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  1. I understand your post is regarding your Alaska cruise but to answer your topic question, I’ve always printed my pass. It makes the embarkation (pre pandemic) so much easier, smoother and faster.
  2. My guess regarding cruise casinos is they are watching to see how Vegas will reopen their gaming floors on how they handle huge crowds. Interesting you mentioned separation already present in cruise casinos because from what I observed, the only time separation existed was in the mornings during sea days due to low guests volume. But at night, holy crud! I’ve always seen shoulder to shoulder. On my last Carnival cruise, there was so many people, I’ve had to leave several times because of the high level of noise and smoke. On restaurants, I watched videos on Disney Springs restaurants opening this week where the guests took off their mask once they were seated. But one thing I noticed is a lot of venues were outside which had tons of spacing. Makes me wonder if the MDR will be at half capacity.
  3. The masks requirement depends on the property. The casino in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho requires every guests to wear a mask while several of the Arizona casinos don’t.
  4. I’m one of those non smokers who will gladly “donate”. And the non smoking policy has been working well for Celebrity.
  5. Sorry but you’re not going to sail. The CDC has a no sail order lasting until July 24. I definitely would not book a flight if I were in your shoes.
  6. I’ll be glad to book a cruise on Virgin and I’m in my 40s. Their selling points for me are no kids and their food venues that are very different from other cruise lines. Very curious about the Korean bbq restaurant.
  7. Most likely not. I’ve seen the same behavior you have from other cruise lines and it was off putting. Also, the only time I went to windjammer was for breakfast, usually during port days so we can quickly grab a bite to eat before leaving the ship. In future cruises, I think I’ll just order room service for breakfast.
  8. choice 4 Someone gets the virus and everyone gets stuck at sea resulting in countries not allowing their own citizens back in.
  9. Makes me wonder if people are still going to complain about the “washy washy” guy once sailing restarts.
  10. We’re booked on the Harmony for November 2020 and we’ve decided to wait it out on a monthly basis for any news regarding the cruise line’s “new normal” policies. I’m a big advocate for maintaining safety for everyone including myself and will abide by the rules. But I’ll probably ask for a FCC if we are required to wear mask outside the staterooms. The thought of dinner at 150 Central while wearing a mask doesn’t sit well with me. I told the hubby that if we have to postpone our cruise, we’ll just go to a resort in Hawaii that has a huge beach location. At least there, it should be easy to socially distance ourselves.
  11. Yes, that’s exactly the type of behavior I don’t want any contact with. As for someone not caring, you’re probably right. They’re probably thinking that if it doesn’t affect them, they why make a fuss about it.
  12. No! It started on my last Carnival cruise. I don’t expect the behavior at buffets to change at any cruise lines.
  13. I hope you’re right and staff serving will benefit everyone who goes through those lines. Too many times, I’ve seen both adults and kids go through the lines without taking advantage of the hand washing stations and I doubt that will change for some.
  14. Agree 💯 on execution! For now, I’ll be continuously reading reviews and watching YouTube commentaries on the Scarlet Lady. Eventually, they’ll get the execution right and that’s when I’ll make a choice to sail Virgin. Just need to give them time.
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