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  1. I am older, and newly widowed, I think its wonderful to see so many people travel solo, so I have booked my first solo this June, to put my feet in the water. Actually feel really good about it , plan on relaxing and hope to enjoy the benefits , maybe meet some people . ( this cruise will also put me at Diamond +).
  2. going thru security a few years ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks after going through the x ray. They took a swab to my jeans, and rushed me into a private area where II was swarmed with female TAs. Asked all kinds of questions and got a through "massage". About 10 minutes later they decided to take another swab. Apparently the second swab was clean, no apologies but I was allowed to continue Apparently, my jeans, which were fresh from the cleaner, showed some sort of bomb making material in it. I barely made my flight. Frightning, and never wear clothes straight from the cleaners whe
  3. was on Symphony twice this year and Coastal Kitchen is available for Junior Suite Guests, However you must make advanced reservations once you board and you will be accommodated if space is available. Also your sea pass key will not open the entrance and you will have to knock on the door to get in.. We were able to eat there all nights but one. Best meals onboard.
  4. . You are coming a long way and your trip so far is fascinating. I want to be the first to welcome you to the US and Miami,. Should you need any info concerning Miami, just ask. I too, will be on the December 8 Oasis of the the Seas sailing. Hope to meet you on board..
  5. Will be onboard in 2 weeks, Show production: Cats, 2 different Comedy club shows, One Sky, Frozen in Time,, Aqua80s, and usually a Headliner. We originally had a Proibition Party,for a small fee but it was cancelled.
  6. when on Symphony, beginning of the year, entertainment opened up around the 45 day mark.
  7. I am a Diamond, soon to be Diamond plus. When hubby and I sail, he also gets the benefit of Diamond status even though he has only sailed with me a couple of times.
  8. It was. Even the Ice show was totally different than what you usually see. Highly recommend. Although I am traveling on Oasis this December, right after her refurbishment.
  9. Even if you get off the ship early into a cab, Miami traffic is very unpredictable, remember it is a minimum 45 minute drive to the Ft Lauderdale airport, Also, you must be at the airport and through security at least 30 minutes before boarding. If Allure is based in Port Everglades , would not have problems.
  10. We were on Navigator for Memorial Day Weekend. Also berthed was Mariner of the Seas. Island busy, but not overcrowded with both ships. Plenty of chairs, sun or shade. But there were lines at the water park. I did not partake, but others told me. Maybe because it was holiday weekend with tons of kids and graduates.
  11. Very easy, drop-offs at your port baggage area. Also did pick up at the pickup area near the cruise exit.
  12. I believe it depends on your cards billing cycle. Sometimes it goes through quickly and sometimes the cutoff date is missed so it goes through on the next cycle or two. It will show up on your statement, eventually. If not, don't stress over it. It is the Cruise Lines responsibility.
  13. I was at Coco Cay on Memorial Day Weekend on the Navigator. Also berthed was the Mariner of the Seas. There were over 6000 guests and tons of graduates and younger passengers , with their children ,as as it was a holiday weekend . It was busy but not crowded. The island, the pool and the water park is huge, plenty of chairs in both sun and shade. Tried walking to the Chill cabanas, as I reserved a cabana on a later cruise, but ended up taking the tram,BTW, they are not large, and they fill up quickly, and in the hot sun made for some uncomfortable waiting.. The island itself gives a wa
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