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  1. Does anyone here have experience with the Everglades Eco-Adventure With Airport Drop-Off (MIA) after the cruise? I booked it and they recently pulled my flight departure time to 2:45. The tour says for flights after 3. I'm looking for an answer on when this really drops off at the airport.
  2. This thread is exclusively for those wishing to post questions and updates on when rate windows will open only. Information posted elsewhere will be dropped here. Likewise - posts that are not specifically on this topic will be deleted from this thread. Thanks Mike ***Note - There were posts for Jet Blue and South West on this board - however in setting this up I lost them. Please feel free to re-post your information here. I will stick this thread to the top once it gets started. *** This thread will drop posts over 90 days old.
  3. This is set up for question and answers.
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