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  1. Can you provide a link where RCI stated crew only has a salary of $100? I just googled it and can't find any information.
  2. Walk around the ship. This is because I don’t go to the gym on the morning of embarkation so I need to get my steps in. After lunch, I played it by ear.
  3. Here’s a sample of what you can order for breakfast room service:
  4. My suggestion is to download the carnival hub app. It’s free to use during your cruise. The app has the ship’s time on it and it’s what I use to adjust my watch when I’m at port.
  5. I know what to expect with Starbucks. I’m on the Horizon now and tried the coffee at the lido. Threw it out and went to the Java place instead.
  6. I wish that Carnival would contract with Starbucks similar to Royal. This is probably the only chain that I wouldn’t mind frequenting during a vacation.
  7. In no particular order: 1. The porter 2. The casino beverage server. I find one who looks after me throughout the cruise. He/she knows my name and knows what drinks I like. 3. The stateroom steward. Compared to the show performers, the steward is my star throughout the cruise and the one staff member I give an extra higher tip to. I’m always appreciative of their hard work, friendliness and willing to go beyond my expectations. 4. The speciality restaurant servers. Especially the ones from another country which is just about all of them. The ones who are smiling throughout the entire service and willing to talk to us about their experience on the ship and their culture. 5. MDR servers - no tip! Only because I don’t eat at the MDR. I decided a long time ago that I had no interest in having dinner there anymore due to the large crowds and noise. I’d rather pay the extra charge for the smaller, quieter settings at the specialty restaurants.
  8. Breakfast room menu.
  9. On the Horizon now. Here you go....
  10. Pay attention to the charges on the room service menu. In that link that was posted, it doesn’t show the prices for the menu after 10pm. Some of the day items are included but the night menu is never free.
  11. I would go to YouTube and look at the video postings of both Magic and Horizon. You’ll get an in-depth view of both. I’ve been on the Horizon and I enjoyed it.
  12. My family and I are iPhone users. I bought the internet package and I was able to text then while at sea.
  13. Here you go! On board the Horizon.
  14. I just boarded the Horizon. The port attendant who took our luggage did not weigh our bag and it’s about 52 lbs. He was thankful that I already had my luggage tag on my bag and more grateful when I gave him a tip.
  15. Not me. I pay attention to my body. If I’m tired, I’m gonna call it a night or get a short nap during the day. The only caffeine I’ll ever have is in the mornings. For me, the extra caffeine after lunch will screw up my sleep cycle. Now the stateroom attendants who have to answer guests’ calls at 2am to deliver a sandwich or a pizza, I feel for them.
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