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  1. I had measles when I was a kid. I got to stay home from school for a whole week!
  2. Good to know. I wonder if the OP can visit guest services to see if they can get an exception to disembark early.
  3. I think self-assist gets off before anyone else, including FttF.
  4. If you ordered an Uber, you'd have to wait for the car to arrive then find you. Do you want to wait for that?
  5. I'd do it if you self-assist and take a waiting cab. When are you sailing?
  6. fyree39


    Do you cruise often on Carnival, NCL, Royal or Princess? Do you want the same attitudes about dress, seat saving and line cutting to be seen all over Crystal? I'd really love to enjoy a cruise on a line without the thoughtlessness I see on the mass market lines. I'm hoping to find this on Crystal, but your post is leading me to believe Crystal is really no different than any other line when it comes to passenger mix.
  7. fyree39


    So, in other words, yours was a troll post, which is also against the guidelines of CC. Thanks for your honesty.
  8. fyree39


    This is the attitude on all the mass market cruise lines I've frequented. I'm going on Crystal because I'm hoping the attitude displayed above is left at the pier.
  9. Yikes! She looks like she might have CP. I am so happy these two fine fellows were there to save her life. Good for them!
  10. This is different from the VIFP loyalty program.
  11. My DH turned "25" on our last Carnival cruise. He received 25% of his base fare as OBC, a white cruise card, and I think that's it.
  12. As always, this is another wonderful review. I hope you're feeling better. That was a nasty break!
  13. You could probably swing an Azamara or Oceania cruise. I'd look there. You'd probably want to stay away from all the mass market lines.
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