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  1. A camping buddy this week. Blue Racer Lizard.
  2. It never hurts to bring something for sea sickness with you. On our first morning at sea leaving Vancouver we had some rocking and rolling and our room steward told us quite a few passengers were sick. By 1 PM everything was smooth sailing.
  3. OK, that makes better sense to me. Thanks.
  4. You have me worried now that you've started a thread about missing the ship. If your brother without the passport misses the ship he going to have a real issue getting on a plane to come home or flying to the next port.
  5. You should have said something while you were on the ship. Also why would you even think it would be OK to wash those yellowed whites with other clothes? Hundred of pounds of clothes ruined? I'm guessing that's an exaggeration.
  6. In an effort to get you even more excited about your Alaskan cruise, here's a picture of the Coral Princess I took in early June as she cruised in Glacier Bay heading toward Margerie Glacier. I was on the Holland Westerdam.
  7. A lousy photo becomes more interesting, but still lousy. As we cruised into Glacier Bay National Park in the early morning I was on our balcony having coffee and looking for wildlife. One of the distant rock islands we passed had a rocky outcropping that looked interesting. Looking through my binoculars I spotted a couple of seals on that outcropping so I grabbed my camera, zoomed in and took a few pictures. Because of the early morning light, the fact that the camera was fully zoomed (50X), and I was on a moving ship, the three pictures I took didn't turn out the way I wanted. I considered the pictures to be throwaways. My biggest excuse for not getting a good photo is I hadn't even finished my first cup of coffee. I don't function properly until my 3rd cup. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 😁 This morning I decided to see if I could make the picture of those two seals look a little better using my photo editor. What I discovered was I had taken a photo of a lot of seals, they were sleeping on the rocks in the background. What a surprise. Because of the early morning light and how far away the island was I didn't notice those sleeping seals in the background with either the binoculars or my camera. Here are the before and after pictures.
  8. All I was trying to say was with a good burger you should be able to taste meat. If you bite into a bare burger on a cruise ship you will probably only taste filler. Same with many fast food restaurants, bite into their bare burger and see if you taste any hamburger. Now that I think of it perhaps that's why people started call them burgers, there's no hamburger in the burger.
  9. I'm not as experienced as others but for your needs, the 18-400 should be a good choice. While the 150-600 is a great choice for wildlife photography in Alaska, you would have to have it on a tripod when zoomed out beyond 400mm for really crisp photos. Lighting conditions along the coast of Alaska aren't the best on most days. There are a lot of rainy days in Alaska and even when it's not raining you can have dense low hanging clouds. In the mornings and evenings you will be shooting with somewhat slow shutter speeds. Also, don't forget in some cases you will be shooting from a moving ship and depending on the excursions you take a moving bus, train, or boat. That's my 2 cents. I'm sure others will disagree but my choice would be the 18-400 for its versatility.
  10. LOL, I'm not surprised you hadn't seen that other thread I linked to. I posted it in the 55+ Cruisers subforum.
  11. Thank you for the kind words about my trip report Rosmerta. I think the Westerdam needs a good steam cleaning and disinfecting. Read post number 22 in this thread from CC member Are we there Yet? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2672661-thinking-about-giving-up-cruising/
  12. I've never had a good pizza or burger on any of the cruises I've been on however I've never had a Guy Fieri burger on a Carnival ship and I've never had a burger in Cagney's. I don't go to Cagney's for a burger anyway. I'm amazed when people get a burger and put lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese, and a condiment on it and then say how good the burger is. How can you possible taste the meat with all that stuff on it. If you think you're getting a good burger eat it without the bun or other condiments and accessories and see if you taste meat. There's way too much filler in all the burgers I've tried.
  13. I think you need to call NCL and see what they say. I don't think your TA is right.
  14. The notification of the itinerary change for the Epic was in an email from Norwegian. You might check you Spam folder just in case. If you are using a travel agent you might want to check with them. Also I have to wonder why you got a letter stating your Getaway cruise from NOLA was cancelled. That cruise is still available to book.
  15. I like the theater shows on NCL. I think that is one category where NCL excels. I just returned from an Alaskan cruise on the Holland Westerdam and while they beat NCL in many categories, the entertainment onboard was weak to say the least.
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