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  1. I don't have first hand knowledge, but I am curious why you would think this? Each passengers status is still known under the Medallion system. I never thought this perk would be lost because of medallion.
  2. My upcoming cruise is my first with a nonrefundable deposit. My travel agent stressed to me that I couldn't make any changes or switch to any other promotions without losing my deposit. Others may have different experiences, but that is what I was told. So far, nothing better has come along to make me see if that statement holds true.
  3. Congrats. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. I'll be on the Sky next year. Looking forward to hear all the inside information on her. Enjoy yourself.
  5. I second go for the Window Suite. I can usually get it for the same or cheaper than CC mini. You get CC and Sabatini's for breakfast. Also very quiet area with doors at each end.
  6. Kinda. It is more than the thermal suite and suite passengers don't get free access.
  7. I'm not sure if Princess will have it on any of the tvs. Your husband could use the Internet to watch.
  8. When I purchased it. Princess emailed me a copy.
  9. Congrats. A good deal.
  10. Add it to the wish list of perks, but not a benefit of status currently.
  11. I've been on both ships. I prefer Princess, but have done two HAL cruises both on the Zuiderdam. Pros and cons for both ships. Zuiderdam is a little smaller if that is a factor you use to decide on a ship. Princess has better and more night entertainment options. I really liked the buffet on the Zuiderdam. Otherwise, I give the edge to Caribbean Princess on food.
  12. I've done two Princess Christmas cruises. They had eggnog Christmas morning and Christmas dinner that evening. I highly recommend the Gingerbread souffle. Christmas music played throughout the cruise and a terrific Gingerbread village. Santa madera visit with a small gift for all the kids. I don't remember any crackers. Small extras on pillows Christmas eve.
  13. I was on the Caribbean Princess in May 17. Really enjoyed the British Isles cruise that included an overnight in Dublin. With so many ports, I didn't get to do that much on the ship. I have taken 2 Holland cruises. I think you will find many similarities. Princess has more of a night life. I find that Princess ships have a good design. Generally easy to get around and haven't felt crowded on the larger ships.
  14. Since you like the Window Suites, you should try the new Sky Princess. The WS look amazing and are huge. There are only 2, so you have to be lucky or book early.
  15. In the past Crown Grill had a sampler of their desserts. Do they offer that with the new dessert menu?
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