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  1. Sorry Zapp ,at least you kept the faith Fear not she might sail in October
  2. Because they are feral ,we were brought up not dragged up but to some it's the norm Graham.
  3. Harry you are the real Houdini of these boards , nice get out Glad you mentioned Cleethorpes ............. Wowzz likes Cleethorpes
  4. That's what you get with online shopping delivery Avril
  5. It's a very nice morning , done naff all really ,had a walk around our garden and then got into my typhoo exercise routine Very Nice ! Have a nice day everyone !
  6. Sad thing is Kruzze they are not the first and will not be the last .Never mind the NHS will patch them up for free and if not they can go on disability for the rest of there lives . Things like this will happen up and down the UK. I am fully expecting it to be on the news somewhere that a moorland fire has started because the idiot brigade fancy a bbq in the national park moors . Most people are sensible but as the saying goes There's always one .
  7. This one should leave 20.22 uk (test Flight) Think they are just testing eye sight I hope you get a launch date for your Iona trip soon Zapp
  8. That option would be out of this world https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive 🚀 🚀
  9. But Bob will be paying back Sarah-Jane Lee, and Amanda Moorcroft, from Blackburn, both admitted theft after spending the cash . They are getting it back I doubt you can be sued for giving money back .
  10. I agree ,our tips are open but you still have to social distance when on site .
  11. A pound a week seems reasonable to me
  12. Who said you have to reply straight away Bob , leave them guessing for a week or two? Then eventually just give them " Sorry but due to my backlog of people wanting payments ,I will sort yours out soon as I reasonably can .Please be assured you will be paid back ." 😈
  13. My personal thoughts as well Wowzz but good luck to them who do, as we have both said it's their choice .
  14. Same here Avril the figures shown are daily infection rates,which I took a interest of just like some read newspapers on the subject of covid,nothing untoward in that . I see Kruzze has been told to stay indoors by her own council because of tourists swamping her home town . If we lived where she lived then I would be concerned ,just as you are living in Barnsley . The only thing being fixated on is your own personal health and well being and that cannot be classed as whinging . We are all in different situation's and should do what is best for us but not if it affects others . Be sensible and keep safe ,that's all we can ask of each other .
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