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  1. wow...I enjoyed staying on the Queen Mary the night before our cruise. That's all I was trying to say.
  2. There's nothing better than waking up on the Queen Mary, going out on deck with your coffee and seeing the cruise ship you will board in a few hours! Very exciting!
  3. So do both guest also receive the gifts? My daughter and I are booked on my premier offer, she has never sailed before. From what I understand is that I will get the Funplay, both will get the DOU cards but I keep seeing conflicting information about the gifts and entries for the drawings.
  4. I received an Upsell Offer via email for my cruise in August. I had originally booked an oceanview and liked my location. The offer was for a very small amount of money and moving to a balcony. I clicked on the link and the balcony they were offering was in the very front of the ship with the main show theater directly below it...no thank you! I called and spoke to a wonderful PVP and she gave me many other options for balcony cabins so I booked one in a much better location. I am pretty happy as this will be my first balcony ever! I think most of these offers are for undesirable cabin locations so I wanted to share that it is sometimes possible to call and get more cabin options.
  5. So did your DH also get the Premier gifts and entries into the drawings or only you?
  6. I just had the pleasure of teaching my 5 year old granddaughter the "DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE!" because we cruise in 99 days! LOL She looked at me like I'm a total dork, but she still loves Grandma!!! Anyone else have fun (or dorky LOL) little things to help count down to your cruise?
  7. I'm intrigued!! What is the "Ramp of Death"??? I've sailed out of Long beach but only prior to the Dome Remodel. Please fill me in!!
  8. The "Towel Animal Takeover" on the Lido deck has been really early in the morning on my cruises...if you are not an early riser you may never see it! I wish they advertised it as I will have my granddaughter with me next cruise and she would love it! But she is NOT an early riser! LOL
  9. Las Caletas is one of my favorites! I've had very different experiences than what you describe. I guess it's not for everyone 😁 I agree with you about the COLD water in Cabo, I couldn't even snorkel and my husband did not last very long.
  10. Where is the Premier party located on the ship?? (Splendor) also, will both adults in the cabin get the gifts?? Entered into the drawings?
  11. So, will my guest get gifts in cabin and entries into the special drawings etc. in the casino and at the cocktail party? Also, where is the welcome aboard cocktail party usually held (I'll be on the Splendor)
  12. Me too...I'm not hijacking your thread, just interested! LOL
  13. How much is the "Nominal charge" for late night kids club? Also how much is the "flat rate" for special events or parties at the kids club? I can't find it anywhere!!
  14. NO not on that one, it was inside our cabin. I'm afraid of what random cruisers might write if there was a dry erase board on our cabin door. I'm sure people have plenty of funny stories about that!!! LOL
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