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  1. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones ,I had a mother who refused to adopt me even after giving birth to me and my Dad also worked down pits pits digging coal on a 2ft seam of coal whilst working in 6ft of water But he was a grafter and worked until he could afford for us to live under, a lump of coal . They eventually managed to send me to a school that was so posh they had a Gym that they called James. It was not easy though as we couldn't afford free school meals so I was breast fed through the school railings which used to mark my face The kids used to bully me but I didn't care as there was people worse off than me who lived under a piece of newspaper . Try telling the young uns that and they say ...
  2. The egg is in ratio to the flour and milk you will see James Martin using 3 eggs in some of his shows. All down to the amount you want to make really ,I sometimes make spare batter for pancakes etc so will use more eggs and flour and the liquids .
  3. I just do not understand how Yorkshire Airlines keep to the desired standards yet not P&O https://youtu.be/6VLYpKGVBUg
  4. An almost foolproof way is get a 2pt measuring jug and fill it 1/4 way-ish with plain flour. add a pinch of salt and two eggs and pour in milk until they cover the eggs . Now get a fork and start to mix and gradually add cold water and beat the hell out of it until there is no lumps and you have a smooth mixture . If the mixture falls slowly off the prongs of the fork that is about the right texture for your batter . leave it to rest . Turn on your oven about 220.c and put a little fat or oil into your pudding tray and let it get really hot and up to temperature. Give the batter a quick stir and pour into the sizzling oil and return to the oven soon as possible and close the oven door and reduce temp to 200.c Twenty to twenty five minutes later you should have something that looks and tastes like a half decent Yorkshire pudding . You will get better and adapt with time just remember to use a fork to mix as said earlier it will help you get the right thickness of the batter .
  5. ... And they taste better than anything you could buy out of a supermarket
  6. Good morning I hope everyone is ok today @ccpm I guess your feeling it with the loss of your faithful friend, the house will feel a little empty but remember all the happier times the dog gave you ,they stay in your heart forever Sorry to read about Deligirl & Avrils family with the covid .I agree with Avril this thing aint done with us yet and vaccinated or not it should never be taken for granted . Only last night one of the daughters rang up and told us she is still waiting their second jab and that our 11 year old has now succumb too and tested positive . They are isolating because of it but the Grandson heading on for 15 year old does not have to based just on his age ,which I find weird We had a chat with the Granddaughter and she was in high spirits and said " Nanan & Granddad not to worry as she feels ok " Lets hope it stays that way. So under orders from her ,worry we wont ! Not even about what#s in a newspaper . I once asked my Granddaughter had they got a newspaper I could borrow. She said that "newspapers are so out of date", and that people now use tablets, so she handed me her iPad. That Fly didn't stand a chance. I like to glance through the paper headlines and 2 days ago a paper put "Christmas is doomed as containers are stuck in the port " and the very same paper the next day read " Christmas will be ok dont panic it's not as bad today " the paper is not bothered as long as the paper sells ! My Granddad had the right idea by cutting it into small squares and putting it to good use on the toilet ! That wasn't a good experience either Anyway hope you all have a good day and stay safe
  7. I once opened a birthday card and a Yorkshire pudding fell out.. I love my Auntie Bessie
  8. Our garden waste bin had it's last empty on Friday until next year, the collection before that was cancelled due to a shortage of the regular waste drivers who were in short supply that month. I would say regarding your burning issue ? Is there an alternative ? Like a trip to Cleethorpes for a nice fish & chips and a stroll by the sea before the weather turns ? Only you can decide
  9. A few years ago a workmate of mine had a family member who' owned a couple of fish shops and he ran his car on the waste chip oil ,he ended up getting pulled ,so ending his early research into what is now called Bio fuel ,not fuel duty evasion as it was known back then .A man and his machine before his time
  10. Lets hope your next results are as good as your first results Josy ,they are just making absolutely sure you are 100%. Best wishes to you
  11. On the topic of funerals my mate told me if his Mrs goes first he wants to play her a tune from The Wizard Of Oz ! I asked will it be.. Somewhere over the rainbow ? Nope it's gonna be.... Ding -Dong The Witch Is Dead !!
  12. You forgot to take off two taxi fares which would not be needed as transport is included with them to and from the port ,so going on Grahams taxi calculation you could subtract £14 to the £115. I do believe they operate not far from the Premier Inn now . After reading your last post I now feel guilty for leaving my car all alone in car parks /Cleethorpes and even Sunderland on a match day . She seemed to come to no harm and drove quite normal .Maybe later today I could take her up to the Kosovan car wash as a treat to let her know she is my car and I really care for her . Thanks for showing me the error of my ways Wowzz.
  13. I hope they are for you Harry . I use https://www.petrolprices.com/ to keep my eye on fuel prices and find it handy for locating garages when away from home .
  14. I know that Tom and agree with you as well , take the Holiday Inn across the road, people can walk through the hotel grounds where people have left cars whilst off cruising but this thread as I understand it is about the Multi storey experience and people who have used it overnight , or longer.
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