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  1. I can book for my May cruise on Caribbean now. Hit or miss. I guess.
  2. I would hope the nonrefundable OBC would be used first. I don't tend to book too many ship excursions, so I doubt I would get too much credit that I couldn't use it.
  3. The french toast is different than what you get from the main dining room. Eggs Benedict are also a step above. Great service since there are fewer passengers. I don't recall seeing more than 4 tables being used on any of the 5 cruises I enjoyed the suite experience. Nice Mimosas too.
  4. I love the aft balconies. Take it.
  5. My son really enjoyed the Kids Club. Lots of varied activities. I realize each kid is different in terms of wants and needs. He made many friends while on board in the club.
  6. 1. I'd say 90% it sails 2. I'd say almost 100% passengers will be wearing masks almost everywhere. 3. More of a toss up. Hard to say what island restrictions may or may not be in place in January. You have to ask yourself what the deal breakers are. I had a New Year's cruise booked which I cancelled when the testing requirements were decreased. I was concerned about getting it done between Christmas and New Year. I'm not thrilled about the masks, but am willing to wear to get back on ship. I'm also ok with islands changing based upon situation.
  7. I usually find a card with a reservation for the first night when I enter the cabin. If I want a different time or restaurant, I call otherwise I'm set.
  8. Not a problem. Enjoy the cruise.
  9. Same here. The links are broken when I click on them.
  10. I'm part of the fly in the day before. If you can't booking EZ Air is the next best thing.
  11. I got it also. I'm not sure of the purpose unless Princess wants to get an idea of what passengers know about Medallion before sailing.
  12. I really enjoyed Dublin on my British Isles cruise. In fact It was an overnight so two days in Dublin. Tough port to miss.
  13. On my list of ways I'm worried about getting germs, the waving of napkins is way down my list.
  14. I was part of Phase 1 and a week ago cancelled by New Year cruise. I already have one booked for May '22, so wanted to see if Princess would extend the FCC to May 23. I was told no by PVP. They offered to price protect for December '22 New Year cruise but wouldn't extend my date.
  15. I also want to look at the schedule. I hope Princess will bring a different ship to the Caribbean. I like the Caribbean Princess, but would like to be on a different ship.
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