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  1. I was recently reading about Quest's dry dock in March of last year where it was stated that "Azamara Quest’s top ten suites as well as its two specialty dining restaurants, Prime C and Aqualina, are now equipped with brand new furniture." Does anyone have any photos of what the Club World Owners Suites new furniture looks like?
  2. While I can’t compare the cruise lines you mentioned such as Viking Ocean, as Azamara and Oceana, I just got off of the Silver Shadow a week ago so I thought I would chime in with a little input on that particular ship. I have only sailed Silversea and Seabourn however I was actually reading the Viking threads as we are considering a first time cruise on Viking Ocean and saw this title. This was our 5th Silversea cruise and although we have sailed on the Shadow in 2016 and enjoyed it, I was quite underwhelmed with the Shadow’s new renovations and this cruise. We had a large group celebrating some milestone birthdays so between 10 cabins, about 3/4 of them had glitchy issues. The main things were toilets not flushing frequently, in some of the suites this was a daily occurrence, fluctuating water temperatures in the shower from scalding hot to cold without touching a thing, this also happened daily and in our particular suite we had a leak from the shower through the wall into the closet thus making a very strong mildew/mold smell in the closet. All issues were reported and at least they were able to resolve the toilet issues daily however it never stopped them from happening. The finishes for the renovations that were selected are very pretty and elegant however the manner in which things were installed and the craftsmanship is very very poor and obvious. We found the food still to be good overall and the service good and super in some areas like the pool bar for lunch. I cannot comment on the Buffet as we never dined there but we did dine in all of the venues excluding La Dame and the service and food were good and food hot. Theater entertainment has never been Silversea’s strong suit on any cruise I’ve ever been on with them however that never really bothered us that much. Just depends on how important that is to you. So for my personal opinion, I feel Silversea is slipping a bit. The Shadow overall was just OK. The service (for us) is not what is used to be and these days they seem to say "no" before you even finish the question so to speak. Total opposite for us on Seabourn which I love and everything is yes yes yes. I will not sail on the Shadow again and not sure yet about Silversea in general which is why I’m looking for something new and entertaining a Viking ocean cruise. Hopefully Someone with more experience on the lines you mentioned can chime in as I would be curious also to hear all input as well. Happy cruising!
  3. We just cruised on the Sojourn in October and requested Don Julio Blanco in our suite which it was upon arrival without issue. Also upon our request, they kept in stocked in the Sky Bar for us as well. If you have something particular in mind, request it in advance and they are more than accommodating.
  4. Thank you so much for your thorough overview. SD definitely sounds like a fit. We loved the private charter and like the idea that this could/would be similar. We were also recently on the Sojourn in October which is my favorite ship of all thus far, so if "SeaDream is superior in every way other than having balconies", that is fantastic to hear. Going for it and booking 🙂. Fingers crossed the dates will be late enough to avoid spring break and the potential children issue. Thanks so much for your input.
  5. Thank you both knotheadusc and Scspartan 76 for your input, much appreciated. 😊
  6. I have just placed a hold on a Caribbean itinerary in April 2021 on SeaDream II to celebrate a milestone birthday. I have been on Silversea and Seabourn as well as a private yacht charter. SeaDream sounds right up our alley but I have just a few concerns. 1) The condition of the yacht. I've read often how "tired" and "beat up" both yachts are. Can anyone clarify this for me? 2) Areas to relax on various decks - are there enough chairs and loungers to accommodate everyone on board? Is there the issue with shirts, books and hats tossed on loungers and chairs to hold them only to never see a soul in any of them? We spend a lot of time on board just relaxing so this could be a huge deal breaker for me. 3) Selections of spirits, wine & champagne - Even if it's an upcharge for a premium brand, are there multiple selections available? Any and all additional input would be so much appreciated.
  7. Thank you so much for all of the information Airtana. So excited to start booking some excursions.
  8. We stayed in a grand suite on one of our cruises and opted not to make reservations until on board. While the butler was able to accommodate the majority of our requests for dining reservations, there were a few nights he could just not make happen. My recommendation would be as the others have said and to book in advance. If something you want is already booked, discuss it with your butler as soon as you get on board. Happy dining!
  9. We did Alaska on the the Silver Shadow a couple of years ago and loved the entire trip! Although we did that trip on the Shadow we just recently cruised Italy on the new Muse and what an amazing ship, she's my new favorite. To answer your question about the Misty Fjords flight seeing trip, we did it and absolutely loved it! If we cruise Alaska again, that one will be top of my list to do again. The helicopter tour in Juneau was the other highlight for us. We did not do one with dogsledding, it was only the heli tour but truly fantastic. I've attached a couple photos from our Misty Fjords flightseeing trip. We lucked out with the weather and it was truly amazing!
  10. It is so difficult to find much information on these suites particularly the inside (non corner) suites. My husband and I are booked in a Penthouse spa suite on the Sojourn next fall and I was very conflicted whether to select the inside or outside cabin. After my TA contacted Seabourn directly she was told the inside cabins have approximately 30 square feet of larger verandas than the outside corner suites and the outside corner suites have a window in the bedroom, this being the main differences between the two. The only other difference I have read somewhere is that the entrance into the bedroom is different between the inside and outside cabins. One is from the hallway and the other is from the sitting area. I too am looking for additional information and photos so I will monitor this thread and hope someone has more information for both of us :). I found one small photo of an inside (non corner) terrace but that is all I have been able to locate as far as photos or videos of the inside spa suites.
  11. My husband and I are booked on that Pacific Coastal cruise October 2019. We have only been on Silversea and excited about Seabourn, it seems like it will be a good fit for us as well. I am researching the highlights of each port and they all sound fantastic. Looking for any input from anyone. Did you book yet Rob?
  12. Thanks for this info. I was searching threads for this topic myself. I have just booked excursions on a Seabourn cruise next year and have over $1,000 in OBC and was told the same thing, that it would be credited back to my credit card once on board. I would be very interested to hear your outcome kkmaiusa. Please post updates.
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