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  1. Lifeboat covers are just below deck 7...and can be seen from all decks above.....the higher you are, the less it appears to block your "straight down" view. You will be able to see the water, just not the "hull" of the ship. There are some "extended" balconies on deck 7, but you lose some balcony privacy, since the dividers don't extend as far as the balcony!
  2. And a bathtub/shower in the bathroom...makes the bathroom roomier.....and a balcony that is wider than a standard cabin.
  3. They seem to consider this a "bribe" rather than a tip for good service. Ask for what you want, and it will be done. Show your appreciation on the last evening of the cruise, as is customary.
  4. Just wait until this whole thing passes...then you can start booking again....this won't go on forever.
  5. Stick those refunds in some high-interest account....and count yourself lucky! Cruising will resume one day, but it's not gonna be soon, I'm afraid! Keep pocketing your savings!
  6. If waves were "crashing" against the ship, you would know it. What you're hearing is the wind....which is somewhat magical in it's own right.
  7. The cruise lines have NO cash....they've refunded all the cash they have. When they start accepting reservations again, the cash will come back....hopefully. The cash they take from YOU for your next cruise is paying the bills they incurred LAST month...that's how business works most of the time. Be patient.
  8. You will love the space of a JS.....so comfortable...without that "suite" price!
  9. A LONG time ago....not great quality....and the sizing seems small. I usually wear a small in everything...or a 4 in pants....but NOT in their stuff!
  10. If you want a comfy flip-flop, TELIC has fantastic ones! There is great arch support, and they don't hurt my heels. I, too, am a sufferer of Plantar Fasciitis.......and I can wear these things ALL day, every day...and I do!
  11. There are only SO many ports...and most ships leave on Sat. or Sun......unless they're 3-4 day trips.
  12. Cover 19 isn't going ANYWHERE......it will become less and less of an issue, over time....sort of like Influenza has become.
  13. Driving, it's 1423 Km from Ft. lauderdale Fl.....so a flight would almost be a necessity, unless you have TONS of time!
  14. A cruise ship comes NOWHERE near the "germyness" of an elementary school!
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