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  1. I am a Diamond, soon to be Diamond plus. When hubby and I sail, he also gets the benefit of Diamond status even though he has only sailed with me a couple of times.
  2. It was. Even the Ice show was totally different than what you usually see. Highly recommend. Although I am traveling on Oasis this December, right after her refurbishment.
  3. Even if you get off the ship early into a cab, Miami traffic is very unpredictable, remember it is a minimum 45 minute drive to the Ft Lauderdale airport, Also, you must be at the airport and through security at least 30 minutes before boarding. If Allure is based in Port Everglades , would not have problems.
  4. We were on Navigator for Memorial Day Weekend. Also berthed was Mariner of the Seas. Island busy, but not overcrowded with both ships. Plenty of chairs, sun or shade. But there were lines at the water park. I did not partake, but others told me. Maybe because it was holiday weekend with tons of kids and graduates.
  5. Very easy, drop-offs at your port baggage area. Also did pick up at the pickup area near the cruise exit.
  6. I believe it depends on your cards billing cycle. Sometimes it goes through quickly and sometimes the cutoff date is missed so it goes through on the next cycle or two. It will show up on your statement, eventually. If not, don't stress over it. It is the Cruise Lines responsibility.
  7. I was at Coco Cay on Memorial Day Weekend on the Navigator. Also berthed was the Mariner of the Seas. There were over 6000 guests and tons of graduates and younger passengers , with their children ,as as it was a holiday weekend . It was busy but not crowded. The island, the pool and the water park is huge, plenty of chairs in both sun and shade. Tried walking to the Chill cabanas, as I reserved a cabana on a later cruise, but ended up taking the tram,BTW, they are not large, and they fill up quickly, and in the hot sun made for some uncomfortable waiting.. The island itself gives a warm welcome.
  8. We had 2 devices on Symphony in January. We used the same passcode on both devices. It worked great for the duration of the cruise. Ended up paying for one and with 50% discount, got the second one for no additional price..
  9. as soon as the ship is cleared, they will make an announcement and you will be able to disembark. Usually pretty much on time. They want to have everyone back aboard at 4pm.
  10. Retired in May at t 62 when I had OHS. My employer (DH) paid my salary until the end of year , then applied for Medical Disability, which I received 6 months later. Disability was then changed to SS when I turned 66. DH still works 3 days week, which lets us travel more.
  11. Wow, I will be on Navigator May 25. Did not make any specific plans for Coco Cay, just walk around and see what its all about as I will be back in December and January 2020, where I did book the Chill Island cabanas . Might avoid the crowds altogether and enjoy the probably empty pool area on Navigator. instead.
  12. Going onboard the Navigator Friday. Live in Miami, so Uber to terminal is easy peasy. We picked this one over Symphony this weekend as it stops in Nassau, and we have to make a stop in one of the stores there. . Never sailed on the Mariner, but I personally do not like Freeport. Just, being on a RCCL cruise will make make your weekend. Enjoy.
  13. Last visit , Went to Greycliff chocolate factory, cost about $50.00 pp. Made a lot of chocolates, brought home to my friends. Leaving this weekend, will again be in Nassau. Will leave late, make one stop on Bay Street, back to ship and listen to my audio poolside. . Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend.
  14. Whenever we are a small group,I get all their booking numbers, call RCCL and have them book it for me. RCCL will email you the confirmations.
  15. was on Symphony and our muster station was at the pursers area. No place to sit. I advised that I need to sit and was moved to the opposite side from the passengers and given a chair to sit where other seated passengers were.
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