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  1. Oh - and if you want a huge balcony, go with the Cat. C1 aft-facing cabins on Deck 7. They have the longest balconies (even longer than the AQ and it's quieter too).
  2. We've always had Concierge Class cabins but have never used the Concierge. The daily (and sometimes bi-daily) voice messages are annoying IMO. It's good to know he/she is there if you need them but one message at the beginning of the cruise is enough.
  3. I wouldn't say the demographics are older at all. In fact, I'd say they are slightly younger on Celebrity. It's a more "hip" feel onboard IMO especially on the Solstice Class ships and probably the Edge Class (haven't done that yet). I do notice that people are more friendly on Princess cruises whereas Celebrity passengers seem to keep to themselves more. I've done Coastal Kitchen on RCI and enjoyed it but did not enjoy the massive ships. What I like more is the RCI small ships (Radiance Class) in full suites. That's the only way we'll do RCI. The suites are incredibly beautiful and have tons of perks including the Concierge Lounge which is really nice and includes free drinks and delicious tapas. These ships are very similar in size to the Celebrity M-Class and the Coral/Island Princess. Just the right size for us.
  4. We've been on both ships and had a great time on both. What I love about Celebrity is the Cat. C1 aft-facing balcony cabins on deck 7. The balcony is huge! Not as big as the Regal's Cat. M6 Club Class minis (M-107, M-108) but they're more affordable. The Concierge Class cabins come with a few perks but if you're at the Elite level with them, it's not that big of a deal. We go with that category simply for that cabin. We absolutely love the size of the M-Class ships - they're right about 2,000 passengers - and are so perfect for Southern Caribbean itineraries IMO. The ships "ride" much, much smoother than Princess ships. I think it's due to the design of the hull. The food, service and experience is very similar to Princess although you may notice a bit more of a class system onboard Celebrity due to having separate dining rooms (Blu for Aqua Class which is often MUCH cheaper than Cat. C1 Concierge Class although Aqua Class is supposed to be higher & Luminae for suites). If you go with Celebrity, book when you see a 3 or 4-perk sale. Just compare prices because sometimes they go up for some of those sales. Celebrity has some great itineraries that Princess just doesn't do anymore and for that reason alone, we go with them.
  5. Trust me - that rep is not telling you the truth. The phone problems have been going on for well over a week and some agents are spending up to 2.5 hrs. to get through and if you're lucky, it's "only" been about 45 mins. It's the worst I have ever seen for any cruise line, ever. They are WELL aware there's a problem. Everyone has been in an uproar about it. The reps are just being told to play dumb.
  6. Exactly. The OBC from the TA's own commission is what is refundable, not the Group OBC which comes from Princess and is usually a pretty small amount.
  7. I noticed they didn't have them on 11/25/2018 so it's been phased out over a long period. Not new at all. I bring my own. The paper straws are hideous.
  8. You could try talking to the Internet Manager but I really doubt they'd do it.
  9. Call the cruise line and ask them how many kids are booked on the cruise. They should give you a break down of those under 18. Not sure if they'll give you the number of 18-21 yr. olds.
  10. That huge pack of paper on shore excursions you get on day 1. I've already researched my tours and in the rare case I haven't, I'd go to the Shore Exc. desk for info or look online. Parading around in the dining room. I want my waiters to concentrate on waiting well, not singing and dancing. If I want that, I'll go to a show.
  11. OP, have you heard anything from RCI yet? I would guess that if you don't hear from them within 6-8 weeks, you're off the hook for the mirror replacement cost.
  12. I doubt if you'll be able to do anything about it ahead of time. Once onboard, go to the Purser's Desk and ask if they'd consider exchanging it for OBC.
  13. I usually book within 2 weeks of the new flights being released. IME, the lowest fares for my itineraries have been in the very, very early stages. I've watched numerous flights increase in price over the following months and once in a blue moon, they go down but it's rare for our particular routes.
  14. That's fine, just as long as you aren't expecting a "suite" as you called it. It's not a suite at all. 😉 Hope you get it in the end.
  15. Just FYI - a mini-suite is not a "suite". It's nothing like a suite in any way, shape or form.
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