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  1. Both have side balconies as well as aft ones. I am going this summer in a GL and booked the side one for that reason.
  2. They sure don't give you a lot of time to cancel if your reservation isn't completed until Sep 28th
  3. Only one problem with Adventure to Jewel. 10 Owners Suites on Adventure and 5 on Jewel. 23 Grand Suites on Adventure and 15 on Jewel. Who will be downgraded?
  4. 2672 for an Owners suite. Grand suites were about 500 less with resident and diamond plus.
  5. I think you owe me a drink lol. I’m the one who alerted Ken. I’m seeing 10. Am I missing something?
  6. Ouch. I just booked Adventure of the Seas 10 night Russia/Baltic cruise. I saw an unbelievable rate for a GS and OS. Within 2 hours they were all gone. Pretty much every GS and OS was available. I know that this is one of the ones that will more than likely be changed, but I hope they can do the same itinerary on the Jewel without cutting days. If not, I will cancel.
  7. I watched a video of crew member that were quarantined into balcony rooms and were in the balcony.
  8. Lunch had only 2 menus. They do have a nice date appetizer and flatbreads and great ceaser salads. Pretty limited menu but free beer and wine and soft drinks.
  9. Breakfast at CK has a little better selection of limited foods and pretty quick. You won't find a lot of the buffet foods like baked beans, etc but the waffles and french toast are just a bit better. they have flatbreads, and great eggs benedict. One time I mentioned I had eggs benedict with a crabcake on another ship and they brought one out.
  10. They are distributed at the place you dine. That is why they always ask for your room number so they can be given to the right wait staff.
  11. I saw it and then it was gone. Kind of like the pop up deals, right? Wording is weird on the CWC. It says it cover the existing bookings which allows for l/s and cancellations for these sailings. Maybe it will only be continued for the l/s portion for to shift the 2021 sailings to summer 2022.
  12. ROYAL CARIBBEAN ANNOUNCES UPDATES TO 2021 SUMMER DEPLOYMENT Royal Caribbean Press Center News Feed 4h //keep unread//hide MIAMI, Sept. 17, 2020 – Royal Caribbean International today provides an update to its 2021 summer deployment, announcing upcoming redeployments of six ships. Tapping market research and listening to feedback and input from guests and travel partners, the cruise line has adjusted its seasonal schedule with the goal of providing guests with greater opportunity and variety for their 2021 advent
  13. 1. May 2021 Quantum Alaska 2. May 2021 at 75 percent probability. 3. Anthem October 2021 Europe as a l and s from the 2020 Presidents Cruise. Got a fabulous rate on the Presidents Cruise on the UltimAte Panoramic and was able to l/s to Anthem Grand Loft at a huge price savings.
  14. Both! Oct 2021 in Europe and Mar 2022 Caribbean
  15. I agree. I do not think there will be any upgrades until the next dry dock. They certainly do not want to take her out of service once sailings resume and they start making money again.
  16. I do enjoy the side CL but, if budget is an issue than book a GS for less. Did not care for the AT higher suites. It was too noisy. All the amenities are the same and then you can budget for extras. The only thing that was different is we received a bottle of champagne from the hotel director in the CL. Even though you say your Star may be out of price range, if you are purchasing the UDP, and Beverage package, it may be better to look at STAR. Keep in mind the grats are also included. Things to watch out for getting a good price no matter the suite: 1. Look at goi
  17. This above. I found that the genie was surprised I didn't want to see all of the shows and she convinced me to. Although I will have to admit, I did get to see them from a different perspective. Sitting in the front row was definitely different then the normal suite seats. I am normally very happy with coastal kitchen, so I don't buy the UDP or drink packages since I can grab wine and water in the lounge. I am booking with my family and then with my best friend and her husband. The husband has never been on a cruise, so for them it was a no brainer to share the A1.
  18. Those Oasis prices were really good when they were first released. Since it is getting close to new releases in the fall/early winter there should be some great deals.
  19. The lowest I have seen pre covid was 3500.00 pp on Allure.with diamond plus discount. Had a star loft for 3800 pp on oasis with diamond plus discount. I had an ocean panoramic in the presidents cruise for 4100 ppl with diamond plus discount. booked a lift and shift in an a2 for 11 k for 8 people. There are deals are out there. I booked a n oasis A1 for Jan 2022 When the first came out for 3551 with diamond plus. I didn’t include taxes in these numbers though.
  20. My husband has lots of vacation banked now that we are not traveling due to covid. This is the first time we have tried a b2b. We have to get off in Miami and head to Fort Lauderdale. We want to go to Australia on a long trip so this is testing the waters to see if we can be cruising for 15 days straight before spending a lot of time and money.
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