night sailings for interior rooms. check your emails.
  8. We just did our first Celebrity Cruise to Alaska. The demographics were not that of an older crowd probably due to the itinerary. I will say the Suite Amenities/restaurants/retreat were far better than anything Royal offers. I am looking at booking further with Celebrity for those amenities, but am now aware to watch the ship and ports based on your review. I am hooked on Celebrity and will probably not be booking many Royal Caribbean Ships unless I am with my family or a group of friends.
  9. Love that fact that there is a table by the window in the retreat lounge. On the Millennium they had a small table and the grey barrel chairs like are in the other picture.
  10. Thank you. This was out first Celebrity Cruise. I have sailed in 40plus Royal cruises mainly in suites and even the top Star Class with a genie, so I Knew what to expect service wise on a Royal Caribbean . I really wasn’t sure what the butler’s service entailed on this cruise. I honestly thought at the end he was just a higher level room steward and he did provide some service. I was was very happy with the rest of the suite amenities and felt they were far superior to Royal in every case and will only sail Royal in the future if I am with my 20 something kids who want a little different experience.
  11. They do look very uncomfortable. The mesh chairs were comfortable once I got a foot stool and recline. On other royal ships they had wicker type padded chairs and loungers. And tables in that level of suite. A lounger would have fit side ways in addition to the wicker chairs. There was no way to enjoy a meal out there.
  12. I did not tip him my normal amount. He did bring our coffee and danish and fruit while we were sleeping. I would have tipped the normal delivery person if they had brought it.
  13. That sounds very nice. Things to know for next time. We had un padded mesh chairs that could go back, no table except concrete things that things would slip off of. That's why I asked for a stool so I could actually recline a bit and enjoy the scenery.
  14. We were in Alaska and he saw me with small blankets from the pool and I said it would be nice to have a larger one for the balcony. He said he could get me one. If I would have seen my room attendant, I would have asked him, but I only saw him twice on the cruise. He wasn't fetching towels. There were 2 towels in the bath. I have long thick hair that I need to keep wrapped which left nothing for my husband to use when he took a shower. I simply asked for more when the room attendant serviced the room. He commented when he brought it that he was late picking it up from the kitchen. We were going on an early excursion and wanted it delivered between 6 and 6:30. He did not show up until 7. We could not get it replaced as we had to leave. Of course he can't stick his finger in it, but if he would have delivered it on time, it would not have been cold. Leaving something sitting out for 30 minutes to an hour will make it room temperature. Yes the jacket got pressed and delivered. I did not say it did not. Curious to what you asked your butler to do?
  15. He did bring us coffee each day while we were sleeping.
  16. Wow. My husband told me after the fact that he told the shoreside Concoerge that we were celebrating our anniversary and they said they would have a cake and champagne for us as well as flowers. It was also noted on our reservation. It didn’t happen.
  17. I did not remove gratuities. I had a tip envelope in addition to the normal grats. This was one instance in my cruising history I almost did not give additional tips.
  18. I just returned from my first Celebrity Suite on Millennium and had a wonderful time. I normally sail Royal Caribbean but was blown away by Celebrity's service, staff and food as compared to Royal. Looking to book another one but had a question about butlers. We saw a butler a total of 4 times the whole trip. He did bring coffee in the morning while we were sleeping as we had requested. 1. On the first day where we requested a blanket and my husbands jacket pressed. 2. Seating to the show 3. In the retreat lounge when he was talking to another couple. 4. When he brought the room service for breakfast (later than the specified time) which was ice cold and could not be eaten. We had to give the tip envelope to the concierge since we did not see him on the last day. He never called to check on if we needed anything, bring any special deliveries of food or snacks etc. I had requested extra towels that took 2 days to get there as well as a footstool for the balcony since the balcony only had 2 lawn chairs. Is this normal? I have read on the boards about the excellent service and attentiveness that they bring.
  19. I am new to River cruising and was curious to know if you used Viking Air with your cruise? If so, who was your air carrier and where you happy with the flights?
  20. We did Alaska and for us it was perfect since there was so much sunlight. In addition, we had the butler bring us coffee, fruit and danish and set it on the table while we were sleeping each morning!
  21. About how much do they run on average per day?
  22. I took my first celebrity cruise to Alaska in May on Millennium thanks to your post about the refurbishment. We stayed in a CS and were so very happy. It is heads above Royal including when we stayed in Star and the Royal suites. Even though I am Diamond + on Royal I am now a convert, especially for the suite perks. When we did Alaska, the retreat and retreat sundeck had very nice choices of complementary drinks. Many nice wine selections and liquor selections they served all day. Looking at doing the Bermuda on the Summit in August. Can you let me know if that is the same on Summit? We did not do the drink packages as a few drinks in the Retreat Lounge and Sundeck was enough for us. I'll remind you once you board as well. Thank you!
  23. Thank you. I remember when I went I was surprised it was up there.
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