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  1. i was wondering about lifting the cancelled summer 2020 cruise to a similar summer 2021 cruise. If the OP doesn’t want two 2021 cruises, then the March 2021 cruise could still be Lift & Shifted to March 2022.
  2. Regardless - RCI owes you money, and you've made multiple attempts to get it directly from them.
  3. I suggest you get your credit card company involved.
  4. If I were you - I would book the Celebrity Reflection now so you get the cabin you want. We're still waiting for the refund from our May 2 Brilliance TA cancelled on March 24.
  5. From what I’ve read on CC, Australia and New Zealand aren’t anxious to welcome cruisers for a long time.
  6. Someone on the Explorer Holy Land cruise roll call (post 1159) did the Lift and Shift to the Sept. 19. 2021 Odyssey cruise:
  7. Final payment is due to RCI 90 days before departure. If you are on the Oct. 25 Explorer Holy Land cruise, then RCI needs your final payment by July 27. If you booked with a travel agency, they want the payment earlier so it gets to RCI on time - but they shouldn't need it almost 4 weeks before the cruise line requires it. If you want to try to Lift & Shift it to the late September 2021 Odyssey cruise - the L&S has to be done by August 1st. You'll want to do it any way before the final payment is due.
  8. We were booked on the same Explorer Holy Land cruise and the following Transatlantic. I don’t think they are likely to happen, and even if they do - we don’t want to be on a long-haul flight to Europe or take a chance on missing ports. Our deposit for the Holy Land cruise was refundable, so we cancelled it 2 weeks ago. We used “Lift and Shift” to move the Transatlantic cruise to the Oct. 28, 2021 Odyssey Transatlantic. I have read of at least one person successfully using Lift snd Shift to move the Explorer Holy Land cruise to the Sept. 19, 2021 Odyssey cruise with a similar itinerary. Odyssey also has a similar cruise in May 2021: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/?dates_maxDate=09%2F30%2F2021&dates_minDate=09%2F01%2F2021&departureCode_ROM=true&destinationRegionCode_EUROP=true&itineraryPanel=OY12ROM-1179499524 If moving to a 2021 cruise isn’t of interest, and your deposits are not refundable - the only way to get a cash refund is to make the final payment and hope RCI cancels. But by the time the final payment is due in late July - you’ll have s much better idea of whether any RCI ships are sailing in Europe this fall.
  9. When I checked our credit card account this morning, there were 2 credits for $450 each. However, I'm reasonably sure that's the deposit refund for our Oct. 2020 cruise that I cancelled on May 7. Quick work on that refund, but still waiting for the refund of our cancelled May 2 cruise.
  10. I called my credit card company today about the May cruise that RCI cancelled in March. Hopefully Chase will light a fire under RCI to refund our money! Meanwhile, I cancelled an October 2020 cruise with a refundable deposit on May 7, so it will be interesting to see which cruise refund appears first!
  11. You could “Lift & Shift” your Aug. 2020 Ovation cruise to another Alaska cruise a year from then (+/- 4 weeks) - and get the same cabin category for the same price as this year’s cruise. You have until August 1st to Lift & Shift, as long as it’s before RCI cancels it.
  12. I'm on hold with Chase right now, as tomorrow it will be 8 weeks since our May 2 cruise was cancelled and the refund was requested. I emailed my travel agency last week, and they suggested that I talk to my bank to protest the charges.
  13. Still waiting for refund of our May 2 cruise that was cancelled and refund requested on March 24. Tomorrow it will be 8 weeks. I emailed my travel agency about it, and they suggested I contact my bank and "protest the charge."
  14. Agreed, and I recently cancelled one and booked another that was in group space via my travel agency. However, my other cruises weren’t booked in group space, and refundable deposit cost considerably more than with the nonrefundable deposit option. If RCI cancels the cruise, you can get a full refund - even if your deposit was nonrefundable.
  15. Refundable deposits usually cost more than nonrefundable - but they are available.
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