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  1. Royal cancelled their British Isles itineraries and I am not sure if it is because they pulled out of Amsterdam or if the UK is saying no ships. So much still up in the air and I really want to know if another year of travel is down the drain.
  2. Agreed. My next cruise was booked before anyone ever heard of COVID. I sure hope they offer me a chance to cancel and get a refund. I am not spending twice as much money for half as much time at sites and be paraded with 60 other people who I don’t want to spend time with on my vacation.
  3. Not sure about the availability of tests in my area. Also have to consider pre-cruise travel. Like if I am going somewhere for a week pre-cruise. The biggest deal breaker is the excursions. If required to use only cruiseline I won't be cruising. Hope this is clarified before my cruise next June and they give the option to cancel with a full refund.
  4. I would love to take advantage of 2022 if next year is cancelled but it's my niece's HS grad year trip and she has already chosen. It's not Europe. Next year is my DS and he chose London and the cruise. Not sure what we will do if we can't get into Europe. After this pitiful year with no travel (ok, I lie, we broke down and booked a condo at the beach in Florida for Fall Break) I just want to go somewhere interesting!
  5. Gibraltar port has Carnival Pride coming/going in 2022. Hopefully a European (probably Med) season to make up for this year and possibly next.
  6. I used the online cancellation on the day they sent the email. Today my refund (minus $250) and excursion fees were credited to my card. I also received an email that my deposit of $250 had been credited to Paypal. I closed that account last year so they will be sending me a check once I call back next week. I literally can't believe how fast it was when I was expecting it to take months. Fingers crossed I can take any kind of vacation next year. I need to get out of my house!
  7. In your cruise manager on the top left of the page it says Categories with a down arrow. Open that and Fly2Fun is on the bottom right. It will only work once the airlines open bookings 330 days from your return date. If you plan to spend time after a cruise then you can just wait the number of days to check. Once you make your initial booking online you will have to call for anything else (changes, cancel, etc).
  8. I also just booked Fly2Fun for next June. Just choose the Flexible rate and you will see the $0.00 are due now. The payment is due with final cruise payment.
  9. I find the capacity thing a bit weird. My June sailing is pretty booked. Could barely still find a room. But, the September/October sailings had lots of rooms, even some of the "better" rooms like bowling alley balconies. I think we are looking at cancellation at this point. I have also tried to use Fly2Fun and it's not available yet but flights are out on all the US and European carriers.
  10. Get the same error for Europe sailings on Legend for next summer. On the one hand it would be nice if they do plan to cancel to do so now as airfare is becoming available and some optimists will go ahead and book. I know I have already paid a small fortune in deposits on accommodations and excursions (all refundable thankfully). I would rather be crushed now than to hold out even a sliver of hope that I may get to travel next year.
  11. I, too, booked a Legend cruise pre-Covid. I am making plans and have booked only fully refundable lodging and excursions. I will probably do the air through the refundable until final payment option of Fly2Fun. I wish I was more optimistic about this trip but I fear Americans will be barred from most countries for a long time. I really need a vacation!
  12. If (when) my October cruise is cancelled I will take the refund. I am afraid to move the money to our 2021 cruise in case that is cancelled. I believe if we move (FCC) the money and that cruise is cancelled we are not allowed to get a refund. I will need my funds back so I can plan something else for DS's graduation trip. I would love the OBC but it's not worth the possibility of tying up thousands of dollars.
  13. Damn, was hoping my October 4 cruise would be cancelled. I am not comfortable going on the first cruise out or going to Florida in the near future. Guess I better call and see about taking the ES hit and cancelling.
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