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  1. Okay, I'll try to share some of my thoughts as briefly as I can. In full disclosure, I am very health conscious and at the tender age of 65, I don't take any meds. From my many years in nursing and being around people that I know, I've found the high numbers of prescriptions very alarming. My last job in nursing was in long term care and the enormous amounts of drugs I was administering to these lovely people, was ridiculous and so I finally retired after being there for a short time. I felt like it was abuse in a way. My attempts to address same fell on deaf ears. Doctors know best, right?
  2. By the way readers..my topic wasn't meant to be misleading. I don't really need a support group because of no cruising. I'm retired RN, seen alot working in health care just like anyone who's worked in same. Obviously, had vaccines...except flu shot. Don't assume everyone who is saying no to this vax is an anti-vaxer. I realize to say anything further is futile. Good luck to all.
  3. We were in middle of seven weeks of cruising when all of this blew up and here we are all these months later...with so many concerns. I have no idea how many cruisers actually read these boards. Am I among the few of these board readers who won't take a vaccine... because in my opinion it doesn't make sense for so many reasons? How challenging it has to be for NCL et al, to do what they have to do to survive. But I'm wondering how many will choose to go the 'no cruising for me' route if covid vaccine becomes a requirement. I believe, no vaccine..no boarding a ship, could be the least of our pr
  4. I sense your frustration with my skepticism. However, quite the contrary...I haven't hidden in fear in any capacity nor will I. This is clearly a divisive calamity. I wish everyone well. Over and out..
  5. These posts have alot to do with NCL and many other companies trying to survive. When I hear the possibility of a mandated covid vaccine, I cringe. I chose not to do South America cruise last year because I preferred to go somewhere where I didn't have to get more vaccinations. So off to Australia, NZ and South Pacific we went, albeit cut short in March. I'm in no way trying to minimize the actual covid illness. But the 'spike in cases' does not mean all of those have clinical infection. People are urged to go and get tested...even when they feel wonderful. Why... because even thou
  6. Do you notice how many pharmaceutical ads are on tv nowadays? Does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me. What does that have to do with this, you may ask. That should be rather obvious...I respond.
  7. How is it possible that so many people can be manipulated into this vaccination scheme.... At this point, have we all made sure that none of us are overweight...have we taken every intervention to promote our better health....no more junk food....no more excess alcohol....eat your fruits and veggies....get off the couch....exercise....I assume none of us smoke any longer...I could go on and on. We are at much greater risk of dying of heart disease or cancer. So I guess as long as we've done all that and taken our vaccines, we'll be good to go! Just an added tidbit...it's simply a wonder...no
  8. I'm not sure why I scan through some of the boards from time to time. Perhaps after more cruises than I can count....we were on the Jewel terminated voyage in middle of South Pacific when the world seemingly turned upside down. After initially and for a period of time, following protocols put forth by officials, I began to question what was unfolding...and generally speaking those that question anything are labelled as a conspiracy theorist, antivaxer, antimasker and/or selfish. But this simply doesn't make sense to me. People are dying of so many ailments, any of which is equally heartbreakin
  9. Well, this vacc-idiot says 'go for it' if you believe everything you're told by the so called experts and politicians. I would never consider taking a vaccine delivered in such a short period of time.
  10. It still amazes me how Big Pharma has such a hold over so many people. If I was to 'do it all over again' as they say, who knows.... perhaps I'd be an 'antivaxer' as they're called. If one looks at the recommended vaccine schedule for the mid 1980s compared to now, I don't know how you can't, at a minimum, look at that with at least a little skepticism.
  11. I misread your notations. Hopefully, thorough data collection. Good luck!
  12. Wow... you're a participant in a vaccine trial and if it's true that you had flu vaccine the week prior and this was dismissed...does that not give you pause...at all? I do hope you were mistaken. Common sense... that's important data.
  13. Dr. Joel Kettner, Dr. David Katz. There are many different sources that offer information to ponder without the fear and doomdom driven narrative. Just yesterday I listened to a video by a young doctor, Leland Stillman, regarding whether we should trust medical literature... I believe it is wise to possess a healthy dose of skepticism in general. To trust those in authority and accept what is being told to us is all truth and for the good of all....seems terribly unwise. Has history not yet taught us that? Signing off...with hopes of better times to come for so many.
  14. And furthermore, 'The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it'..... Hippocrates.... When was the last time anyone heard from the 'experts', get out in sunshine, exercise, make smart food choices to nourish our bodies, appropriate sleep. Instead it has been stay home, wear a mask when you go out, use hand sanitizer everywhere, follow footprints and arrows everywhere. And of course, so many are waiting for that vaccine. There are many courageous professionals who have very different opinions on all of this and have spoken out. Little chance of seeing same on main stream me
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