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  1. Last time I was like that I was laid in a bed in A&E Dept
  2. Please keep up the good work as I said in a post to Jane .... You and all your staff , not just at your hospital are doing an amazing job and we love what your doing to keep us all safe . Thank You Keep safe ,for all our sakes .
  3. With the weather still sat at a wonderful 1.c -4 chill on this grey day I thought it was lovely to see those adorable dogs posted on here .Which got me thinking about what is one of my favourite dog jokes .... A man buys a dog and takes it for a walk for the very first time in the countryside . He throws a stick but much to his horror it lands in a nearby pond, the dog goes after the stick and trots above the water retrieves it without even getting it's paws wet. The man is amazed and throws the stick again this time into the centre of the pond, again the
  4. Thanks for brightening up this page with some positive happy/good news The Mrs and I was just talking about the very same subject yesterday. As you possibly know from my posts in the past ,I have a serious health condition and because of this we are now in different priority groups but as she is my registered carer ,we would hope to be done at the same time . I hope this is the case but if not ,it is what it is. Thanks for sharing your info and hope all goes well for your brother and his wife .
  5. Poor Mr crab . Do they throw all the females back into the sea then ?
  6. Apart from the "She " bit you have just described me I cannot remember the last time I shed hair
  7. I have taken to watching the next best thing to cruising Quest channel 12- Deadliest Catch The lives of the fishermen out in their crabbing boats ! Sad or wot ?
  8. Morning Jane, please do not get upset, it is a news paper article that the NHS said they are investigating from the Manchester area . Nothing to say their guilty and people were reacting like it was a National scandal. Everyone who posted is in agreement not a single drop should be wasted , so if the Hozzie cat strolls on by please feel free I think I speak for everyone on here " You and all your staff , not just at your hospital are doing an amazing job and we love what your doing to keep us all safe . Thank You Keep safe ,for all our sakes .
  9. What ??? A few hours ago you were buzzing with your family's good news .What is so bad to make you feel like this ? Hope your alright -take care .
  10. Nowhere have I said that you said that in your post and I have said I don't mind if you got it as Phil said rather a cat gets it before wastage . My reaction is if they can make a list of family etc they can for the vulnerable . I see no reaction on here give it to family or friends if no one else on the vulnerable do not want it . Josy said she would go if her family nurse rang her as it was going to waste and I say good luck to her . I repeat I am not having a go at you just saying it could be organised better thats all .
  11. It would be letter ?? As you say take care .
  12. Cruise I don't mind you having the jab but I and many others could be there if we were given the chance. Not your fault if you were phoned and put on a list I'm not bothered when I get mine but when you have cancer patients who would be there like a shot if put on a waiting list but are not all because they are not family or buddy with someone at that centre . Not having a go mate just saying .
  13. The sun is beginning to shine in your family's life again Josy .Best wishes for the future
  14. What good would that do ? It doesn't happen from what I've read on here . Even poor old Aulanis lives too far away but others must live closer cos they ... I give up we know nowt Phil
  15. Mine is 5th to 9th Feb BUT I do not expect it to fall on those dates, it is only a guide . Class it as a bonus if it does
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