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  1. Located in Kitchener Ontario Canada. We will be cancelling.
  2. Their email about the cancellation was vague and it appeared that mb it would be ok until I called. Simply NOT worth it.
  3. 🤬 I agree with you, I'm betting they are wanting cancellations. Although they could be making it very dangerous that people will not come back. Making me 'think' its a good deal and I do all my research and its not well their are other cruiselines I've sailed with.
  4. I agree with @kidless I had the original cruise like her moved to a 7 days at the same price I was originally quoted... when I went in to price that 7 days it was the same price .... so no deal for me except $200 OBC. I'm disappointed with MSC I dont think they even looked at peoples accounts or previously sailings bc if they did they would have realized I went on the Mergilvia in Dec 2020. I even asked about the 11 days from PC I was told they would need to price it for me no discount. I didnt find the customer service rep from Canada very helpful either. Never have I felt this way with MSC. 😞
  5. I spoke to MSC, no upgrade in room. Cruise moved to 11 nts to 7 nts completely different ports with 200 obc and same price. If I'm comparing I lost my originally ports I have never been too (ones it is going to- not so crazy about), leaving & returning on March break it will be total chaos (Cdn March break- so flights will double), losing 3 nights on ship and obc is the same as I was originally getting. Honestly 😞 I don't feel its worth it. Customer service said I could not move it.
  6. I feel jinxed with the Divina ... first cancellation was Hurricane Irma, second was family situation now this Covid 19. Grateful we are healthy but it sucks. Mergilvia is a beautiful ship.
  7. When I checked the website I can only find a 14 days and its totally changed. Inside/Outside Cabin: Upgrade to Higher Category* Balcony/Suites/YC Cabin**: An onboard credit of $ 100 onboard credit per cabin ($ 50 per single cabin occupancy) for cruises up to 6 nights; An onboard credit of $ 200 onboard credit per cabin ($ 100 per single cabin occupancy) for 7-nights cruises or longer. I will have to call today. I understand they need to make changes because of covid-19 just dont know if this worth it. We've done this itinerary and in all honesty I'm not crazy about it. Originally I was already receiving $200 OBC so the only extra I see is an extra 3 days which would be sea and Miami.
  8. We were planning to sail the Divina ( 3rd try booking and something cancels it) on 11 nt cruise during the Canadian March break. We were so looking forward as we were doing South America. The email does not really explain just possible upgrade, different itinerary and $200 OBC. This is also disappointing we already had a $200 OBC. Nothing negative about Mergivilia we've sailed her in December 2019. Anyone else in this situation? What type of upgrade did they give. Currently booked Balcony bella..
  9. Wondering if an upgrade is needed. We sail in 2 weeks on the Mergilvia (Caribbean). Could anyone provide a drink menu for the easy package? For what I can recall on the Seaside they had little menus at the bars. I know its $6 and under. The next package is $12 and under. What wines are the offered for the Easy package? Is the difference $62-35? We are aware to prebook before sailing to save on %15. I thought there was a middle package?
  10. If you changed it prior on getting on the ship you shouldn't be charged but if you changed it even on the first day the 15% will be added on each drink.
  11. Sometimes you can find 'steals' at perk times while onboard the ship. About booking while on cruise that's exactly what they WANT you to do so you'll be back and 9 out of 10 I always do! 😁 $100 obc to use on current or future cruise.
  12. Been waiting for this too!
  13. Dec 8th sailing on the Mergilvia, hope we get to see the island!
  14. Reenie75

    Drinks on us pkg

    Old package they are trying to get rid of. I thoight the same thing especially on beer.
  15. Will the drinks in the cabin fridge be included in our easy package? Mergivilia Sailing Dec 8th.
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