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  1. Celebrity Silhouette sails from London (Southampton) to the Fjords with a very nice 8 days itinerary (August 28th, 2020), which include all the highlights. Also a 7 days on May 9 & June 27, 2020. Silhouette is an amazing ship, and Geiranger and Flam are a must, IMHO.
  2. Eerie was exactly the word that came into my mind, and English is not my mother tongue, but this word is spot on. We left the 2nd day at 10PM, and, as mentioned, the sail away was also amazing. I've took this cruise mainly for HB, and I was rewarded 100%. And Dani is short of Daniela 😁
  3. After one cruise with X, you're entitled to one "upgrade" within same category, as mentioned above. My TA does it for me.
  4. Thanks, Jim, much appreciated. I was just puzzling over the Silkroad’s review (indeed, great as u said), wondering what was I missing 😳😳😳
  5. Thanks. I'll try to find them. At the time, given the very high prices for the Europe season, I didn't follow since I couldn't afford them. Luckily, Marilyn advertised that a 4 day "taster" is offered, and I've snatched it immediately. Still, the price for a 4 days cruise is exorbitant, but is "cheaper" than a 7 days cruise, with an itinerary I've already been to....
  6. I've stayed twice at Premier Inn West Quai, good value for money, walkable to pier (depending on the cruise line). We were with Princess and Royal.
  7. We've done this itinerary with the Millennium one year ago. The ship docked at noon, with an overnight. We took a private tour (with others from our roll call) on the 2nd day, at 9M, until 4PM. Fresh lunch was served. We were picked and returned from/to pier. We were 14 passengers and we "hit" all the interesting stops. It was a very enjoyable and satisfactory day. Ngoan Lee -- http://www.travelauthenticasia.com/
  8. And you did right. The sad news in the post were upsetting. Would you kindly post a link to Marilyn inaugural posts about Edge -- the "search" function is so useless... Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm offered bread I'm not interested in eating ? Just smile, say "no, thanks"😀 "
  10. Beautiful pics. My son is a keen windsurfer, and traveled all the way from Israel to surf on this tiny and beautiful island. I also remember the mounds of salt from his pics. Glad you've found a new destination to enjoy in your future cruises😍.
  11. So sad, I was following daily her posts about the Edge class. My sincere condolences to her husband and family. Dying peacefully in your sleep is a death I'm sure everyone wishes for -- but, as is the saying in the Jewish faith -- only when you're 120 years old.
  12. Thanks, we've done it a couple of months ago (switched at Acton Town), and indeed, was amazingly easy.... Only to arrive, I think, it was 2 stops before Victoria, and being "evacuated" from the train, and switched to another line, since this particular train stopped there....... Also, at Victoria, we saw a sign announcing that at the WE, when we were supposed to travel back to Heathrow, the District line will be closed, and we have to go through Green Park, which was a nightmare (on a Sunday morning, no less)..... The joys of travel, and I'm not in the least complaining. I absolutely love London.
  13. I intend to set up a "cash" account, and try the "Royal Caribbean" method. At the moment we're on #7244, but I'm on the lookout for another cabin - turns out this one is "obstructed". I'll let you know if I manage to change to another number. I know you're on a GTY, so just leave me a voice mail in the cabin.
  14. Thank you, yes, I did consider the train. I even considered to book the Premier Inn Waterloo, for the train which is supposed to be "more" direct. Taking into consideration the time it takes, and then, that we'll have to take a taxi to the pier (the ship is leaving at 4PM in our case), we decided to "splurge" for a "door-to-door" option. I'm willing to pay for comfort. On the other hand, we'll be using the tube from Heathrow to Victoria Station, since, for a mere 4 days cruise, we're travelling with carry on only.
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