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  1. I see that some cruises on Balmoral are advertised as for Singles/Solo. We are a bit confused by the advertising. Does this mean the cruise is just for Singles or does it mean the cruse is for couples and families as well, but with extra cabins and events for singles or lower supplements. Thank you
  2. Just a quick question... leaving very soon. I know we have to book the theatre via a touch screen. Do we do this every day? Is the booking for a certain seat or just entrance to theatre then pick a seat when there. Thank you.
  3. Ah.. I get it now. Because not everyone disembarks at Genoa I suspect they may do the empty cabins first so, of course, embarkation could be earlier. Yes, it was a package, but with private transfers to Rome from the Airport and then from Rome to the Ship. We must be the only ones flying into Rome at that time. Thank you for your replies, and yes I will certainly try to enjoy.
  4. Here is the official (!!!) reply from MSC I presume its payment for whole drink... ""If you wish to order a drink of 12 euro you can from the menu Perhaps you will have to pay the full amount of that drink, if you wish to upgrade them to premium plus then you can do while your on board. Should we be of any further assistance, Please don't hesitate to contact us" To the unaware... that could mean some very costly mistakes
  5. sorry heading should read 4 1/2 hr wait. It wont edit
  6. We are on a fly cruise next week, but because of flight times we have to leave a day early and stay in Rome overnight. We were surprised that our pick up time to go to the port in the morning was 8.30 and check in is 2.00pm. This means a long 4 1/2 hour wait. I e mailed MSC regarding facilities at the port and got a very blunt no regarding leaving our luggage etc. and the tone was slightly unpleasant. Anyone else had to wait there. Is it a case of sit somewhere and people watch! We are on Sinfonia.
  7. I don't think those tokens are given to UK passengers. I am finding MS C totally confusing. all these different experiences and cabins and different perks depending on your nationality. I usually get very very excited over cruises but am not so excited over this one. what a shame. I have e mailed MSC for clarification. I will do another thread but e mail from MSC re Civitavechia port very blunt. I will enjoy.. I will enjoy...…………
  8. Thank you so much for your quick reply... it means we can get on with booking the package in the morning!!!!
  9. We are on Sinfonia on 8th Feb. It seems MSC are offering a free premium drinks package for Fantastica Clients on some cruises but unfortunately not on this date.... therefore we are considering purchasing a premium package. Hope this isn't a stupid question... but if, say, a drink , with a mixer, or a cocktail. comes to say 12 euros will we pay just the extra 2 euros or will we be charged for the whole drink. Thanks
  10. Absolutely not gillyg!! We have been on QE an QM and noticed absolutely nothing. We liked QM a lot but absolutely loved the happy go lucky atmosphere on QE.
  11. I know I could research this but thought a question on here might be quicker and perhaps helpful to others. We go out on our cruise from City Terminal but come back to Queen Elizabeth Terminal. We park our car at City, I presume. What happens when we come back to another terminal. Are they close? Is it all one big car park for all terminals or do we have to transfer to the car park, or do they move the car? Thank you
  12. Agree with Loerie 100% I haven't worn a dress or skirt for 25 years. I tried some on before cruising and I looked awful. They do not suit me, for a couple of reasons. Went on QE and was little concerned but worried for nothing. Firstly, everyone had made an effort and looked great but ball gowns or even long gowns were definitely few and far between. There were some lovely ones and they looked stunning and if in the lift or corridor we told them so. I wore black evening trousers, chiffon or sparkly tops, bling (definitely bling) and some nice accessories. I know some disapprove of this but I felt good and my OH definitely thought I looked good. In a dress?? No way for me. Lots of ladies wore either long black skirts or trousers .. I worried for absolutely nothing. (Just as an aside... one of the ladies had a beautiful golden gown. It was stunning, and I told her so. Later in the evening a man sidled up to me and whispered to me his thanks and said (for their personal reasons) how much it meant to them... so just a passing comment in the corridor or lift can have a great effect)
  13. I absolutely agree about attending and paying attention to muster. We also always listen to safety drill on planes and in hotels we always know our exit route. On one ship there were quite a lot of comments when one couple did the crossword and read the paper and the crew didn't approach them. I was just curious as we know the ship more or less locks down during muster and this could be every couple of days with all the to-ing and fro-ing. I just wondered how this would work on the cruise. What happens, say, if we are in the planetarium or spa when others are having their drill (we already having had ours on embarkation), does everywhere shut.. do we have to leave and return to our cabin?
  14. i I hope I explain this ok. We board in Southampton on 10th August.. going to Hamburg, Oslo, Elsinore, Hamburg 9 nights. We didn't realise there are multiple cruises going on ie some passengers embark in America and stay on. Some get on in Hamburg, some get on for a couple of days, and when going back to Hamburg there will be others joining for two days.... etc etc. There are many multiples. How do they arrange all the musters. Obviously we don't have to attend each one... so how do they do it? Thanks.. just curious
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