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  1. Is Alaska 2021 lift and shift coming soon? https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5746/?source=99360&fbclid=IwAR3r_KpMBfIOY-_oJNIIsE8ppXM4vjEAB11bb80S0apM5wnsHpjeuwCjHyk
  2. Anyone know when November 2022 Caribbean going to be released for harmony and symphony?
  3. I would stay farther away from the aft. It can be pretty noisy down that way with music etc sometimes and if you are nearer the aft it can carry over. Did you find a deal?
  4. It will accelerate my Pinnacle a lot earlier. I will be very close with the cruises I have booked and may add another one or two to reach the milestone, I may be in the minority who may book additional cruises.
  5. We booked Quantum to Alaska and had the same scenario. No definite answer. Have written affirmative from Royal that Star class perks will be on the ship when in Alaska.
  6. Even though all the executives say that 2021 Bookings are higher than anticipated, they must have dramatically fallen off in order to offer this. I think they are relying on loyal cruisers to start booking again, but I think with all of the l/s going on there is not a lot of room for additional cruises.
  7. airlines are also bumping up loyalty levels. Delta is holding on to your status for an additional year.
  8. When suite class sailings first came out they had the same thing. Double points for booking it. I ended up with 28 points for a sailing in a crown loft suite. I remember having to fill out a form online to be eligible for it prior to sailing.
  9. It happened to me. I had booked a JS on a ship and they double booked it. I booked about a month before sailing. The TA notified me it was double booked and not available. They upgraded me to a Grand Suite for the same sailing.
  10. I would think initially they would not be open. Thinking about not only the dl concierge but the other bartenders in the evening that would have to be there. That would cut down in staff, food prep and cleaning. on Monarch which is a much smaller ship, there was no dL and the loyalty ambassador held the nightly event. Is that another position which will be eliminated short term? Molly is gone so are the others as well? With reduced capacity, there may not be as many diamond and diamond plus on board as normal on the short cruises. We took a shortened hurricane
  11. As of now, rapid tests are readily available where I live. I would think in the future the Atlanta airport will be offering rapid tests pre boarding. We are not going until August of next year.
  12. It also said I have to have enough dkk currency roughly 55 usd per day in order to come in.
  13. Thanks. I will print out my receipt and ticket instead of using just my phone.
  14. Long story short. I used Delta miles to fly to ATL Copenhagen one way and CPH to ATL one way back Aug 2021. The flight selections were much better this way and was able to get preferred flights. However, I used the Delta visa requirement tool and it says it is not allowed. I know alot of one way tickets do not allow entry, but Denmark wasn't on the list. Delta says due to Covid restrictions, that is in place for non admittance for us citizens. I just wanted to see if anyone else has done one way to Cph from the US without a problem pre COVID?
  15. I would have your ta call back. That is not the suite experience you are looking for. If they keep you in one room then you should ask for an owners suite. They also have 2 bedroom grand suites as well. I was booked in an os on adventure and they switched me to a handicap obstructed view junior suite on jewel. About a 4 category downgrade. My Ta was able to get it back to a os.
  16. My app shows old information but when I logged into my account in the website all of the new info is there.
  17. Got my room assignment. Had owners suite and now have a handicap junior suite! Not the upgrade I was hoping for. I have a great ta that is in top of it.
  18. Happy Birthday. Thanks for rooting for me but I’ll be happy with the deal I got.
  19. Just checked. It shows adventure out of barcelona 4 day with lots of ports.
  20. Hopefully! Although it’s my birthday tomorrow so maybe I’ll get a birthday surprise tomorrow
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