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  1. cb at sea


    First...once you introduce yourselves, you may find you aren't "strangers" anymore! We really enjoy tablemates! It makes dining much more fun! But, most lines are getting away from shared dining. If you wish to eat alone, they will do their best to accommodate you.
  2. cb at sea

    Which Caribbean?

    The Caribbean is all about the beaches...but there are other things to do, including using the ship on port days, when the crowds aren't there! I would do a bit of research on your potential ports, see which ones have the "history/culture/shopping" , etc that you would enjoy, and book accordingly. You are right that a beach is a beach....but each country will have it's own "flavor".
  3. cb at sea

    RCI Pay day at Coco Cay

    YEs, you may bring your small kids to the cabanas.....I don't know why they say that, as if a cabana is an "active" excursion, which it's not. It's just another bit of confusion by RCI and their writing staff.
  4. cb at sea

    Carry On Luggage

    No..the hallway doors are closed until the cabins are ready. Just don't carry-on more than you can handle!
  5. cb at sea

    Symphony of the seas dining

    Contact your TA or RCI (if you booked directly thru the cruise line), and ask to be put on a "waitlist" for whichever dining time you'd like. If you don't get what you want PRIOR to sailing, head to the dining room on boarding day (usually around 2pm) and talk to the Maitre'D.....they want you to be happy, and will do all they can to get you what you'd like.
  6. cb at sea

    Current price of Labadoozie?

    You don't have to get the souvenir cup, but you'll probably have to go to a bar for a regular cup...the roving waiters usually only have the more expensive souvenir cups. They should cost the same as on the ship.....prices change frequently.
  7. cb at sea

    Time for tendering

    The ride is only about 5-8 mins. It does take some time to fill a tender, when everyone is coming and going. if you wait until the "crowds" are gone, they start going back and forth about every 15 or 20 mins...whether it's a full tender or not. We generally let the first couple of tenders go....and then hop on the next one!
  8. It really depends on your kids, and the independence you've been teaching them. I was babysitting at 12 years old....so was my daughter....no problem being in a room close to me. Even if it's not connecting, it's probably closer than their bedrooms are to you at home! You have to lay down the ground rules, and know your kids will do as you say.
  9. cb at sea

    Coco Cay??

    The drink menu may be a bit more limited, but you can get pretty much anything...probably don't have ALL the liquor brands...but it will do! Your drink package (if you bought one) will work on the private beaches.
  10. cb at sea

    How Formal is Formal in Caribbean?

    There really are no "formal" nights anymore, even tho they still say there are Since the airlines started charging an arm and leg for bags, people have gotten less and less "formal". Nice slacks and shirt for men, same for women, or a sundress, skirt, etc....is more than fine. You will not be denied entry to the MDR in anything except gym shorts and "wife-beater" shirts.
  11. cb at sea

    Sea pass card question

    If you want to use cash, that's fine. When you've boarded, you'll go to customer service and put a bit of money onto your account. If you spend it all, they will notify you so you can put more onto the account. The easiest way is to use a CREDIT card...no "holds"....they will "link" the card to your account and NOTHING is actually CHARGED to the card until the cruise is over. You can go and pay it off in cash, if you want to, before the cruise is over. DEBIT cards are the mess...they DO incur major holds...which is dependent on your bank....it's not the cruise line that places holds..it's the bank. It can mess up your checking account. I would NEVER, EVER recommend a debit card on vacation...anywhere, at any time. If all you have is a debit card, simply bring the cash instead. No "holds" for cash! You will have a safe to store cash.
  12. cb at sea


    I don't know about that....since the shows revolve around the 2 traditional seating times, it's easier to have an assigned time and be able to make the shows nightly. Early seating goes to the AFTER dinner shows....Late seating see the show BEFORE dinner. At times, there will be "late night adult" shows, which anyone can make, since ALL dinner service is finished.
  13. cb at sea

    Very new to cruising, need pointers please.

    A cruise is a vacation...that's all! Go to an area that might be "vacation-y" for you! Remember that ship cabins are MUCH smaller than standard hotel rooms...so you might want 2 cabins....one for parents, one for kids! Bathrooms are teeny, so only 1 at a time can fit and accomplish anything. Are you wanting ports, or ship experience? That's something to think about. If it's about the ship...take a cruise on a newer, bigger ship. If it's about the ports, even an older ship will fill the bill. Which ports will depend on you and what you're interested in.
  14. cb at sea

    What to do in Fort Lauderdale for a day

    The Everglades can kill a bunch of time. I'd prefer a hotel day room, so I could use the pool or beach..then shower and get ready for a flight! I really hate trying to "kill time"...it's stressful, for me. Compare the cost of excursion vs. hotel vs. taking an earlier flight. Pick the least expensive!
  15. cb at sea

    Riviera Deck

    Really no "cons" unless you are adverse to using the elevator a lot! There are decks below you....for crew, storage, offices, and below those, is the engine room. We like a deck closest to where we spend our DAYTIME hours, as that seems to be when we do the most back and forth to the cabin. Using stairs is faster than waiting on elevators. I think 10 flights of stairs is a bit much!