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  1. I'm wondering when the term "sovereign citizens" is going to come up😎
  2. Mid level balconies will become prime cabins. Less flights of stairs to climb and access to the outside
  3. I think that proves watson50’s theory. You did it because you had to, not because it may keep other people safe.
  4. That’s because they choose not to enforce reserving of pool chairs. There are other rules they are pretty good at enforcing.
  5. This may be a way for the cruise lines to limit people onboard. Don’t want to wear a mask, don’t cruise. Honestly, the more you wear one, the less you realize you have it on. I personally hate using hand sanitizer, but I still use it. If it helps keeping other people safe, I’ll do it.
  6. If it was me that did the planning for future cruises, I would wait for a while to post new itineraries. Right now they don’t even know how many or which ships may still be in their fleets.
  7. Don’t even get me started about the cable company🤬🤯🤬
  8. They just cancelled 2 months worth of cruises too. Ain’t gonna get better anytime soon
  9. If they want me to order from the room service menu they better increase the selection
  10. This is just the cynic in me, but maybe they know those cruises are going to be canceled and they’re just trying to get people to spend money and bring in revenue. I doubt they have any plans that far into the future right now though.
  11. that’s all well and good, but if they open up cruising like that and get 1 case of covid, it’s all but over for them. Just about everyplace that has opened up has seen spikes in their numbers. This may be because of increased testing, but if you get a spike like that on a cruise ship, you might as well put a spike thru the hull of the ship and sink it.
  12. Once they start back up I wonder how they'll decide which cruises to cancel and which ships will be retired. Cruise reservations are going to be screwed up for the foreseeable future. I doubt anybody’s reservation is guaranteed until maybe 2022. I’m not saying they won’t cruise before then, just that they’ll be jockeying things around until then.
  13. I wonder how that would work trying to put a few thousand people thru that line in a 2 to 3 hour window.
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