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  1. The aft and bow cabins can experience more motion than something midships....think of a see-saw. The ends move more than the middle. If you're after scenery, you will want to be OUT AND ABOUT the ship....there's stuff to see EVERYWHERE. Don't limit yourself to your balcony!
  2. Lots of folks bring their own....uninflated, they take up next to no space. Much cheaper than renting!
  3. Depends what you're taking to the beach! We take ID, towels, sunscreen, book, a credit card (not the one linked to our shipboard account) and some cash. ID, ships card, and cash can get wet...doesn't hurt a thing. No one wants the ship's towels, or my ratty paperback or our shorts or flip flops. We leave them on our spot on the beach. The rest goes into hubby's velcroed pocket on his swim trunks.
  4. Yes...there is a big size difference between a JS and a normal balcony cabin. A JS is about 1/3 as large in the cabin, and because it's wider than a balcony cabin, the balcony is also wider. And, because of the TUB in the bathroom, it's also larger than a standard bath. As a solo traveler, a normal balcony is perfectly FINE for 1 person.
  5. How about just asking for a GLASS of ice water? That would save tons of plastic AND waste metal.
  6. Not a fan of Radiance class....would prefer Voyager/Freedom class. I remember the days when crew outnumbered passengers...and that's how it should be, for the best experience.
  7. I believe the connecting CLS's connect to the ROYAL CS.....which is much pricier than what you're thinking of staying in.
  8. Just tell them you want the cabin you booked...or something BETTER....Period.
  9. You don't have to attend....it's not a "ship wide" thing! Don't think Princess or Celebrity have it on a regular basis. Carnival, RCI and NCL have karaoke....but it's only in one small area.
  10. All you need is their reservation # to "link" your bookings. That's all! You can do it in advance....but, you all must have the same type of dining.....either you all must have MTD, or early or late traditional seating. If that's not the case, one of you will need to be "wait-listed" for the desired seating. At any rate, they will do their best to get you what you want.
  11. Well...a bird in the hand......they are there to make money...and apparently the charter booked the entire ship. You wouldn't want to be the "odd man out" on a chartered cruise, would you?
  12. If you're giving your kids the gift of traveling...then go for it! They will love you for it.
  13. Ice cream...the real stuff, not frozen yogurt, is available nightly in the dining room for dessert.
  14. When you board, if the beds aren't the way you want, tell your cabin attendant...they will fix it before bedtime. If you want a different dining time, go to the dining room around 2pm...there will be someone there to take your request. 99% of the time, you will get what you desire...they want you to be happy.
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