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  1. It’s nice to know I can just log off my kids whenever I want🤓
  2. So if you leave you phone in your cabin, let’s say on deck three, will it still pair with your phone on the pool deck. One thing I noticed last week on enchantment was when you went between your phone and your iPad without logging off, it would ask you if you wanted to change devices. I’ve never noticed that before.
  3. People must be figuring out the real value of it and not buying it. The internet is about the only tangible asset of it, and it’s still cheaper just to buy internet in a package for multiple people.
  4. Can’t blame me for putting you in the hold anymore, I retired 4 years ago🥳🥳.
  5. I’ve worked international flights routinely that were late. The problem is you have absolutely no backup plan if it is.
  6. At least they would get you to the next port, but for a 4 day cruise, what’s the point
  7. If they have stronger than expected headwinds the flight could easily be a few hours late
  8. I think what you are seeing is the divider, which are opaque, therefore they look white in the picture
  9. We try not to act like Jake and Elwood at Chez Paul😎
  10. Well we broke down and attended Chefs Table last evening. What confused me about attire is that Enchantment no longer has a formal night, it’s now called dress your best. But the Royal app says Chefs Table attire is formal. Leave to royal IT to confuse people. I wore nice slacks and a button down shirt and we fit right in. I must say that it was the best meal I’ve ever had, let alone on cruise ship. Since my wife and I do not drink wine we got the meal at a reduced price. They also substituted our preferred cocktails, so that was a plus. I think it’s safe to say we will be attending Chefs Table in the future.
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