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  1. No change in C&A status, but we'll probably get a block on Odyssey
  2. Jewel’s original May through October 2021 cruises were cancelled on Sept. 23rd. As mentioned, Jewel will take over Adventure’s summer Baltic cruises from Copenhagen. After a 12-night Copenhagen to Boston Transatlantic on Aug. 31 - Jewel will take over Brilliance’s Canada & New England cruises from Boston. You definitely should’ve received an email from RCI about the cancellations, and your credit card account may already have been credited for the deposits. This is the thread about the summer 2021 itinerary changes: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2761211-new-royal-caribbean-announces-updates-to-2021-summer-cruises/
  3. What ship were you on for your July 2021 British Isles cruise? Royal Caribbean had only two British Isles cruises in 2021, and both were on Jewel out of Amsterdam - in May and July. We were on the May cruise, and we were notified right away when it was cancelled on Sept. 23rd.
  4. You should have received an email or written confirmation from your travel agent when you booked the cruise. If the deposit is non-refundable - it should clearly say so.
  5. RCI cancelled 5 of our cruises: 4 in 2020 and 1 in 2021. However, we Lifted and Shifted 2, and cancelled and replaced a 3rd before RCI got around to cancelling the original bookings.
  6. The refund of our May Jewel British Isles cruise deposit posted to our credit card account on Sept. 30th.
  7. Look at the confirmation you received from your travel agency. If the deposit is nonrefundable - it should say so on your invoice.
  8. If the deposit is refundable, then you'd get it back if you cancel before final payment date. If the deposit is nonrefundable, then you'll get a FCC when you cancel.
  9. Thank you! I like northern TA itineraries, as the sea days are better distributed
  10. Thanks! It's on my travel agency's web site now, too.
  11. The August Jewel Transatlantic isn't on RCI's web site in the US, either
  12. RCI's web site is allowing people to book suite gty cabins on the Aug. 5 Jewel Baltic cruise. Therefore, should I stop worrying that we won't get a junior suite as booked on Adventure?
  13. I signed into my account on RCI's web site, but I haven't been transitioned to the Jewel.
  14. I think there will be a lot of unhappy people who booked suites on Adventure once the dust settles. I booked a junior suite the morning the official announcement was made about itinerary changes, so I don’t expect to get one on Jewel. Right now the Cruise Planner still has us going to France and Spain on Adventure.
  15. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one with the goofy 4-day Adventure itinerary!
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