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  1. Well, we had a guide that both kept us on schedule while allowing us to make the most of each moment. If memory serves me correctly, the park takes about 3 hours, give or take a bit. Afterwards there is still time to enjoy a little shopping, lunch or whatever you would like.
  2. Oops.. I guess I am a little late now!! So sorry, didn't see this. But, to answer the question, no. I had taken dry clothes, and after we were done at the park I showered, put dry clothes on and we grabbed lunch. Thinking about going back in April!!!!
  3. I LOVE Xenses!! Most unique excursion yet!! Surprises around every corner. Kind of like Willie Wonka meets a water park, and so much more!! I highly recommend. We have been there twice!!
  4. Thanks for the high hopes!! Hopefully it will be shown, and hubby will be able to watch it at sea. (Better than box seats to me!!)
  5. So, didn't realize we had booked on the same day as the game. How can I find out if they will be showing it somewhere on the Mariner?
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