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  1. I am a runner and have done the bridge run many times and all I can say is that date is asinine (I get that the logistics are probably a massive undertaking. But they are just asking for trouble with the amount of "non runners" who do that run. Not bashing them, just not sure how many are have the knowledge of summer running.) I'll just eat my entry fee this year as there is NO chance I'll be doing that run in Aug. The bridge run is usually my wind down run for the season anyway and I only do a few "easy" 5k's during the summer. (The Race the landing ones at Charles Towne landing are cool as they feed you dinner after 😁). Guess I just start looking forward to the fall running season now.
  2. Just fly into EWR and don't over complicate this. You are coming from Chicago...The headquarters and one of United's main hubs into their NY area hub. You will have the most flight options with the cheapest ground transport to the port with them. (depending on which way they are landing and which side of the plane you are on you will see the port when you land as it's basically just on the other side of the NJTP). Get over the whole southwest thing. by the time you land and either JFK or LGA and figure in the cost of transportation and time to get to Bayonne are you really saving anything over just going into EWR (on whatever airline) and a short cab/uber ride to the port?
  3. You do understand that trees are a renewable resource and are harvested like corn, wheat and tomatoes (albeit with a longer grow time) right? They cut them down and replant them with new trees. Also, there is a very good chance that the stuff you are getting in the mail is made from recycled paper, thus no new trees were harvested. I just picked up 40k lbs of rolled paper stock from a mill in TN yesterday and it will be delivered in SC Monday. In the time it took them to load me, they unloaded 2 trucks of scrap paper which in a few days will be shinny new paper. So not really harming the trees in any way. 🙄
  4. I found that putting lots of things in "quotes" by the op really helped make the points. But to really put it over the top, they should have added lots of words IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. 😉
  5. Typical isn't it? An OP, not just this one, but anyone who asks for bot positive AND negative replies gets them and suddenly doesn't like the negative ones. 🙄🤷‍♂️
  6. Just download a while noise app for your phone. 😉😬
  7. It's only about a $20 price difference so I'd go for Global Entry. Plus check with your credit card, they may cover the cost as a benefit. (My global entry renewal was covered as a benefit by citibank on one of my credit cards). But don't wait, start the process now, my GE expires in Jan and I did my online stuff in early Oct and it is still (as of 30 seconds ago) "in progress" 🙄. Not that I have any flights planned for the next few months anyway, but I might have to actually fly to either Atlanta or Charlotte to actually do the final interview as Charleston doesn't have a place to do it.
  8. it's the weekly "outrageous airfare" thread.
  9. I don't understand why it is "too soon" to book. You are well within the 300 day window for AA,UA,DL.
  10. I live right off of Ashely River Rd and 526 and this is 100% correct...traffic from about 7:00-8:30am 3:30-6:00pm (Mon-Fri) is a disaster on this road. Weekends are not bad, just normal traffic. But you can also add Drayton Hall to the list of places out this way. It is before you get to Magnolia plantation.
  11. They city parking garages are all $1 per hr (max of $18 per day). Pretty much the best parking deal downtown.
  12. Actually you are fine....MANY folks on this website refuse to stay ON TOPIC and will inject personal opinions at a moments notice without actually answering the original questions posted in the thread. but alas...I can't help with you questions as I am one of the people who don't use T/A's.
  13. You and the OP are the only two who have seamed to get the humor in my post. 😉😬
  14. I like that with the little laughing emoji you got my attempt at humor. So many folks on here have no sense of humor, I am glad you seamed to have "got it"😉
  15. Any hotel you find here in Charleston (Yes, I live here) for about $50 a night is NOT one you want to stay in. I hate to break this to you but, Charleston is not a cheap city to stay in. Is it New York or San Francisco expensive ?...no, but it is not cheap either. The reality is any decent hotel is going to run you about $100+ per night. ( I just did a quick check on IHG's site for Nov 30-Dec 3 and prices ranged from about 85-140 outside of downtown.)
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