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  1. What drinks are available free on the allure WITHOUT purchasing any packages? I seem to remember from my last RCI cruise that they had water, fruit punch etc in machines near the windjammer available is that still the case? Just trying to see if beverages other than water would be available to me free without the beverage packages?
  2. HodgeNNicole

    View of the ships..

    Thanks we tentatively booked the Hilton Marina tower.
  3. HodgeNNicole

    View of the ships..

    I know this has probably been asked before.... What are the best hotels to watch the ships come in from. We are sailing out of Fort Lauderdale in May coming in the day before. Not only are we early risers but we are from the West Coast so with the time difference we should be up early and would like to be able to see the ships come into the port. Any suggestions on Hotels to be able to watch this??
  4. HodgeNNicole


    That was $100 cheaper than Disney. But the Allure trip we just booked was less than half the Disney trip as well.
  5. HodgeNNicole

    Drink Packages

    Thanks for all the help. So the soda package should be about $8.50 a day so about $60 for a week. Does that package go "on sale" as well.
  6. HodgeNNicole


    We just cruised on Disney and they had a couple of packages to buy the photos taken on the cruise. We just booked the Allure for next spring and were wondering if Royal has a similar pack for photos?
  7. HodgeNNicole

    Drink Packages

    This might have been asked before but.... We just booked the Allure for next spring can someone tell me the ballpark pricing for the soda package as well as the deluxe package? The one the includes bottled water and fresh OJ. We will have a couple of "adult drinks" but not enough to get the package.
  8. HodgeNNicole

    Travel from FLL to port with toddler

    I just did a bit of research and found out he will be of size and weight to use a booster. We will probably use that since they are small and light. We will also use it on the flight. We just got back from a disney cruise and we used a car seat on the flight which worked out well. and had adjoining cabins with extra space so it was easy to store on the ship. Next year we won't have the space nor will we have the long drive from the airport to the port so we are just planning ahead.
  9. Flying in pre cruise, need transportation ideas from FLL to hotel then from hotel to port. Here is the catch we have a 4 year old and don't want to bring a car seat. Easily would say Uber but without the car seat probably not the safest option. Any ideas????
  10. HodgeNNicole

    Port Arrival Time

    Thanks I chatted with Disney and the informed me to contact my travel agent that I booked with and have them book the Disney transfers when that was completed I got a message saying no PAT required.
  11. HodgeNNicole

    Port Arrival Time

    We are on the Fantasy leaving from Orlando. Flying in the night before and staying at the Hyatt at the airport planning on taking the Disney transfer bus to the ship. Am I correct in remembering if we are on the Disney transfers we don't need to sign up for a Port Arrival time? Our sailing just opened the online check in today and I was wondering.
  12. HodgeNNicole

    Turtles in Grand Caymen and Dolphins in Cozumel

    I have cruised many times and we really like to get off the ship with a basic idea of what we want to see or do then hire a van with a couple of other people or taxi and tell them our plan. I have always had good luck with a driver that will not only take us to what I wanted to see but also show us around and stop at other places that either locals know or that are less publicized but great to see. The smaller group makes it easier to stay shorter or longer any place. Now with a toddler involved I don't want to be on a much more expensive shore excursion when my little guys window of excitement comes to a close if you know what I mean. That is why I want to book it on our own. Sounds like the turtle farm and dolphins are close enough to the port that it won't be an issue to get transportation. We are probably going to pass on Dunns River Falls because of the hour drive. Any other ideas with our little guy would be great.
  13. Wd are traveling with our 3.5 year old in a few months and are interested in both these activities does anyone have any recommendations for these activities on our own not the excursions from the ship?
  14. HodgeNNicole

    Western Caribbean Port questions

    I am rethinking the falls for sure. Mainly for the drive there. I would not have him climb the falls for sure at that age. But I wanted to go and pop in and out of them with him. I am going to look into the dolphins in Cozumel though thanks.
  15. HodgeNNicole

    Online Registration opens in a couple of days....

    Thanks for all the tips. I am glad I chose the hotel. Now I will sign up for the Disney transfers to make life simple. And to remember to ask for a room on the airport side. I think we are arriving after 8 so by the time we get our bags and settle it will be time for bed anyway. To wake up rested and ready to go.