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  1. cb at sea

    Traveling with a 7 month old ...??

    Google your ports, along with "transportation". Many places have buses, so you won't need a car seat.
  2. cb at sea

    hot water for tea

    You can get HOT water from the dispenser in the WJ....that's the best way. If you order it in a dining room, it's cooled way too much to make a proper cup of tea. Bring a nice, insulated mug, and have at it! Put the teabag in the cup, and run the hot water over it. It will do for 1 week!
  3. I don't think it's just RCI who has lowered their standards....all of the mainstream lines are cutting back on everything that made a cruise a "special" experience. Can you still have a great vacation? Sure! Is it the same as it used to be? Nope.
  4. cb at sea

    9 night on Grandeur. Grand Suite

    Night 2 is ALWAYS the 1st formal night...not that many adhere to the dress suggestion anymore.
  5. He'll be in the 12 and 13 year old group. Definitely, he needs to go when EVERYONE is "new". If they find he's not mature enough, they may allow him to step down, but I doubt that will be needed.
  6. cb at sea

    Beverage Package

    You can buy any drink "as you go" if you'd rather not buy a package. If you won't be drinking all day long, it may be cheaper to go "a la carte".
  7. cb at sea

    Rental car companies forbid Road to Hana?

    It said our vehicle wasn't supposed to go on the RTH, but we did....wasn't as "rough" as it's made out to be....except for a few spots. This is a FULL DAY trip, tho....so unless you have an entire day to kill, there are plenty of other things to do in Maui!!! If you damage your vehicle there, you will be charged for it!
  8. cb at sea

    1 day stay in Maui

    You can drive most of the island in a day....I'd recommend a guidebook, to see what interests YOU the most! You cannot, for instance, do the Road to Hana and anything else in one day.....Maui is a beautiful place....get familiar with it, before you decide HOW to spend your short time there! We spent 10 days, and still didn't see everything!
  9. cb at sea


    I like, in order, #3 and #5!
  10. cb at sea

    food at CocoCay

    Everything except the "straw market" can be charged to your account....just like on the ship. The ship provides the food....it's a BBQ...with chicken, ribs, burgers and hot dogs....all the sides...beans, potato salad, slaw, etc....fruit, desserts.....and the included drinks, like lemonade or fruit punch. ' Just like on the ship, alcohol and soda is extra. If you have a drink package, it works there! They are "upgrading" Coco Cay, so depending on WHEN you go, there may be other food options that will cost...but again, it can be charged to your account. Who knows when this "upgrade" will be completed....they are working on "island" time!
  11. cb at sea

    Toddler at CocoCay

    All of the beach access points are calm and shallow...anywhere is fine! Wander about ....the 1st beach will be the most crowded....Coco Cay isn't huge and it's a great place for wading and splashing!
  12. cb at sea

    Need an advice

    Bad stuff can happen anywhere. You are safer on a ship than on the USA interstate systems! You are more likely to be struck by lightening than being on a sinking ship!
  13. cb at sea

    Shore excursion questions

    If you are dead-set on only booking thru the ship, then book as soon as you see what you want. There is no "downside" to early booking. If something better comes along, you can cancel and rebook something else! In the meantime, research your ports! You may find that it's not necessary to book thru the ship OR a 3rd party at all! Some things are quite doable on your own....just so you know! It's rare for them to cancel an excursion, especially in Alaska....and IF it should happen, they will have plenty of others to choose from!
  14. cb at sea

    Deboarding/Reboarding in departure port

    Yes, you can do that....you just need to rebound in time for Muster....
  15. If you're on the 2nd tender...it's about a 15-20 min delay...not a huge deal. Ask the concierge for tender tickets if it's really needed.