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  1. The closest I have ever got to that Zapp is waking up after a good night out and saying "never again."
  2. Good morning folks. After reading the farce Andy & Dave went through last week with the Flu jabs it prompted me to get ours booked at the local surgery . This morning we were given a slot each 10.55 and 11.00 so pulled into the surgerys car park just under 10 minutes early . I'm glad to say everyone had the same idea ,so it was not busy and a couple of minutes before walked up to as meet and greet nurse who checked your name & appointment time before sending us into the building where another nurse took you to the room for the Flu jab itself. I thought it was good with the set up they had ,straight in no sitting down or touching anything , Hand sanitizer everywhere,everyone masked up and a one way in /out system. less than two minutes and back out again . They must like me as they want me back next week for a Pneumonia jab as well . I hope everyone else is getting their jabs as easy as I did today and Andy's Michelle gets hers sorted sooner than later, I hope so. Stay safe everyone !
  3. It was same with the Zephyr Wowzz the engine looked lost in all that space under the bonnet . If I remember right mine was one of the last made H reg I think 69/70 . It was built like a tank and so underpowered for it's weight ,it did not like hills. Same as you different generation armed with some old AA hand book my dad gave me and a tent we were off to Scotland for no other reason than we felt like it. We stayed a night at Castle Douglas and the next day decided to stay at Ayr race course camping. Looking at the map and the fuel gauge it would be OK or nay bother as the locals would say. We had about quarter of a tank to do 50 odd miles what could go wrong ? We had possibly done 20/25 miles and the guage was telling me "feed me now" . Not a problem ! Next garage we will put some fuel in .So we travelled for what seemed forever and came to a village where I saw a man working at the road side ,great I thought and asked him to direct me to the nearest garage . " Aye it's just along the way on the right ,it's a post office as well ,ye canna miss it." So off we set and what seemed miles and miles we eventually pulled up at this post office . There stood this petrol pump with a big wheel on it .An old lady came out and served me She looked like something out of Camberwick Green turning this wheel to pump the fuel into my car. First and last time I had ever seen a mechanical petrol pump,amazing but expensive . We got to Ayr ok but got a very early morning call off galloping hooves as the trainers took there horses out for a very early morning run . As you say Wowzz we were a different generation or just plain mad .Good times eh ?
  4. I had the Zephyr v4 and that was a bit roomy and liked to drink petrol as well .
  5. Can you not just buy a satellite dish like the rest of us Brian ?
  6. Not a fan of Stilton Wowzz ,but thanks for the info on the pig farmers and the pie business . Fascinating stuff ,I would never have guessed . Last night I was watching a program on a Cornish/Devon dairy and I never knew they used butter in the making of some of their ice creams .Always thought it was just cream . The farming industry is so intertwined into so many other things . Cheese and pork pies I would never have linked them other than on a plate of course .
  7. The only time I ever saw cake in a wmc was if someone had died/got married or it was Boxing day or New Years eve. In the early years you would ask the barmaid " Owt to eat love ?" She would take a deep breath and say " yeah! Ready salted ,plain, cheese and onion and salt and vinegar or nuts! What do you want ? " As she slammed your pint down on the bar,looking at you as if you had two heads. Oh and God help you if you tried opening eating your crisp during bingo ! Moving on a year or two some clubs started doing Pie & peas, after bingo of course, as someone's daughter off the committee had been to college and passed part 1 of a cookery course, meaning she could warm a pie up. As for Madeira cake ,maybe I saw one once or was it a Dundee cake ? You never seem to remember what it was with a few pints inside of you . I do remember it was in a Christmas type tin with one slice missing and it being passed around the tables but alas with no takers . Never would I have dared to darken the barmaids bar asking "Do you sell Madeira cake lass ? " Some things are just not worth it . It was bad enough when one of the women wanted a change of drink from a half to something exotic like a Babycham or a Snowball. You just knew you were not going to ask for a piece of cake. They did not do things like that .
  8. As a proud Midlander Pete, Who comes bearing such gifts as Melton -pork pies ,Burton upon Trent ale ,Oat cakes and other such wonderful goodies, would like to move "The Midlands" a bit nearer to South Yorkshire . It would be handy for you popping in for a nice cup of Yorkshire tea. You would be most welcome .
  9. Plus Southampton Cake does not have the same ring to it as does Madeira Anyone for a nice glass of Southampton ??
  10. F Is for formal and being flashed by camera .
  11. That's sorted then ,swap Southampton with Chesterfield ! Hold on a minute ,careful what you wish for ! Docking ships in Southampton would be a nightmare .
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