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  1. Pooh, how did Princess split the OBC that you would normally get on a FCD of $100? Just curious.
  2. Oh that's scary as I have done so many TA in the last couple of years. I guess those sea days can make it harder for even the staff. Prayers for the deceased and family.
  3. Thank you for sharing your story. In January 2019 we were doing a 15 day cruise from Abu Dhabi to Singapore...it was our most expensive cruise to date. After final payment in October 2018, the price for our balcony dropped US$1,500/pp (we were 2 of us), so it was over $3900 Cdn. I waited until mid-November watching for further price drops and contacted my TA, giving her details as to what I was seeing on the Celebrity web-site and asked if I could get something or anything considering the drop in fares, but not wanting to lose any of my OBC and perks. I was really not expecting anything, but I also know it doesn't hurt to ask. I was offered a Concierge class cabin, keeping all my OBC & perks intact. Plus my TA added an additional $50 OBC! I jumped at it....Those additional 30 points (difference between regular balcony and concierge class) has put me into Elite Plus! I am a happy cruiser and we had one fabulous cruise. Just look at the positive and enjoy your cruise.
  4. I was on the Eclipse before the 15 day cruise to Hawaii when this incident occurred. I just cannot say anything bad about my 9 day cruise on Eclipse from San Diego to Vancouver in April. It's a gorgeous ship, food was fine and edible, the activities were sufficient to keep me busy yet relaxed, the captain (Leo) and his staff were very visible throughout the sailing. I was also impressed that the Captain decided to skip the port of Monterrey because it involved tendering and the waters were rough and would definitely not be safe for either his crew or passengers. If I had any complaint it would be that I didn't get a chocolate on my pillows every night (I was travelling solo), it was a hit and miss...but really I made up for that by getting 'reeses pieces' at the ice-cream station. So go with an open mind and ready to have fun and enjoy both Eclipse and Alaska.
  5. Thanks...I am heading to my TV now. Looking for an independent review of The Edge, as all I get now are sales pitches but at those prices, I can wait. So hope the CBS segment will be inspirational.
  6. Very interesting thread...it is the first time I have heard of a cruise line not wanting our money or sell us a cabin when we sail solo v/s as a couple. I have done numerous cruises as a 'solo' since my better half doesn't like cruising as much as I do, and never had an issue. I have booked inside, oceanview, balcony cabins as a solo, depending on the price and my budget. In fact, I board Grand Princess later today in an oceanview (asked and paid the price for an inside cabin, but got upgraded) as a solo and 2nd week of April board the Celebrity Eclipse, also as a solo in an inside cabin. If this has been a recent change, it will be interesting and I may have to resort to adding my husband to a reservation to get a cabin and he just doesn't show up. The only question...would they charge me his share of port fees & taxes & gratuities if he doesn't show up?...hmmm
  7. That is excellent. I am going to try that as I have an inside v/s inside guarantee, and if it saves me money, I'll make the move. Thanks for the info.
  8. I was in the same position...booked my flight from YHZ to SFO via YYZ through EZAir with Air Canada. One of the legs on this flight was on a 737Max 8. I first called Air Canada and after being on hold for over 1 hour and 5 mins, spoke to a customer service rep/agent who advised me that Air Canada was changing all such flights for free, but I would have to go through Princess cruises. Next day I called Princess, explained the situation and asked to speak with EZ Air rep. I didn't get transferred to EZ Air, but the Princess rep did the talking between both of us. EZAir was putting me on a flight to ORD with an hour to catch the connecting flight & change terminals. I declined that connection.Their 2nd suggestion was better for me but not as good as a route as I had hoped to get. When I suggested my route, they said I'd have to pay an additional $600, which needless to say I declined. EZ Air told the Princess rep that if I didn't take their 2nd suggestion, I was out of luck and would have to pay a change fee to do anything else. I thought it was rude, but giving EZ Air the benefit of the doubt, they may have just been overwhelmed. So a change in flights but no fee charged. I would go back to Princess and ask why you were charged an additional fee of $221, when it was Air Canada who specifically advised that changes could be made without any charges/fees.
  9. Beautifully said...I must keep that in mind the next time I plan a cruise. You are right...no better way to spend family time together while you magically get clean cabins, good food, laundry done and spa treatments.
  10. I have done a short cruise (4 day Bahamas) in early Nov 2018(Nov 1 - 4) on Infinity which made me Elite when I disembarked this ship. On the same day, I was embarking on a 15 day Panama Canal cruise, same cruise line, same port, just different pier, different ship. I went to the Captain's Club rep who contacted the Captain's Club rep on the ship I was embarking and received my Sea Pass that showed 'Elite'. Normally you would have to wait for 2 weeks before it shows up on your CC profile. Is there a short cruise you can take from YVR (like one on the Pacific Coast) in April?
  11. Thank you. Yes it is indeed a very nice gesture from Celebrity.
  12. I didn't realize that. You always learn something new on this site. Thanks for the info.
  13. Let your cabin steward know that instead of the canapés, you would prefer cheese & crackers or fruit.
  14. If it was me, I would jump at it, for the following reasons: a) the upgrade to concierge for you is FREE!. b)The room-service breakfast menu includes 'smoothies' FREE! c)You have a concierge who will arrange just about anything you need and ask for..I have been able to change cabins by letting my concierge know I didn't like the one I originally had. I was also able to get a 'reduced' transfer from pier to hotel in Dublin. d)You may/should get invited to the 'heli-pad' for a sail-in or sail-away at one of the ports...it just makes you feel appreciated and special, especially the champagne/mimosa that greets you. Fabulous photo opportunity too. e)Additional points towards your next tier...at least 2 extra points per day. I became 'Elite' in 4 cruises, going concierge. f)The lunch in the MDR on embarkation day...such a wonderful way to start your cruise. It is only open to Concierge class cabins and normally closes at 1pm, so ensure you get to enjoy it. g)Priority boarding...what's not to like about that. h)Fruit/Cheese & Crackers/appetizers delivered to your cabin every afternoon. i)Complimentary bottle of wine delivered to your cabin when you request it. j)Tote bag...not anything special, but it does have a zipper, so contents won't fall out. Let me know what you have decided and do come back and report on your experience in Concierge class. Good Luck.
  15. I debated whether I should tell you what I do...but I've been doing this style of packing for at least 20+ years (maybe because I my brain thinks compartments). I have not bought any 'packing cubes' but what I do use are the clear soft plastic cubes that I get when I buy new bed-sheets, They have a zipper and sometimes have 2 sections. The 2 section ones, I use to pack my shoes & socks...they fit in oh so snuggly. I have used the larger ones for my uncrushable 'formal/chic' evening wear after I wrap them up in paper, like the clothing stores do. This way the clothes don't slip slide as I fold them and stay wrinkle free. I take only a few colors so I can mix and match (blues, black, white, beige) pants and blouses and put the matching outfits in a cube. Gym clothes and T-shirts are rolled and put in a separate cube. My suitcase looks sooooo organized. I travel 'carry on' even on a 15 day cruise because in case there is a flight change, I can get on without having to worry about changing checked in baggage. Living in Nova Scotia, needless to say, I have to fly to every destination to embark the ship. Earlier this year I did a cruise from Abu Dhabi to Singapore with stops in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand...different cultures, different style of clothing and still able to go 'carry on'. Some folks reading this will think I am cheap, re-cycling those bags the bed sheets come in, but it has worked for me and still does...so don't throw out those bags, try and re-cycle them, save the $20 you would pay Amazon or Wally World to buy packing cubes and treat yourself to a couple of martinis on the cruiseship instead.
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