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  1. I currently have a cruise in November. I found something in December at a good price that I want to move my deposit to. If I move the current sailing to December, is it still eligible for a lift and shift for next year?
  2. You are not hopping on the Grand Suite Dec 13 deal? That can get you a little closer.
  3. You should have a carryon for any valuables and medication. Also, tip the porter. My husband did not once because we got separated and I had all the cash. Needless to say that night we went to gs and there were 2 bags with luggage tags ripped off.
  4. I had an ultimate panoramic suite in Allute that is not being built. I cannot lift it because there is no other room available on that itinerary or any other ship.
  5. Stay away from the one under the whirlpool. It is dark and wet due to condensation on the tarp they use to hide it. Plus the balcony has a film over it which discolors the ocean.
  6. HAve you already did the lift and switch? I have a cruise previously booked out of Barcelona on the Allure and want to switch to Harmony in 2021 out of Rome and they said no has to be the same departure port.
  7. Heads up for another deal if anyone is interested: $3322 with D+ Discount and Resident Discount. Keep in mind you cannot switch to holiday sailings in 2021. December 13-20th, 2020 Allure Western, Labadee, Jamcia and Cozumel Grand Suite - 1 bedroom $5,358.00 2 Guests Deck 7 Room 7254 CAS Offer NRD -$50.00 Resident NRD -$485.00 30% Savings NRD -$1,519.00 Balc Suite NRD -$250.00 Subtotal: $3,054.00 Taxes & Fees $268.84 Total For Room (after discounts) $3,322.84
  8. Anyone have experience with adding guests after a lift and shift. Looking at booking an AQUA Theater Suite for the fall, and can book it for 2 right now and if it sails then great but may shift by August 1st and add 2 of our children if we lift and shift? It is also a kids sail free, so may just add a ghost child holding the spot and change later.
  9. Thank you. Could you post the actual link?. I have an allure out of Barcelona and see an anthem out of London. Both Europe. One med and one northern, so this may apply to me as well. I want to have all the info possible when I call.
  10. I have the Presidents cruise Med booked on the Allure in the new ultimate panoramic room that was to be built. Which may not be getting built. I inquired about switching it to the Harmony next year med and was told “we cannot switch you to the equivalent cabin and wanted to down grade me to a loft non star suite. Was I okay with that option”
  11. For example. If I have an Alaska from SEATTle to Seattle can I switch it to Vancouver to Vancouver since it still Alaska?
  12. So if you re book from 7/2020 to 7/2021 you still get to keep the same suite perks since we had a suite?
  13. How do you check if the price went down on sold out categories?
  14. What if they booked after today? Can they still lift and shift prior to August 1?
  15. Do I get to keep my on board booking obc as well?
  16. If I move my suite nrd to another sailing, not do a cancellation fcc it would have my name and my husbands name on the booking. Can you at that point still change guests or do the guest have to stay the same? Also get to keep my On board booking OBC?
  17. Are they firm in the lift and shift for the 4 weeks of original sailing for some of the unique rooms, eg Vp, gp, op, ufs since the rooms are hard to book?
  18. I booked one for the Allure of the Seas for after drydock. Looks like I will be sailing on an open deck. Final payment is in July and not one word from Royal if this room will be available. I will wait until time gets closer. I hoping I will get a refund versus an fcc since the room may not be there.
  19. I have 500.00 in a NRD suite deposit on Allure in October. Since the dry dock is on hold the room I have booked is no longer going to be built. It's the new Panoramic Suite over the bridge. I would think that I will get totally refunded since there are no other Star options available on the sailing.
  20. With all of the cancellations and fcc’s I was curious if you can use multiple fcc’s on the same reservation?
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