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  1. Thanks for the Drive by Capt BJ! I was thinking that it might be new and with the restrictions either no guests yet or not enough to review. I look forward to writing a review In 87 days when I am in one of these Hotels, not sleeping being excited to cruise the next day!!!!
  2. Anybody have any experience with this hotel? Travel Advisor has no reviews so iI was wondering if the location was real new or perhaps a recent name change?? Trying to choose between Radisson Resort at the Port, Country Inn and Suites, Hampton Inn or the Home2Suites.
  3. Thanks Capt_BJ exactly what we were looking for. Was thinking we might be able to walk to dinner and uber home or try one of your suggestions. All that is left now is that the country comes out of lock down in time for us to go!
  4. Couple of things what is the WOW bands that I have heard about? Are they available on the Harmony?
  5. We Started out on Princess in May, got cancelled, we moved to the Symphony in May, was cancelled, moved back to Princess for June 20, cancelled, now booked on the Harmony in August. If this one is cancelled we are calling it a year and will be booking for next year. Like you I am completely over reading everyone's "opinions" on what is best for mankind and the cruising industry. If I have to sit poolside in a mask I'm in. Might be tough to explain the crazy tan lines but oh well!! LOL We were on the Allure last last year and I remember going to the Pursers Office towards the end of the cruise and asking about the Diamond benefit and remember being upset about missing out but can't remember the details. LOL
  6. I am a Diamond level status and I thought I received some free internet time but can't remember. Anyway to get the best pricing, should we buy a package pre-sailing or wait till we board?
  7. Hoping to make the Aug cruise after being cancelled 3 times.... Last time we cruised out of Port Canaveral we stayed near the airport because we arrived close to midnight so just wanted a bed. This time we are arriving late afternoon the day prior. Looking at hotels near the port and it seems that the best deal I can find is for the Radisson Resort at the Port. Does anyone have any experience with the property or can you shed some light. Not looking for much other than a clean room and someplace for dinner. We were actually looking at Grills or fish lips . I would assume either a shuttle or quick uber ride could get us there or is it possible to walk?? Thanks for your help
  8. We just got canceled so thank you for all the good advice but it won't be needed now...... 😞
  9. We are stopping in San Juan and St Thomas. I have snorkeled at St Thomas and might again. I was just looking for additional options. Thanks for the chill Island advice.
  10. Can anyone tell us the best option for snorkeling between the two ports? We have our own snorkel gear so we don't necessarily need an excursion.
  11. The Intercontental is over $400/night and the YVE is $185 which was the main reason I was looking at the YVE. I can live with the small rooms we are going to be in a cabin for the whole week so what's 1 more night LOL. Just want to make sure it is safe and clean the rest is fine we were planning on using Uber/Lyft to get to and from the airport and the cruise port so shuttle/breakfast etc not that big of a deal.
  12. We are getting in Friday afternoon for a Sat departure. May 9 well fingers crossed anyway. Looking at a couple of hotel options. 1) Novotel Miami Brickell 2)YVE Hotel Miami 3)Hyatt Regency Miami YVE is across the street from Bayside market which is where we were thinking about going for dinner so leaning that way. Looking for any personal experience or recommendations please.
  13. Good afternoon all. We just booked the Symphony and will be stopping at both islands. I love to snorkel and was wondering if anyone could give me the inside scoop on where to go? I have my own stuff so I don't need to rent anything just point me in the right direction.
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