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  1. When you budget your time remember this is a tender port, not docked.
  2. Thanks for the update. Nice lady - wish her well. (Sorry for the minor thread hijack).
  3. You mentioned that Mr. Balla is now the YC director - do you know if Mandy moved on to the F&B slot??
  4. And I thought I was bad with my waterproof mini-mag light for the bedside table.
  5. If it only had a second bathroom or at least 1/2 a bath.................
  6. Last month on Seaside the only movies were pay per view. There were like 4 different versions of CNN (which we can't stand) and very little else. Our TV was tight attached to the bulkhead and didn't swivel. Doubt you can reach the ports. Only channel worth watching was the one with the navigational map. Had decent music.
  7. Just off the phone with them after doing mock bookings. March 1 Eclipse cruise around the Horn. Added 2 more perks (OBC & Internet) so now have all four and also saved a bit over $200 off the bottom line, but deposit became N/R - which is OK - because we have air, hotel, parking, etc. already lined up. Interesting that the B2B March 15 Santiago to San Diego leg was more $ and not worth converting to the "sale" and adding the two other perks. Sometimes a sale really is a sale. I'm shocked!
  8. Were also on Seaside for 2 weeks in October. Slippers and robes, no problem. Meals/dinners in the YC restaurant were good to very good, except for one dish. I cook from scratch at home, so can be a bit of a critic. You were lucky to have Maria. She is like the energizer bunny.
  9. Beware of going Yacht Club. It will spoil you silly.
  10. Glad it worked for you. Our "deal" was really a steal for a long B2B. 😎
  11. Have done a few TAs and TPs. Expect boarding delays on any sailing from the US immediately after a TA. Before their first sailing of the season from US waters there is a mandatory complete Coast Guard inspection of the ship as well as a vetting of all crew by immigration. I'd wager it adds another 1 to 1 1/2 hours to the "normal" early boarding times, unless there are unusual issues of course.
  12. Call the Captain's club and ask for a quote. I called a few months ago looking to price the net package for our March cruises (B2B). Deal they offered was excellent, included Elite discount. Much better than shown on the web site. If you like the price - grab it. Next agent's pricing may be different. Make sure you get an electronic confirmation.
  13. Off Seaside 2 days ago (GREAT cruise(s)) and all was fine with the mini-bar.
  14. Just off Seaside YC yesterday. Unless you are ordering the really top shelf stuff, it is included. Saw no charges on our bill at all. Many places saw the YC wristband and didn't even scan it.
  15. FINALLY got it resolved this afternoon. Took 5 tries over 9 days to resolve a really bonehead mistake they made. Wasted way too many hours of my cruise squaring this away. Probably will not book on board in the future. Not impressed at all. Certainly can't recommend booking on board. Keep the OBC, I'll do it myself next time (and do it right the first time).
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