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  1. The menu is pretty much the same for all of the ships which have a steakhouse.
  2. Sailed the Sunrise this past summer. Can't say enough good things about the ship or the crew.
  3. I am an accountant. Anything they purchase & give to guests is deductible as a busy expense whether or not it has the logo.
  4. You can select your "Arrival Appointment" by logging in to your Cruise Manager beginning at midnight Eastern time 90 days prior to your sail date. Your arrival appointment is a half hour window for you to arrive and check in. If you arrive earlier or later than this period you might have to wait to board or might be able to board immediately. Arrival appointments are staggered so that not everyone tries to board a the same time, and the earlier ones tend to fill up quickly. Priority boarding is reserved for wedding parties, platinum and diamond guests, suiteholders and those who purchase Faster To The Fun.
  5. Or you could use the flashlight on your smart phone
  6. For those of us who don’t live close enough to drive to the port you save a round trip airfare by booking back to back.
  7. What if all 3 or 4 thousand passengers decided to be fashionably late? The ship can't sail until after the muster drill/safety briefing is complete and they have figured out who blew it off.
  8. A tuxedo and tails are 2 different things. A tails jacket is longer than a tuxedo jacket but both are traditionally worn with the usual bow tie, stud shirt and tuxedo pants. There were 3 elegant nights on all 3 of our Journeys cruises
  9. And if you're platinum or diamond you get a gift each week. You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many lanyards/luggage tags. : )
  10. You can also wait to book it on the ship, after you find out which night(s) it's being offered.
  11. You are probably OK. Late seating is the least popular of the 3 options & is almost always available. Early seating is the most popular & usually gets waitlisted. You could call or email to confirm.
  12. Diamond and Platinum self assist actually go before other self assist
  13. There is also a place in the terminal that sells liquor, among other things. However, if you bring liquor other 1 bottle of wine Carnival will collect it as you board and hold it until the end of the cruise.
  14. You can also print them from Carnival's website before you go and stick them in your pocket or purse.
  15. On most ships with 2 dining rooms the mid-ship restaurant is usually the one for Your Time Dining.
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