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  1. I just received phone call from my amazing/awesome agent. The November transatlantic on Splendor is officially cancelled. Paperwork on its way to me.
  2. I would love to think the lack of news on my November cruise was something as simple as FdR not caring. Unfortunately though it’s the second half of your “or” statement. Something clearly has changed, and it can only be of a financial nature. Interesting to speculate on a sale/merger event. A lot of joint interviews and Covid cooperation going on between FdR and Royal Caribbean’s Richard Fain. At the end of the day, all I can say is “Show me the money!” Better stated as “Show me MY money!”
  3. Ditto on the Splendor TA, Barcelona to Miami, November 13th. Regent assigned the flight a couple of weeks ago. Flight to Spain anyone? Haz Mat suits issued upon check in for flight. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. Only one word for why they haven’t cancelled yet: “Money.” More accurately stated would be two words: “Cash Flow.” I’m booked on Splendor’s TA in November from Barcelona to Miami. As a customer, I’m really displeased. As a CFO and bond/derivatives trader for the past 40 years, I get NCLH’s high wire balancing act.
  5. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I don’t think your worry will be getting home from Dublin. Why? Zero chance Dublin (or any city for that matter) allowing a cruise ship originating from NYC to dock in its port.
  6. Maybe there should be some quid pro quo here. I, as a passenger, provide Medically Fit to Travel form if the cruise line will provide me with a Financially Fit to Accept My Money form at each time I fork over my money. I could get behind an idea like that. 🤣
  7. And more photos. Interesting little workout space off of bedroom. I never used, preferring gym, but DW used everyday.
  8. Here are some photos of our stay in a Vista suite. Awesome and luxurious. Yours truly getting in some last minute work before departing from Miami. More photos to follow.
  9. Greeting everyone Definitely not posting “Live” now. Ha! Sorry it has taken so long to post some final thoughts on this cruise. (A whole week!) I have to say that reading the Live thread by CHICAGOPAUL is inspiring, humbling, and humiliating for those of us who have taken a shot at a Live thread. That guy has some crazy commitment to posting Live. So on with some final thoughts, but first I’ll respond to some questions that were posted to my thread. To Iamthesea: The kids did not eat with us in Luminae every night. This was a function of several circumstances. The four of us only ate in Luminae together on the first night. We also ate together for three nights in the specialty restaurants — Murano, Tuscan, and Murano again for a second time. We all ate together one night in Blu. (Kids were Aqua. More on that experience later.) The other two nights in this seven night cruise we ate apart. DW and I in Luminae and the kids dined one night in Blu and one night in the MDR. To K12Guy: Yes, Kristina told me about Luminae being open for lunch on embarkation day. DW and the kids jumped off the ship after boarding to have brunch back in Vancouver. I stayed in Michael’s to get some work done. (Ugh!) Side note about trying to disembark after the day one embarkation: Do it at your own risk. It was crazy the conflicting info we got from different people as we embarked as to whether we could get back off. Ultimately, I put my trust in Kristina in Michael’s. She called to check with a Security Officer. The answer is Yes you can get back off. If you do it though, you have to go thru the entire border control process again to get back on ship. I leave you with a photo of the brunch spot in Vancouver that DW and the kids got off the ship for after embarkation. Called De Dutch. These are gluten free pancakes. Crazy good. The three that got off the ship said it was worth it!
  10. Gerelmx I will try to find out who the Captains Club host is for you. In the meantime, here are the Ship’s Master and the rest of the Senior Staff onboard.
  11. Last night’s entertainment featured a Paul McCartney / Beatles Tribute Band. They were fantastic. By far the best show we’ve seen onboard.
  12. Here’s some shots of last night’s dance party in the atrium. Started off as a 50s tribute show with some of the entertainers. Ended as a full blown mosh pit. People were definitely enjoying themselves.
  13. Scenes from yesterday in Juneau. Sea planes landing and taking off next to us while docked. And DW’s attempt to use my iPhone to capture the gorgeous sunset as we depart Juneau. This from our window seat in Luminae.
  14. Some quick random notes for this morning. My pattern every morning is to start the day in Cafe al Bacio. I consume several espressos while listening to the ongoing hysterical banter of the team working the Cafe. The leader of this happy group is Kumar. He is a riot. This is such a great way to start the day. Dinner last night in Luminae. Followed by dessert with the kids in the Ocean View Cafe. DW and I both had the lamb chops. We eat a lot of lamb, and I take great pride in a grilled rack of lamb I make at home. The lamb served last night in Luminae was excellent. And I mean really excellent. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Clearly freshly crust from the rack right before it was brought to the table. Running up to Ocean View for dessert makes sense for us. They always have a great selection of gluten free desserts for DW and Shannon. I rate the dessert selection far superior to what we’ve seen on Oceania. Final note: The Maitre ‘D in Luminae is Hugo. He is fantastic. Really takes full control of the room and his guests. An interesting note on his attention to detail: On the evening we dined in Tuscan Grille, he was waiting at the check in station for us. He wanted to make sure that Tuscan’s Maitre ‘D knew about DW’s gluten allergy. He also looked at the table we were allocated and had the Maitre ‘D move our reservation to a preferred table by the windows. Pretty damn impressive.
  15. We’ve dined now in both Murano and Tuscan. Here’s a brief comparison. Everything about Murano was excellent — service, setting, and food. I rate it as one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had at sea. From a service perspective, I rate it as one of the best experiences I’ve had at sea AND on land. I will say though that I’m a sucker for old school continental style dining. I still have fond memories of dining in Celebrity’s long since retired SS United States restaurant. Tuscan was good. Sitting at the back of the boat watching the sun set was a real highlight. I don’t really care for the design scheme of the restaurant, but the barrel/arched entry is striking. Both DW and Shannon are coeliac and must eat gluten free. Two thumbs up to Tuscan for having a gluten free pasta available for them. Tuscan also prepared a grilled calamari as a gluten free choice. This was better than the “normal” preparation that comes deep fried. The beef carpaccio was very good. Blaine and I also tried the crab cake and the bruschetta as well. Neither were very good. The crab cake seemed to be mostly filler. No discernible crab or crab flavor. The minestrone soup rates as very good. An interesting smokey flavor. For a restaurant that bills itself as an Italian steakhouse, they have a weird approach to dealing with pasta. If you are otherwise ordering a main meat course, they think your pasta course you’ve ordered comes as a side to your meat order. It took a bit of explaining that I wanted the pasta course to come out as a separate course. DW and Shannon really enjoyed their gluten free pasta dishes. Blaine and I had a half order each of the lobster alfredo. I think they say the pasta is freshly made each day. If true, they ruined it by way over cooking it. Everyone enjoyed their final course — a veal marsala, the ribeye steak, and the branzino. Too stuffed after all that, we passed on dessert. I wouldn’t choose to return to Tuscan Grille, but can’t wait to return to Murano on Saturday. I’ll post more details on the food at Murano after our second night. I leave you with a photo from Tuscan.
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