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  1. I'm still waiting for Carnival to open a 420 lounge. On the Panorama. Out of Long Beach. I'm in.
  2. After this, butter pats might be coming back. But, would people know how to use the tongs to serve themselves? Uh, no.
  3. It's not like they're receiving any income right now. Of course they have to use their cash reserves.
  4. I'm guessing October. If our economy is in the shitter through October, cruising will probably be the last thing we'll be worried about.
  5. I've been letting my hair grow out, mostly because my appointment was last Saturday and it was of course cancelled until further notice. So, each morning I play with it a bit and make it look a little different. DH is now working from home, so he's commented on how nice I look each day. What woman doesn't want to hear that? This morning I worked on my hair, put a little foundation on and one of my nicer tops. I got the response I'd hoped for from DH. 🙂
  6. I would expect the entire industry to reset. These giant builds may be a thing of the past. So, the changes I expect are higher prices and smaller ships. Maybe cruising will go back to the holiday of the rich and famous.
  7. This morning I thought I'd go to the Crystal website and check out pricing for future cruises. I logged in and when I saw my Crystal Society number on the website, I checked the card Crystal sent in the Welcome package. Sure enough, the numbers are different. It can only happen to me! 🤣
  8. In today's mail I received an envelope from Crystal that included our Crystal Society cards and some information about our CS membership. We'd completed our first Crystal cruise last November. I told DH, "I have never dealt with such a classy company in my entire life." I just love Crystal! OK, back to your COVID prepping...
  9. I just can't believe the attitudes of cruisers. It's both infuriating and laughable.
  10. A petition. Just what the staff needs. Hope you all make it home in one piece sans any little viral hitchhikers.
  11. http://www.zydecocruiser.net/zc_cruise_page.htm He used to post here regularly. You might find the menus on his website if you dig around. He's pretty thorough with his reviews.
  12. You cancelled before Carnival cancelled? You might get your money back and you might not. You can try disputing, but the credit card company may side with Carnival. Don't ask us, ask Carnival.
  13. I have asthma and I fall into a risk category. We don't sail until October, so I'm going to go right on planning this cruise as if nothing is changing. If things are still completely fouled up in October, we probably have a lot more things to worry about than going on a cruise.
  14. My husband and I had stuck with Carnival for 5 or 6 cruises before we branched out to Princess. I'd been very curious about a more refined experience and reading CC made me even more determined to branch out. We've cruised Carnival the most, but have tried 4 other lines and counting.
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