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  1. I guess this isn't valid, since the cruise was canceled, but they had us fly from DEN LHR NRT when UA does a non-stop DEN NRT I was going to yell a lot, but then the cruise canceled. We've re-booked for Mar 2022 and I will start watching flts ASAP in April.
  2. We got our first ones today, about 3 hr ago, no reaction yet. Our little county is pretty good to their 70+ people.
  3. We have the crossing in Nov booked, only $550 deposit, will stay fast for now, final is due in July. I worry that cruising power air might not work, it's MUCH lower than thru airlines, for now. Don't want to book the air until final time.
  4. I remember the t-shirt bingo, both times were canceled from lack of people, we got the free t-shirt and our money back. Wear them a lot.
  5. I wish it was easier to read, where can we find that chart?
  6. Haven't seen Terry on here for awhile, hope he's ok.
  7. "I see a little silhouetteto of a cat, scaramush, scaramush" Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  8. Thank you all for "being there" this year, don't know what I would have done without you. Happy 2021
  9. I got a new passport this summer--still a virgin, only opened to sign.
  10. Question--if you have had the vaccine, would you test positive with the nasal test etc? We are on the list, but hope to go to Jamaica in the spring and they require the negative test.
  11. All I know is that bags of chips tend to blow up at our altitude, unless you move them very carefully.
  12. Here in our part of the CO mountains, we walked in 40+ weather with NO WIND for a change. The snow we got several days ago is mostly gone, so no "White Christmas" for us. Have a wonderful, safe, peaceful day everyone. Merry Christmas.
  13. And then, what really turns my screws, AOC was (I read) one of the first, neither age or essential in any form. Off my speakers box.
  14. I wanted to share a photo I took several days ago from our bedroom window. Hope I did this correctly.
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