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  1. I have an acquaintance who, on a whim, auditioned to be an extra on the first "remake" of Planet of the Apes being filmed over at the Pinnacles in Trona. He got hired as a "human" and absolutely loved the experience. Being the networking little fool that he is, it wasn't long before he was acting regularly and had enough speaking parts to be accepted into SAG. He even lasted through the writer's strike. He's been in two or three of the Pirates films and showed up regularly in the old HBO series Deadwood. He wouldn't take too kindly to reality "stars" being members of SAG. I don't imagine any SAG member would appreciate it.
  2. I suppose ad libbing something vs. being handed a script and asked to memorize the lines is different. I'm sure SAG (Screen Actors Guild, the union) would be screaming if they thought reality show contestants were in the same category as actors.
  3. I found another photo in the Miami Herald. There's an infant in the lap of one of the adults in the bottom right. The Herald's photo is pulled out so you can see more detail. Imagine climbing on that little boat with your baby. 😪
  4. This gave me pause: The virus increased demand for certain goods and services—medical care, testing equipment, hand sanitizer, drugs and vaccines, ventilators, PPE and tombstones. I agree that we have an insatiable desire to spend everything we have on everything we can. I've been watching online advertising shift back to perfume, clothing and all those goods and services we're convinced we can't live without. The second half of the article gives me hope both for our nation as an employer (better benefits for part-time employees) and as a people as we learn to listen to the SMEs our government employs to keep its citizens safe and our economies chugging along smartly.
  5. This is the first time I've ever heard "Coast Guard" and "manifest" in the same sentence.
  6. "...but cautioned that the cruise industry would have to backstop their venture to resume operations." What does this mean? Also, the article wasn't bad, but when he quoted a vlogger as a source, I had to throw in the towel. I need real journalism, which is rare on this board. I looked up "backstop." I get it now.
  7. Nope. If Carnival violated federal law, these victims are witnesses, too.
  8. Maybe you could have posted your complaint in this thread.
  9. What is this "leaving the US waters" thing you're talking about? If you're a stockholder, vote.
  10. To the OP, I love Amazing Race and only realized it was back on when I stopped in at CC a couple days ago. I met Colin and Kristie in Austin last year and was just in awe at how kind they seemed. I was rooting for them on their most recent season, though I loved all three final teams.
  11. It was devastating when the US pulled their bases from the PI. Those bases employed hundreds of locals, not to mention the impact the US military had on the surrounding economy. I worked with so many from the PI and I love them all. Pancit. Now I want pancit. And lumpia!
  12. I'm not just calling out you, Marc. There are others. Here's an example of arrogant Americans. My brother is standing here in his street (Bantry). His home is one of the row houses you see behind him. In the second photo, his home is toward the middle right and you can see that his view in back is of the sea and beyond. If you look through any of those front windows, you can see straight through the house and out the back windows to the beautiful view God gave them. On a particular day, Tom was in his back room and went to the kitchen for a drink. The kitchen window looks to the street. He found a woman standing outside at his kitchen window with a camera up to her eye trying for that window-to-window shot of the sea. When Tom got into her photo, she tried to wave him away. He's in his own house and this woman is exasperated that he ruined her picture. He opened his door and asked where she was from. "Why I'm from Texas!" He then blasted her, saying he was from America, too, and she ought to go right back home if she thinks she owns the place and could act that way in a country not her own. Actually, he used the Irish forms of cussing, which most Americans would find horrifying and I'm sure she did, too. No question in my mind that Americans are being seen as ugly, thoughtless, arrogant and dangerous to other nations. When we most have to rely on each other to stay safe and healthy, Americans are the ones to push back on anything we don't like. We're horrible guests and it makes me ashamed of where I'm from right now.
  13. I'm the opposite of you with regard to lines. When I've had my fill of the whining on the mass market CC forums, I like to come over here to read a more thoughtful and measured response to the same concerns. I'll be dogged if Americans aren't just the same no matter what line they sail (or what demographic they cling to). "We want what we want when we want it and screw the poor buggers in the rest of the world. Sucks to be them." River cruise or not, if the host country asks cruisers to follow health and safety protocols, I'm disgusted when anyone pushes back or, worse, devises workarounds. To see those shenanigans on this board makes me just shake my head in wonder at our insufferable arrogance as a nation.
  14. I'm really surprised to see the numbers of cruisers here who are flailing against the ship's excursion requirements. I thought those who sailed Crystal and lines like it were of a more educated and understanding lot. Y'all sound just like some over on the mass market boards: But I HAVE to explore on my own. I MUST have my way. CRUISING IS RUINED FOREVER!! Buncha whiners.
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