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  1. This is purely a hypothetical question that popped into my head after I received (and declined) the opportunity to bid on a larger suite on an upcoming cruise. NCL still has an incentive to make room in "cheaper" staterooms to sell more popular inventory over the more expensive and less popular "luxury" suites. Assuming no one pays for the upgrade from, for example, a standard suite into the Haven, does NCL ever upgrade for free? Or have free upgrades become extinct in the age of Upgrade Advantage? Just curious. Vic
  2. Just got an upgrade offer for a 4200 Square Foot Three Bedroom Villa from NCL There are only two of us. Clearly I am not interested, but if you bid the minimum ($2500) and won it would be a significant discount. Hopefully someone with more bodies can take advantage.
  3. We had a forward facing Haven owner's suite for the Alaska cruise. It was amazing to have a private, forward facing balcony for glacier bay.
  4. NCL just instituted the system below where you can spend a nominal amount of money to get some extra perks on the ship. "Priority Access" looks like a way to trickle some of the Haven experience down to more people. Might even be a "gateway drug" to get more people to pay for the Haven upgrade. Has anyone tried this system yet? Apparently a test was run over the summer. Nothing really sparked my interest except the priority tendering. Everything else I could live without. Vic Priority Access Includes: Priority Security, Check-In and Boarding Priority check-in at the pier Express boarding Tender Priority (off the ship) where applicable Priority tendering from ship to shore Standard Room Service Breakfast Menu Guests can order Breakfast Room Service only, every day of the cruise at no cost Priority Debarkation at the end of the cruise $50 per person Spa Credit To be used on services on Port days only Canapés on day 2 of the cruise The Cost of Priority Access 1 to 5 Days $99 per cabin 6 to 9 Days $179 per cabin 10 to 15 Days $249 per cabin 16+ Days $299 per cabin
  5. Though I am not striving to get the next level I am at Gold and had a question. I always stay in the Haven and I notice many of the Latitude benefits seem to overlap. What is the main thing about Platinum that really makes it worth it (excluding the free cruise)? I am not seeing much beyond what I get in the Haven. Vic
  6. The Haven's utility is inversely proportional to your tolerance for people. Did a Caribbean cruise on a sold-out ship and the Haven saved us from the zoo that is the pool deck and many of the restaurants. Took an Alaska cruise with cold weather (no pool usage) and a less-crowded ship and the Haven did not seem as useful. Your mileage will vary.
  7. I just booked a cruise with air, which I have never done before. I understand they wait until 75 days before the cruise to setup the flights. That said, I may want to upgrade or alter the schedule. Is this feasible ( with fees, of course)? Probably an obvious question, but would like some first-hand knowledge. Vic
  8. 250 minutes purchased. 200 used. Total useful Internet time: approximately 20 minutes. The rest of the time was watching spinning wheels and logging in or out. Sea days were basically hopeless unless you connected at 3:00 AM. I know because I tried. Your mileage may vary. Vic
  9. Review is submitted and pending approval. I will let you know when it goes up.
  10. Sorry, we went off the ship at every port. We do not have kids, so did not really notice how many there were on the ship. Vic
  11. Sorry, not a Vibe person so I have no information. Though I believe I saw the Vibe door open at some point during the week.
  12. I just completed the 9 day Baltic Cruise (Copenhagen, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden) on the NCL Getaway. I decided to convert all the "Freestyle Daily" for the entire cruise to a PDF for your research enjoyment. It was a fun trip and a review is forthcoming. Vicpylon NCL_Getwaway_Freestyle_Dailly_Baltic_6-2019.pdf
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