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  1. Google discount car rental in Hawaii. If you have a problem email me drjpreston @ juno dot com. The only place where they will no longer pick you up is Honolulu. You have to catch a ride to the airport. Several options. You can take a Taxi or Uber. A good chance even share one with another cruise passenger.
  2. I just reserved a car for our cruise next January. Maui $54.16, Kauai $43.28, Honolulu $55.23, Hilo $55.82.
  3. We will be in a rented car and need to return to airport by 5 pm. After leaving Kula Botanical Garden we would like to go a new expanded route we have never traveled. How long will it take us to drive from Pukalani across Hwy 365 to Hwy 36 and then back down Hwy 36 to the airport? What are the roads like? Jim
  4. Let me get this right it is OK for you to push your belief and practice but not for the religious to. Sure I understand 🙂 Don't mean to start a fight, just thinking aloud. Back to the closet now....
  5. You will not have any trouble. Many of us travel with replacement joints all the time. I have never been denied access to anything. From time to time I will set off an alarm and have to have a wand do a double check. It is painless other than taking a few more minutes of time. Screeners are used to it. At the airport I always tell them in advance and they put me through the spinner rather than the walk through. I never say anything when boarding the ship unless I set something off. Most of the time if I set something off when boarding it is a quick wave of the wand and then a wave to move on. No big deal.
  6. Good question that I will bump up because I also would like to hear some answers.
  7. Thank you for the great review.
  8. For smart investors they will be happy either way. If stock stays up they have benefits, dividends and stock that can be sold possibly at a profit if needed. If stock goes down a GREAT opportunity to BUY more because it will come back up. Buy for your kids and grandkids. Let them learn to love investing and cruising at same time. Always look for opportunities to buy more low so that you can sell high later. Buying low can also help balance out your average cost if your first purchase turned out to be on the high side. So not always bad to see a price drop or correction from time to time.
  9. I am focused on the fact that some are quick to want to ban Carnival for ten years from American ports without thinking about the people that will be effected. Thousands not working for Carnival. As far as "corporate priorities" I have no idea what they are. I would guess they want to make money for the shareholders who own the company and keep the company competitive. Some of those shareholders are counting on the stock to stay strong help in their retirement income. When we think of corporations we forget that outside of a few bigwigs that have earned a spot at the top because of their business background and who are often considered overpaid by those who wish they were paid as much, the corporation is made up of a lot of common people. Secretaries, janitors, security people, HR, computer geeks, and a lot of people on ships who are just trying to feed their families.
  10. PEOPLE should always come before policy or places. It is easy to throw around possible punishment when it does not effect your life. But tens of thousands people depend on the jobs created both directly and indirectly by Carnival. Real lives of real people who should always be the PRIORITY first. I am not for trashing our oceans or letting Carnival off the hook but the punishment should not punish the innocent.
  11. My wife and I went on it about 15 years ago. We enjoyed it a lot. We have talked about doing it again next January when we are going to be there for our 50th.
  12. I have a terrible record at picking stocks. But several years ago all cruise stocks tanked. I picked up 250 shares of Carnival at $19.00 a share. It has been my one smart move. With the increased share cost, dividends and shareholders reward it has been a little goldmine. When my DW complains about my investing mistakes I just offer to take her on a cruise and remind her of my great insight with Carnival Stock. A no brainer.
  13. I did the above a couple of weeks ago just as stated. Within an hour I had the credit added to my account. No hassle, no form, no trouble.
  14. Rent before you get there. Sooner the better. They tend to run out of cars. Google discount rentals in Hawaii for best pricing. We have had great luck that way. Feel free to message me for more direct advice. I am not sure how if we are to provide names of companies we use on this forum.
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