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  1. It will be over in a couple of days.... there will be pressure from "above" to stop the hostilities. The 1st cruises are more than 3 weeks away -- an eternity in the Middle East... Beside, those cruises are ONLY for Israeli residents. We know the risks.
  2. Thanks, every one had a sleepless night, and during the day the shooting is mainly aimed at the south of the country. 6 deaths. If you take into account that more than 1000 missiles were fired, "Iron Dome" is doing an excellent job -- in the circumstances.... Reading is one of my favorite pastime. Being a small market, many many of the authors are not translated in Hebrew, and even in English many more do not "arrive". Susan is one of them. I've read the China Bayles and Robin Paige series. I'll look into the Dahlia series. I used to read many second hand b
  3. Thanks, we didn't even "explore" the "requirements" because, as I've mentioned, there is no point for us living in another country (even though I have an European passport), while our only family, 2 sons and 2 grandkids are here... A classic "catch 22" situation -- we can't live here and we can't leave too 😢
  4. Oh Sue, You so nailed it. I would leave tomorrow and DH too, and he was born here... We don't see any future in Israel, for the few years we have left, nor for our kids, and so painful -- for our grandkids. But we can't leave them. One of the reason we liked traveling, and cruising in particular, is that it enabled us, even though for a very limited period of time, to live a normal life, without fear, seeing youngsters being preoccupied with their NBA of NFL leagues games and not preparing themselves for 3 years of compulsory army ser
  5. The law about the necessity to build a shelter for every building/house is relatively new -- ~20 years old. I wish it to end NOW, but I understand that the country cannot accept being bombed whenever the other side decides to do it... Nevertheless, the BIG difference between "us" and "them", something which is not stressed enough in the media reports, is that "we" give notice of 30 minutes when the air force will strike, and are bombing empty buildings, whereas "us" rush to safety with seconds in notice....
  6. 3.40AM It's going to be a loooong and white night, might as well spend it here, instead of the shelter... Odyssey just came for 2 days, in order to get supplies. She then went to Cyprus, because the taxes there are lower. It was reported that she'll be back periodically, for supplies. Beginning of June, the 1st cruises are about to start.....
  7. There was only one siren in Modi'in at ~9PM. All OK. My son lives not far from the new Palace senior complex. Since he moved there, we're joking that we'll move to the Senior complex too... One casualty from a direct hit in Rishon Le-Zion. A lady who preferred to watch from the garden.... It's 3AM here, we just got out from the shelter... I had to wake DH. I can't sleep anyway...
  8. No way. DS1 got it from somewhere and sent it to us... The moment the siren was sounded [I was just on my phone with my cousin in Germany, who too was worried about us], I've fetched DH into the shelter room. He was not happy, leaving his phone somewhere and wanting it with him, but I had mine, and would you believe it... a small transistor, which DH has kept from his reserve army service. For the 2nd siren, he was sure to have his phone with him 😉 Sadly, that's the situation in many old buildings. They go to the stairs.... Public shelters are open, but
  9. "Iron Dome" doing it's best to intercept the huge amount of missiles launched at the same time. From the left side, those are "Iron Dome"' anti-missiles ... VID-20210511-WA0024.mp4 VID-20210511-WA0025.mp4
  10. It's not even an Celebrity ship. It's Royal's Odyssey of the Seas, brand new ship.
  11. Odyssey will start sailing beginning of June. Until then I'm sure this unfortunate situation will be behind us. Wars in the Middle East are short...
  12. Thanks. The 130 missiles fired to Tel Aviv and surroundings is without precedent. We never in Hertzlia spent more than a few minutes in the shelter. Just to think that yesterday was just a regular day [regular for Israel, that is], and now we are at WAR 😢
  13. Thanks, Dave, spot on. We just got out of the shelter room, we're supposed to be within a few second away from it, so I'm sitting on my computer, reading CC. IT's A BIG HELP, 🙏
  14. The cruises out of Israel and back are for Israeli residents ONLY.
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