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  1. Seaweed and jellyfish are tide dependent.....what has happened in years past won't predict what your cruise time might be.
  2. As stated, it's exactly like any other of that category. If you're in an aft cabin, they will be only a few steps away. Nothing special about it!
  3. There isn't much "privacy" in a JS. Yes, the cabin is larger, but it's still one space, aside from the bathroom and closet. JS's do not get the "suite" perks except for priority boarding, and can request CK seating if there is a Coastal Kitchen on your ship.
  4. And ALWAYS make sure your WATCH is set to the same time as the ship's clocks...and there are clocks at EVERY exit! Don't rely on your cell phone, as it will be showing LOCAL time, which may not be the same as SHIP'S time!
  5. If you want to, you can. The kid's club employees are not "service employees"...they are trained and don't rely on tips, unlike your wait staff and room attendants.
  6. Separate credit cards or separate accounts is the way to go. It's not a problem!
  7. On MOST ships, the elevators and stairs are in a FOYER...so the potential "noise" is contained in that space. The elevators do NOT open into a cabin hallway in most cases. Tell us the ship and deck and we can give more help!
  8. There are PLENTY of loungers...but they ALL can't be beside the pool! The ones closest to the pool are so tightly packed, you have to climb into them from the foot of the chair....you will know your next-door lounge chair neighbor better than your spouse after about 15 mins..... Go up a deck, where there is less crowding and noise. You can walk down the stairs, take a dip and lie out in comfort on deck up!
  9. Lord have mercy...what do you think? Every sailing has a full-house the week prior...all sorts of things go on! Are you worried about a nudist group? Someone leaving a "butt-print" on a chair? Honestly...nudists are less offensive than most! You have NO idea what might have happened in your cabin....by anyone! Chill out. Bring your lysol wipes if you must. Go on your cruise....or don't. You can't control what others do...and it's probably best you don't dwell on it!
  10. Generally, HC cabins are NOT avail. to the public, until a certain time. If they haven't been booked, they will release them to the public. If you book it, and it becomes needed, they are likely to move you....but most HC folks will book WELL in advance. If the cabin is open for booking, it's not a crime.
  11. We never travel anywhere without a goodly amount of cash. There is a safe in the cabin to store it. We take abut $100 ashore (smaller bills) unless we KNOW we will be buying something pricey. We take 2 credit cards....one for the ships account, and that one NEVER leaves the ship...it resides in the safe. The other we will take ashore if we need to. At beaches, we carry enough cash for renting chairs/umbrella, then any excess is slipped into the page of my old paperback book. While in the water, we keep an eye on our stuff, but don't obsess over it...no one wants your clothes, flip-flops or old book.
  12. A guidebook on the Caribbean will give you "safety" info on all the islands. You will not be in danger...at least, no more than you are anywhere at home! You won't be straying off the tourists paths...and there will be other cruisers and vacationers all about!
  13. If I'm going "all out", then so is hubby! It's just the way it should be, and for us, it is!
  14. You can "unstitch" most pockets....they sew them closed to keep the lines of the pants neat. If there is actually a pocket there...just run a seam cutter through those threads!
  15. We don't really have a preference....but we sure do enjoy table mates!
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