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  1. Imagine getting a fever in Antarctica?
  2. That's where I am, mine expires in Feb 2021 and we (hopefully) have the Moon cruise from Lima-FLL in Dec. Paperwork is done and will be mailed Mon. We'd like to do something (Sandals??) in Sept/Oct. but won't book until new passport is in hand.
  3. I & DH were raised not buying something until we could pay for it, we use credit cards mainly for convenience. Except for the first car, everyone was paid when we got it, also the RVs. Our house, of course was financed, but paid off ASAP. I had a savings account at the bank starting in elementary school, all birthday, Christmas checks went into it.
  4. Why don't they have a "groan" to click?
  5. Today we have over 4 inches of snow on it. Love "springtime in the Rockies".
  6. We have had trouble with bears & raccoons besides squirrels with our bird feeders in this house so Larry built a hanger thing which can be pulled up to load feeders. Hope one of the photos shows it ok. We still bring everything in at night.
  7. No, sadly, never have a camera when you need it. Needless to say, no tomatoes survived.
  8. When we lived in Ohio, they sat in a tree and threw our tomatoes at us.
  9. Boy, we don't have places like that in the US, at least not in our area.
  10. Stumble, I tried daffs and tulips, the squirrels dug them up.
  11. When we first moved up here (8000+ ft) I planted snow & snap peas with netting stapled to the cedar house, a deer hooked the netting and ran off with it all, now we have stucco and DH says no staples, oh well. My lilac bush is now almost 30 years and looks pretty sick, a lot of dead branches. I used to plant annuals in big pots on the lower deck, chippies and deer ate them. Now I have some hanging basket on the upper deck. So much for my gardening.
  12. Boy I'm glad I'm not having a stress test, this past weekend on top of everything else, has my blood pressure going thru the top.
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