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  1. My wife and I don't like the MDR. At all. Not even the idea of sitting with other people (which we absolutely, but really isn't an issue anymore with more two-person tables), but the experience is drawn out, and the food is mediocre but presented as significantly better than that. We'll either do specialty restaurants, or buffet. If it's, say, a six night cruise, we'll split 50/50. The buffet allows us to go whenever we want, it's quiet, it's relaxed, the choices are plenty, the food doesn't taste any worse than the MDR, and then we can go about our day. Frankly, any food on mass market lines is (to us) mediocre enough that food is not an important part of our cruise, though we very much enjoy nice, foodie-ish meals in our day-to-day life, so keeping dining times to a minimum and replacing them with more enjoyable activities is our preference.
  2. Definitely the case with everything travel related. But even more recommended with Choice Air because so many of their fares may be specially negotiated as far as terms & conditions go. And those T&Cs are to benefit them and the airline, not the traveler.
  3. To be fair, I don't think anyone has flown SAS A359 yet...I didn't think they had any in service quite yet. I think the first one is January 2020?
  4. The only thing I can answer is the first one - and the answer is who knows. NCL is going to find whatever airfare is cheapest for them at any given time. Look for every airline that flies to PWM, every airline that flies to HNL, and assume you could be on any of them...even a combo (for example JetBlue PWM-JFK, and Hawaiian JFK-HNL).
  5. Ugh, that's a tough one if you haven't been to Copenhagen before and that's your only chance to explore. 5.5 hours is a lot of exploration time, and by 1pm (later, of course, after you clear immigration, get bags, get in to city) you'll probably start getting tired after the overnight flight, so your prime time of alert exploration may already be passed. But $800 is still $800 and you can do a lot with $800...I don't envy your decision.
  6. $800 per person or $800 total? It's hard not to save $800 per person just got stopping London for a couple of hours. $800 total...I still might do it, but it would be a little harder of a decision depending on what I wanted to do in Copenhagen on arrival and how much time the Heathrow stop might actually eat up. One can do a lot with $800 that will build memories...even more with $1600 🙂
  7. First off, your citizenship is critical in to knowing if you even need a visa.
  8. Considering there is no Rome to Pittsburgh flights at all, you are certainly stopping somewhere...and that somewhere is key. I don't have any specifics about getting from the port to FCO airport (assuming that's even the airport you are leaving out of, as there are two Rome airports, though the odds of you traveling out of Ciampino are small as only Ryanair and Wizz fly there these days), but I do know FCO can be slow as hell. It is Italy, after all 🙂 . The difference is that you can cut it a bit closer, usually, if your first flight is within Schengen...places like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, Paris, etc. where you don't need to worry about immigration checks. If your first flight is outside of Schengen (London, anywhere in the US, Canada), then you do need to worry about immigration checks and the additional time. So, this is really critical.
  9. In reality, there's never a safe amount of time. It really depends on your risk aversion, and your ability to purchase a new ticket last minute to get you where you need to be. Not knowing your destination doesn't help, either.
  10. Is this one ticket, so that your connection is protected? Or are you purchasing one ticket for the Alitalia flight, and one completely different ticket for Iberia? If the latter, keep in mind that any missed "connection" (it's not really a connection, it's two origin & destination tickets) would not be protected and you may be prompted to buy a last-minute, walk-up fare should you miss the second flight.
  11. I would be careful with the terms "economy" and "main cabin", as economy is a term often meant to cover the entire main cabin, and vice versa. But yes, it's important to review what is and is not included with your specific fare - cabin baggage, checked baggage, seat assignment, meal, etc. etc. Sometimes it's all of those, sometimes some, sometimes none. And there is no one overarching term for anything these days, so research beyond "that's cheap, I'm buying it" is critical.
  12. FRA is pretty efficient and designed for short connections. Odds are you'll make it, barely. You'll need to do immigration as it's your exit point from Schengen, so that will add some time. You also won't get to enjoy a visit to the lounge, which is definitely a perk of Business Class. But as long as the AMS-FRA flight is on-time (which is an assumption on its own), you'll probably make it just fine. Do you have any other options to extend your layover time?
  13. This is my understanding of it too. Let's say Delta allows KLM to sell 10 tickets at the Q fare class (just grabbing a random letter) and has 10 of their own Q fares. Delta's 10 Q's may have sold out quicker than KLM's, and then Delta moved to the next highest fare, while KLM still have some of their lower fare Q's available.
  14. As mentioned above, you as leaving out THE most important fact - what your passport is. What is true for someone with an American passport isn't necessarily true for someone with a Belgian, Turkish, Japanese, or Peruvian passport. Funny enough it's usually the American's who leave this fact out 😉
  15. If you are going from city center to city center, the train is also an option. From Zurich Hbf to Venice, it's generally about 6.5 hours with one change in Milan. When you factor in getting from Zurich to ZRH (15 minutes), being there 90 minutes ahead, 90 minute gate-to-gate flight, 30 minutes to get from plane to baggage claim to transport, and then 20-30 minutes to get in to Venice, you're at over 4 hours as is. The train ride is more scenic, less stressful, and generally more pleasant. Just an idea if you are going from city center to city center. Obviously, if you're just connecting at ZRH airport, it may not make sense.
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