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  1. Tyler was on the Splendor alongside Lee Mason the last we saw him. We sailed with Tyler and Lee for a total of 21 days. I really liked Tyler and expect he'll make CD someday.
  2. I apologize if you felt I was singling out you or anyone else on this thread. That wasn't my intention.
  3. Not devoted. It's just close. I don't have to fly if we cruise out of Long Beach, San Pedro or San Diego. Cruising from a port we have to fly to takes so much more logistics. And cash.
  4. Cold Guy's burger, cold pizza, wilted salad, stale cake. Do you see a trend here?
  5. Finally caught up with another great Jeff review!! Thanks so much for taking us along!
  6. Mostly people are indeed dressed appropriately in the photos. I just noticed jeans on one person and an untucked shirt on another. That's considered formal wear on Carnival.
  7. If I may, mass market cruisers are used to rushing to be first in line for anything and everything. Looking at those line-up photos I noticed some folks dressed like they do on mass market lines. I'd expect that was the issue. It's been said here before that certain sailings attract new-to-Crystal cruisers and I suspect this was one of those. In any case, this Crystal neophyte is looking forward to being amazed by everything Crystal in less than a month!
  8. So many stingrays jumping at Cabo San Lucas A dolphin pod of maybe a thousand cruising off the coast of Baja Breaching humpback whales at Cabo San Lucas Staring into the sea from the Lido deck, I spotted first a huge sunfish and moments later a hammerhead shark. Again off the coast of Baja Flying fish Sea birds as well as land birds way out at sea Puffins in Alaska Sea otters in Alaska Humpbacks bubble feeding in Alaska Killer whales in Alaska Bear and Dall's sheep in Alaska That's all I can think of right now...
  9. As for stylish women in urban centers, we visited Manhattan a few years ago. I thought I had brought some lovely outfits, but I felt like a milk maid next to many of the women I saw. They were dressed so beautifully!
  10. This happened to us. Our local DMV wasn't quite sure of the procedures so it ended up that my husband and I both had to send in additional documentation to prove residency. We each provided one document and not the required two documents when we got our REAL ID licenses.
  11. I'm just curious, so bear with me. If you are on an excursion and you come back to the bus or shuttle, do you take the same seat or mix it up on each leg of the journey?
  12. For me, I'd plan on two laundry days mid-cruise. I'd bring 5 pair of pants, mixed any way you like, and probably 8 or 9 shirts. The khakis could be slipped on just for dinners, then back into jeans. When I pack for a long cruise, I always end up throwing more clothes in. I tell myself every time that I'm going to stop overpacking for long cruises, but I break my own rule.
  13. I was 10 years from retiring from the Navy at 50 years old. I could run, bike, do sit-up and push-ups, hit the elliptical. Fifty is the new 30.
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