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  1. We sailed the PC on the Bliss, and they ran the two featured shows through out the cruise, and would add different acts (comedian, hypnotist etc)on other nights during the course of the cruise.
  2. I looked at a cruise when the 20% first went into effect. I was curious if the prices would fluctuate later on, and they did just that. The cruise I was looking at had the gold star on both mock bookings, and the total when the first looked was $5350. Earlier this week it jumped to $6609. I truly hope this is a glitch.
  3. We were in a mini suite (starboard) right below the pool deck 4 yrs ago. We didn't have any issues with music, or chairs. If you can do it, try to get a cabin below the library, or La Cucina. Call to find out what is available, because they don't always show every cabin available on the website. Good luck!
  4. We prefer the Jewel class ships because of there size, you don't have to deal with the masses. But, having sailed on the Bliss, we would sail any mega ship because it has more things to do (love the slides), and the dining options. The Jewel class ships tend to offer longer, and more interesting itineraries.
  5. I am not that familiar with Carnival, and I have a question about gratuities. If Carnival were to raise the daily gratuity after I booked a cruise, will they notify me that they are going up? If so, how..email? Thanks
  6. We have never been on a ship that didn't have this offer. As far as the hang and dry option...I don't know think it is available, but I could be wrong. We have never used it if is does. They will clean whatever is put into the bag....no questions asked. We were looking at that cruise a couple of weeks ago as well, but couldn't do it.....Enjoy! It is a fantastic experience.
  7. My wife is always up before I am, and goes up to the buffet to get coffee. Using the coffee that is provided in the cabin is our last resort.
  8. They provide 1/2 & 1/2 in the standard small container.
  9. Yes, the prices have gone up quite a bit within the last few years. But you can get some good deals the closer to sailing date. One example is a Panama Canal cruise in 2 weeks for $3000, but it is a gty cabin, with no perks.
  10. We went thru the PC on the Bliss May 2018. From looking at the deck plans of the Joy, it has an observation lounge which is similar to the Bliss. We had an aft facing cabin, and as another poster mentioned, is an ideal place to be, but a balcony cabin would be fine as well. We pretty much stayed in our cabin, turned on the TV so we got a forward view. There was a man that came onboard to give us a run down/history of what we were looking at...it was much like a ship announcement. Also, the observation lounge would be a good place as well, but will be crowded! Another spot you might consider is the Waterfront. It will be hot and humid, possibly some rain. Also be aware, this is a full day passage. Cruising thru the canal is a unique experience that you will not find on any Caribbean cruise other than a partial transit. If you ever get a chance, go thru the canal on a smaller ship (Jewel class). The original locks are another truly unique and amazing experience as well.
  11. I have a question about this perk. When did it first become available? I am trying to get this perk thru my TA, and they say it only applies to cruises booked on, or after 9/9. Is this true?? Thanks
  12. I think Puerto Plata might be a fairly new port of call. We did a excursion to a small DR island when we did a cruise in 2010 on the Dawn, and I don't recall Puerto Plata as the port of call, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Give it some time for the excursions to show up. On our last cruise the excursions trickled in 6 months before embarkation, and with a flood 2 months before embarkation.
  13. When we were on the Gem, we met in the theater, and those that wanted to leave the ship were given a "in transit" sticker to get back on the ship. Those that wanted to stay on board stayed in the theater until the staff disembarked them in the system, and then were put back into the system. They were free to enjoy an empty ship until they let people on for the next cruise. This process may be different on other ships, where they walk you off, and walk you right back on.
  14. Mazatlán...….there is a self guided tour called the "Blue Line". Once you get out of the terminal, there should be people with maps that will give you info. GREAT tour, wear comfortable shoes, and bring bottled water. The tour(a literal blue line) ends at a cathedral in the middle of the city, but we continued on until we got to the ocean. If you explore beyond the line, always know were you at. It is a beautiful/interesting city.
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