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  1. It was the Blue Mountain Day Tours and worth every penny we paid. The tour guide was very informative and accommodating. We had fog in the early morning, so he returned again for a viewing of the Three Sisters when it cleared up.
  2. We were lucky to have five full days before our cruise departed to tour the area. We got a three day pass for the hop on/off Big Bus and saw a lot both in town and out by Bondi Beach. Another day we took the ferry over to Manly Beach . Our only slip up was a tour of the Opera House. We were told to just go and take a tour, but the day we went there was a special event and tours were cancelled. So we booked a tour for Mar 19 the day the Ruby was coming back to port and we had would have all day before she was going to leave for our Fiji cruise. And you know how that turned out!!
  3. My husband and I usually do it yourself or get a private guide, but the other couple we were with never try things on their own..Always what if? We did a two week cruise to Baltic one year and never took a ship related tour..did all small private tours, luckily the other couple were not with us.
  4. Considered taking the train, but very happy to have the guide all day. We learned a lot about Australia and the history of your country. The Blue Mountains were beautiful and the guide drove us to many off the beaten path places.
  5. Yes. The ferry took us back to Circular Quay. In the morning we were picked up a block from our hotel (Marriott at Circular Quay) by a small 10 seater mini bus and a tour guide jam packed with info. We even got boomerang lessons and got to frolic among the kangaroos and koalas.
  6. You and Leigh are right. They are a cult going under the guise of multi billionaire philanthropists. The teachers who are teaching at the school also get housing. So now David and Leila are in control of their lives. Pretty dangerous. Don't follow our doctrine and you lose your home and job. Pretty scary.
  7. Regarding your time in Sydney. I highly recommend a small group day trip to the Blue Mountains..In addition to the Scenic Railway and Featherdale Wildlife Preserve and more, you get to cruise back to Sydney Harbor and go under the bridge.
  8. Glad all is well and congrats on now being part of the solution!! Thought you would be interested in a US news article regarding the Covid 19 vaccine. There is a private school in Miami, Florida, called Centner Academy, that will not employ anyone who has taken the vaccine and also has notified all its teachers and employees that they must wait until the end of the school year to get vaccinated and (possibly not be rehired). The reason is "Tens of thousands of women all over the world have recently been reporting adverse reproductive issues from being in close proximity with those
  9. Going around on FB in US....So..you've been eating hotdogs and Mc Chickens all your life, but don't want the vaccine because "you don't know what's in it"?
  10. Sadly, It looks like Broadway will not reopen until September. There is a lot of bickering between the mayor of NYC and the governor of NY. Masks are still mandated in NY state. As well as distancing..6ft. Vaccines are now plentiful, but there are two large groups of people who are still not getting it. The trump group who do not feel it is necessary and the black and latino community who are highly suspicious of the government. Pretty much anyone 16 to 106 can just walk in and get a vaccine in multi locations. I remember we "talked" before about your girlfriend in Monroe.
  11. So sorry for your loss! Hope you return to New York and enjoy Christmas here again and make new memories!. Putting foil trays on top of the heaters..yep, that's the way grandma and mom did it! I have forced hot air heating, so without radiators I actually bought electric heating trays for holidays. lol New York City is opening up this week, restaurants at 75% capacity and movie theaters. Larger gathers allowed for weddings and funerals. Hope we are not jumping the gun!! Stay well and Safe!
  12. A St Joseph Table (altar)! Hope to see this celebrated again next year in NYC. It will mean that COVID will be gone and family and friends can gather again to be part of an old Sicilian tradition. My grandma and her neighbors cooked and baked for days leading up to March 19 to honor San Giuseppe for saving the families of Sicily from famine and drought back in the Middle Ages.. Everyone on the block was invited for breads, pastas, pastries and home made wine. Of course everything had to be blessed by the parish priest first! Churches and restaurants cancelled last year and this year's
  13. Glad to hear you are scheduled for your first vaccine. I does give you a feeling that you are becoming part of the solution!! Take care..
  14. Hi Leigh, I told you I would let you know the outcome of the J&J vaccine regarding my grandchildren. I had a conversation with my daughter in law and it seems she is , at the moment, going to vaccinate the 12 and 15 year old with J&J when it is released for their age group. Regarding the blood clot death and hospitalization of 8 people in US. Seven were women ages, 18 to 48 all who had low platelet count problems to begin with. The vaccine caused a reaction in their body that basically caused the body to product unusual amounts of antibodies to platelet factor 4 and cause
  15. Regarding the grandkids getting vaccinated..Trials are in the works by Moderna for 12-16. My daughter in law who is a researcher on covid vaccines,( back on Easter Sunday) said that she would only allow her two (boy 14 and girl 12) to get the J&J vaccine. Reason..as I understood it in plain language..what is in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are ingredients (mRNA) that "can" work on the DNA and my daughter in law was concerned regarding future reproductive system problems of children. Please don't quote me exactly! On the other hand, the J&J vaccine is similar to an annual flu va
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