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  1. Heading to Lisbon in February for the first time (although not on a cruise 🙁). Thanks for the link to your blog, lots of good info there!
  2. We did the Tattoo this August while on a cruise on the Journey. We bought the tickets on our own from the Tattoo’s website. We took the bus, which was easy. We followed Uktog’s advice she gave on a thread of where to get the bus afterwards, it was very easy. We did not have premium seats, but our seats were very good, and under $100 US a piece. It was a fabulous experience!
  3. We did the Military Tattoo this past summer when on a cruise with Azamara. We docked in Leith (not sure which port Crystal docks at.) We took a bus from right outside the cruise port. It was about a 15 minute bus ride, and a few minutes walk from where the bus stopped. We bought the tickets directly on the Tattoo site. We took the bus back afterwards also. We were not concerned about getting back to the ship quickly as we were overnighting in Edinburgh we had what I thought were pretty decent seats and they were about $70 each.
  4. Not really sure about the seat configurations in that class. We were just in whatever the basic economy class is called. We booked directly on the Thalys site and had no problem with our US credit card.
  5. Congratulations! Beautiful wedding pictures. Wishing you happiness. Really enjoyed reading about your trip. Sounds fabulous, and is on my list of places to go for sure.
  6. Enjoying your fabulous trip report. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them with us.
  7. Thank you for the awesome trip report. Your photos are absolutely stunning!
  8. I also got the survey, live in the US, and have only cruised on Azamara once so far.
  9. Looking forward to reading your trip report. That is some drop in price! Enjoy your trip!
  10. Beautiful pictures! Enjoying your trip report. Hope you have another great time at White Night tonight. It was truly one of the highlights of our cruise on the Journey in August.
  11. We just finished our first Azamara cruise on the Journey. We really liked it. For the most part, I thought the food was very good. The buffets are not as big as on Celebrity or Royal. Really liked the patio (grill dining area). We never waited for a table (2 top, ate around 8pm) but did see some large groups waiting. I thought the service was great. I saw the captain more than on any other cruise. I liked the entertainment, but it’s definitely not big production shows. We really enjoyed the Azamazing evening and the white night, and the long times in ports. We got what we considered a very good deal, but we stayed in an inside cabin, which was small but worked fine for us. I was not sure I would like the small ship after sailing the mega-ships, but I really did. For the right price, and right itinerary, I would definitely sail Azamara again.
  12. Great, thanks for this info. We are going to the Tattoo on Tuesday night, can’t wait! Will definitely plan on bundling up!
  13. I am currently on the Journey, and the white night is scheduled for Wednesday in Edinburgh. The forecast I see calls for rain in the evening, so I’m not too optimistic of it being a nice night!
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