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  1. Interesting that my 10/3/20 & 10/10/20 B2B Seaside YC cruises are still showing as a go as booked R/T Miami. Final pay for the first leg not until 7/6 so we will see what announcements are made 7/1. Don't relish the idea of making final payment and then waiting months on end for refund after they cancel.
  2. No mention of the Seaside October sailings out of Miami???
  3. Yesterday received 100% (in 15 pieces, of course) credited to our AMEX card for the infamous Eclipse 3/15 sailing which X cancelled. All shore excursions, upgraded bev pkg - everything.
  4. Since everything is in complete disarray anyway, is now the right time for RC to bite the bullet and make substantive changes to the C&A loyalty program/tiers/points/....? The existing program certainly doesn't seem sustainable - that has been discussed here for years? What better time to bite the bullet than now? (Aren't you glad it isn't a tipping thread?)
  5. You do realize that your experience is that of a junior cruiser to many on this board right? Many of us do 30 to 60 nights each year, and have for many years. Was on board, know what I saw and experienced with my own senses. Not impressed with your "extensive" days at sea credentials. Have old flight suits with more hours than that.
  6. What was reported on the form? Initial reports were that the lady in question had a heart condition - no mention of flu like symptoms. That came out later. Apparently, the public does not have access to CDC database for these form filings or I couldn't find it anyway. There are reports on that "other" site of folks going to medical with flu-like symptoms, which I assume numbers would need to be reported on the form according to the instructions. Since this is a public filed CDC form (with no privacy implications/patient names) I'm not sure why it isn't accessible. Sure would introduce some hard facts into the matrix. I'm not yet convinced that the ship shared the whole story accurately with the shore-side folks in San Diego. - which drove their actions.
  7. Well, that's a bit pompous don't you think? Fact: 1) Those on board were repeatedly told that there were no signs of sickness. 2) The ship ITSELF repeatedly lined everyone up in close quarters for various things, sometimes several times a day 3) Why should folks isolate if they are repeatedly told the ship is clean? 4) None of the shows, dining, buffet or other close proximity activities were either modified or cancelled 5) We had intended to be on that second sailing anyway (with a drink package) so free drinks were a moot point. 6) For most a cruise around Cape Horn is a once in a lifetime trip. Many, us included, planned that trip for two years. Can you seriously say with a straight face if you are on a cruise - and were repeatedly told the ship was healthy - you would have chosen to voluntarily hide under your bed? I just wish that they had told us THE TRUTH and permit us to make up our own minds.
  8. That site we can't name (but has lips and a nose) now reports 93 positive and 45 presumptive cases from this sailing passengers and crew. Reading the comments it looks like many went to medical with flu like symptoms and were just told it was a cold. Some were pretty descriptive and it seems pretty naive at best not to recognize it for what it was evolving into. No reason to doubt these comments since, unlike here, folks use their real name there.
  9. One thing I have not heard discussed was the multiple times the ship had us all line up during the last 17 days. We all lined up twice to get - then give back passports, exchanged sea pass cards three times and at least another three times for travel arrangements. That's at least eight times that everyone lined up on their respective decks. Since we were a "healthy ship" there was no discussion of distancing. Heck, there wasn't room! In retrospect, not a smart move with known sickness on board.
  10. We were on this sailing. You are 100% correct. The "voice from above" constantly reassured us we "were a healthy ship". Or, phrased another way, flat ass lied to us.
  11. Eclipse just sailed from San Diego. Fair winds and following seas Eclipse - thanks for bringing us home!
  12. FYI - Eclipse is still at the pier in San Diego. Can see it in the background of the local TV newscast (7/39).
  13. What's changed is she has confirmed virus on board. Mexico has withdrawn permission to dock, and I'm not sure San Diego has given permission to leave. Info i have read elsewhere several times, so assume it is accurate.
  14. Captain Leo's passengers and crew. Name was changed after reporters got into the other one and started stalking folks
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