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  1. Not to discount your experience and opinion at all, but interestingly enough Spirit is at 18.51% delayed flights between 1/1/19 and 1/1/20 (before things went crazy, so I'm using that as a more reliable year of data). For the same period, AA = 20.59% late, United = 21.08% late, Delta = 14.41% late, Alaska = 18.28% late. Even everyone's precious Southwest was barely better than Spirit at 17.07% late.
  2. AA tends to use Charlotte as a secondary Caribbean gateway, behind their Miami hub obviously. Surprisingly large network of CLT to Caribbean flights, even to some more "obscure" destinations like Curacao and Grenada. Most a year-round, though often not daily.
  3. Premium Class on Alaska is essentially just a few extra inches of legroom and a free drink...far from truly premium. It's essentially the same thing as AA Main Cabin Extra and Delta Comfort +. It's nice, but nothing premium like a true, international premium product that usually has wider seats (in addition to more legroom), better meals, and perhaps a couple of other perks.
  4. I honestly can't think of any airlines that offer true Premium Economy on domestic routes unless you happen to end up on a longhaul widebody that's flying the domestic leg. Heck, in Europe, most airlines don't even have true first class, they have the middle seat blocked out of a regular 3x3 economy setup. Straight trash.
  5. My first cruise made subsequent cruises better, actually. I went in with expectations set too high. I expected to love it way more than I did, especially the food, after participating on this page ahead of time...so while it was enjoyable, it was relatively disappointing. What it did do was set more appropriate expectations so that future cruises would be more enjoyable and not a let down.
  6. Absolutely. I like to splurge on hotels, for example. For $1600, you can spend 4 nights in a very nice $400/night hotel in even the most expensive cities like London, Tokyo, NYC, etc. and, in my opinion, create a heck of a lot more memories than 10 hours on a plane.
  7. Maybe. It depends on the airline, partially, and how good their Premium Economy product (both soft and hard products) actually is. Some are better than others. And this is assuming "Premium Economy" is actually that - a better seat and better amenities, not just an extra legroom situation that some people mistakenly called "premium economy". The other questions are - (a) would that $800pp create better memories on the ground than it would in the air? (probably, but that's just me) and (b) would your experience upon arrival be diminished because of flying regular economy versus pre
  8. Same! For work, I am not traveling in anything below Business class. When it's out of my pocket and I can't use miles or get an upgrade, you better believe I'm in the back. Yes, I am young and in shape and recover quickly, so it's easier to say this but...those 20-30 hours are not worth $3k or more per person when that money can make so many more memories on the ground (or on the water, or underground, whatever your vacation preference may be).
  9. KLM doesn't fly to Barbados, or many other places in the Caribbean that aren't their own territories/dependencies. Flying to Amsterdam would then require another stop somewhere, such as in the US or Canada, to get to Barbados. Best to just get to London and do the yearly LHR or seasonal LGW flight to Barbados on BA, the LHR flight on Virgin, or get over the Manchester for the Virgin flight from there. You can skip the return flight without an issue most of the time. Technically they could charge you a penalty, but they likely won't unless you make a habit out of it. You'
  10. Ooooh I have, I have! I fly to Hong Kong a lot, and I usually have a choice between Cathay Pacific 777-300 or American Airlines 777-300 (as a OneWorld FF). The hard product is the exact same in Business Class. I don't care so much about the crew, so while Cathay Pacific crews are usually better, that doesn't influence my decision. So, when push comes to shove, I choose Cathay Pacific because of the superior food/drink options (in my opinion). But this is one of those 15-16 hour flight situations I speak of earlier, where there's plenty of time to eat/drink AND sleep.
  11. As a very frequent longhaul flier, you're absolutely right. Meals are nice, but I don't always eat them, and will easily trade them off for a glass of whisky and a nice sleep. Especially if it's a short flight like East/Central North America to Europe, it's already tricky enough to get enough sleep without losing two hours of sleep (or more) to meals. I'm lucky enough that, in most cases, I get a day of rest at my destination before really starting to work, but even then, I want as much sleep on the plane as possible. On longer 12-18 hour flights, where I can do meals and still get a full nigh
  12. I have been to Mexico about...15 times? Something like that. The only time I have ever seen the water is in Tijuana. I always end up in Mexico City, Queretaro, Monterrey, Oaxaca. Also a couple of border towns/cities like Juarez and Tecate (and Tijuana, as mentioned above). Such a great country.
  13. I've done it a few times and had fine experiences so far - friendly crews, on-time or early flights. But I have a couple of rules: Do the COMPLETE math. Fare + seat reservation + any luggage, checked or carry on. Buy the Big Front Seat if it's over about an hour. I'm an in-shape, 30-something, 6' guy...the width isn't an issue, the pitch is, and anything over one hour is too much in the normal seat. Don't take them to anything too important. So far, I have only ever taken them to guys weekends in Vegas, where if I am late I am late (and by late, I don't mean an hour or
  14. I have never done a cruise from Bremerhaven, but I have done a local tourist boat tour. It was fun to go in and out of all of the commercial shipping docks, including several of the massive auto carriers moving German-made cares out of Bremerhaven.
  15. I would love to take a cruise from Sydney. I get there 2-3x yearly (in a normal non-2020 year) for work and usually stay a block or two from the piers. I never get tired of walking down there and seeing a big ship docked alongside the ferry boats.
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