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  1. One of the MDR are open for breakfast but you can get “real” eggs at the buffet. They will cook omelets to order as well as over easy eggs.
  2. FYI for anyone who filed for the $300 p.p airfare after being taken to aNew Orleans. I just received my check. Was sent an email almost 8 weeks ago saying it would’ve sent in 3-4 weeks. So ,if waiting, it will come but later then told.
  3. We are traveling with someone who would like to try this ship sponsored excursion. Her concern is the ease of getting in and out of the water at the facility. She has difficulty using a pool ladder and will swim only where there are walk in stairs, so hoping that is how it is accessed
  4. We are on a balcony on deck 9 of Epic. Wondering if lifeboats are just below us. Think that would interfere with our view
  5. The $3 reduction does not go into effect until card has been idle for 13 months
  6. It goes into effect if not used within 13 months of purchase
  7. Recently got the 10% discount for friends on 2 separate cruises. Just gave them my reservation number and they booked themselves. Did have the PCC actually call me to verify it was ok to go ahead and give them the discount
  8. Didn’t see and wrote new post 😁. You guys are quick
  9. Just received e mail telling us Bonaire back on cruise schedule for Jan 26 Epic cruise.
  10. Looking at deck plans this midship balcony ( and the few around it ) sets back. Will this be obstructed view? Covered or uncovered ?
  11. Not yet. Got a confirmation dated 9/5 honestly not expecting it too soon. There’s the 4000 on Breakaway and 2000 plus on Sun. Then they are compensating the passengers on next Sun and Breakaway which was cancelled. I’ll be glad to get by Christmas
  12. 5000 points equals $50 off you bill. On some cruises you need to go last night and request it, on last one it was given automatically. It’s been a long time since I was offered a free dinner. Comps are not what they used to be.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I figured it would be awhile due to the number of passengers on our ship plus the Sun and then add in the cancelled cruises. Maybe in time for Christmas😁
  14. Sent all my documents in for credit for our air fare after being sent to New Orleans. Anyone have an idea of how long that takes? Would assume it would be check as they have no idea how it was paid for
  15. Just returned from a cruise with our granddaughter. Needed the form from NCL giving permission for child to cruise signed by parents. Did not need it notarized. Also needed original birth certificate (she had no passport) and photo copies of parents drivers license.
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