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  1. The gs are still higher then when we booked on the last Presidents Cruise. Final payment is coming up quickly. I am thinking of downgrading to a balcony due to the premium of the cost of suites i. I. could save a lot of money.
  2. I was in a cruise with the person you are describing and had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to her at her table. I thought it was just out group of ladies. Nice to know it wasn’t.
  3. No. I was in the last one and knew a couple that could not get reservations. I was Star Class and asked to eat and the hostess said they are full and had no open seats that evening. This was in the afternoon. His co worker said they are Star Class. The hostess looked horrified and stressed as he did not know where he was going to put us since the Star Class table was taken. I said no worries I would stick to my original dinner plans.
  4. So I have a GS booked on the President's cruise and am thinking of cancelling . I have never cancelled anything since the non ref deposits took effect. I have 500.00 deposit total, so if I cancel I will get charged/penalized 200.00 and get 300.00 back in the form of a FCC? How long does the fcc take to be posted to your account to use?
  5. I had booked a Js after final payment. Totally happy with a Js. I paid got off the phone with the ta. Within 5 minutes they called back and said no js were available. They had contacted Rc and said the room had been double booked. In the end they upgraded us to a grand suite. If they don’t give your rooms back ask for an upgrade if you can be closer together. It is nice having the balconies opened.
  6. Since they changed the Royal up program where you can bid without an invitation email via the website, do TA's get notified via email as well if you have been successful?
  7. I have seen them on the Rising tide bar during a non promenade party. I bet you could get them put on the Schooner Bar if you asked nicely.
  8. Just looked at Independence for Jan 2020 and it is not available. Regular price
  9. Have you ever seen that code before? It it seems to be working. They are getting scooped up.
  10. Yes it was rolled out in the Presidents cruise. The vP had some delivered to our room one evening.
  11. I met the food and beverage vp on the Presidents cruise and he told me they are implementing new recipes and pizza ovens on the ships. He said that was the number 1 complaint they get on their food surveys.
  12. I’m glad you were able to get one. I tried very hard to find a cruise buddy but could not for this date. Hoping the “mistake” of this and the crown lifts will appear for other dates!
  13. Love tapas. We had cava and tapas delivered to our stateroom! It was the best delivered snack/meal of the whole trip.
  14. You are welcome! Still trying to find someone to go with. Lol
  15. Keep checking. People may have clicked on the rooms taking them out of inventory. They come back after 15 minutes or so
  16. My husband has to retire first. lol We are booked on September 1st and he doesn't have enough vacation days.
  17. This is the second deal I have seen this past week. The first was Harmony for about 2600.00 August 18th. Those rooms are gone. This one is Allure 8/11/2019 GS with Georgia Resident/senior discount/diamond + discount 2516.00 for 2 people.
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