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  1. It's only about a $20 price difference so I'd go for Global Entry. Plus check with your credit card, they may cover the cost as a benefit. (My global entry renewal was covered as a benefit by citibank on one of my credit cards). But don't wait, start the process now, my GE expires in Jan and I did my online stuff in early Oct and it is still (as of 30 seconds ago) "in progress" 🙄. Not that I have any flights planned for the next few months anyway, but I might have to actually fly to either Atlanta or Charlotte to actually do the final interview as Charleston doesn't have a place to do it.
  2. it's the weekly "outrageous airfare" thread.
  3. I don't understand why it is "too soon" to book. You are well within the 300 day window for AA,UA,DL.
  4. I live right off of Ashely River Rd and 526 and this is 100% correct...traffic from about 7:00-8:30am 3:30-6:00pm (Mon-Fri) is a disaster on this road. Weekends are not bad, just normal traffic. But you can also add Drayton Hall to the list of places out this way. It is before you get to Magnolia plantation.
  5. They city parking garages are all $1 per hr (max of $18 per day). Pretty much the best parking deal downtown.
  6. Actually you are fine....MANY folks on this website refuse to stay ON TOPIC and will inject personal opinions at a moments notice without actually answering the original questions posted in the thread. but alas...I can't help with you questions as I am one of the people who don't use T/A's.
  7. You and the OP are the only two who have seamed to get the humor in my post. 😉😬
  8. I like that with the little laughing emoji you got my attempt at humor. So many folks on here have no sense of humor, I am glad you seamed to have "got it"😉
  9. Any hotel you find here in Charleston (Yes, I live here) for about $50 a night is NOT one you want to stay in. I hate to break this to you but, Charleston is not a cheap city to stay in. Is it New York or San Francisco expensive ?...no, but it is not cheap either. The reality is any decent hotel is going to run you about $100+ per night. ( I just did a quick check on IHG's site for Nov 30-Dec 3 and prices ranged from about 85-140 outside of downtown.)
  10. I used to get mine declined often. I might buy my morning coffee in Iowa, lunch in Indiana then dinner in PA all in the same day. Then the next day might buy a new tire in NY (thankfully those days are over as I am now a company driver and no longer an owner operator) and so on. The kicker was that the big purchases usually went through no problem, it was the coffee or hot dog that got declined. I would then have to get on the phone (after paying with another card) and explain (again) that I was a truck driver and travel all over the country and charges in different states was normal for me. Eventually after a number of years they finally got it straight and I stopped having the issues.
  11. I say a nice 7 day out of either Port Canaveral or Miami on Carnival in Feb or Mar. 😎
  12. What is your idea of "cheap" and "expensive"? There is only 1 motel6 in Charleston (the other is up near Summerville) and it is a DUMP. (It is not very far form where I live). Hotels in decent areas of Charleston are not generally going to be under $100 per night. Downtown will be probably $200+. Need an idea of actual budget, not just "cheap" to give some ideas.
  13. If you think the knowledgeable folks on here are condescending and sarcastic.....I would not try asking on flyer talk. The folks over there make this page look like a church social sometimes.
  14. Baltimore to Hawaii on a 737 is just cruel and unusual punishment.
  15. Depending on what boarding group you end up with you may end up still having to check you carry on. This is due to the lack of overhead bin space. They will check it for free at the gate, but be warned you might have to remove any stuff you don't want riding in the cargo hold. Medications, cameras, laptops etc etc etc.
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