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  1. Hubby puts his in his pocket. I use a very small purse. No lanyards.
  2. I keep the card in a small purse, along with comb, tissues, lipstick, etc....don't usually have my phone around the ship, but do take it ashore, and my key hasn't "demagnetized".
  3. If you need help getting on the ship, they have wheelchairs to get you onto the ship. You can't use them for the duration of the cruise, but it may be helpful for arriving at the ship, and departing on the day you go home. Give them a call and tell them you will need assistance. If you feel you may need a wheelchair or scooter ON the ship, then there are rental companies that deal with this all the time. The actual boarding process is not strenuous at all, tho.
  4. Consider the price of the cabin to be double the "per person" price....that's just the way it is!
  5. The lowest passenger decks is NOT the lowest deck, by any means. Crew is below you and then crew space and storage, then the engine room is at the bottom. You won't hear "engine noises" on any passenger decks! We try to choose our deck level based on where we will be during the daytime hours, as that is when you will be doing most of your "back and forth" to the cabin. Being able to easily access your daytime places via stairs is much faster than waiting on elevators!
  6. Make sure you put it on 30 mins. prior to sun exposure. Many folks wait until they're in the sun to apply. It takes 30 mins. to really start protecting you. 30 mins of unprotected exposure can do a number on you, especially in the Caribbean! Put it on in your cabin, before you head out for the day. 1 Oz per adult, every 2 hours.
  7. Simply don't try to be "first off". If you wait 30 mins, the crowds will die down...and it's more relaxing!
  8. Just buy some Keyed MasterLocks....any hardware store/section will have them. One key opens all the locks in the package. They are not those cheap luggage locks that come with some suitcases....these are REAL keyed locks. There is not a law that says locks have to be TSA accessible. I refuse to use a lock that others have a key for....makes no sense. If they want into my bags, they can call me, or cut off the lock....but then I'll know, won't I?
  9. We've never needed to hang stuff on the walls... don't see the point at all!
  10. You may tip the headwaiter, too. He is part of the "pre-paid" or "daily" tips.
  11. It's a bit like Carnivals Faster to the Fun program. Not exactly, but similar. You pay a fee, and get some extra "benefits" and a feeling of exclusivity..... Check on the RCI forums for details....I believe there are a few threads discussing it.
  12. I've gotten flight cancellation notices without any options..but a phone call will work, so call your airline!
  13. I agree, Voyager Class is my favorite, too! Food and service do seem to vary a bit from ship to ship....that will happen on every cruise line, though.
  14. Just know that in most ship's bathrooms (non-suite), all of your "primping" (makeup/hair, etc...) will need to be done in the cabin, at the vanity. Ship bathrooms have little space for that sort of thing. The only plug in the bath is low wattage for electric razors...not suitable for curling irons or hair dryers, etc... Whatever sq. footage is listed for the cabin INCLUDES that bathroom space!
  15. You can bring pretty much any food item ONTO the ship, but only pre-packaged stuff is allowed back off. Anything you don't eat will need to be disposed of unless it's factory packed. Ice water can be gotten anywhere on the ship...every single bar and eating venue will give you ice water upon request.
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