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  1. I remember a game board that I liked along with the Tervis tumbler and coffee mug. I didn't care for the night light only because I don't use them. If it's something that I don't really care for, I have 9 grandkids that love this stuff or I just leave it on board.
  2. I don't give a hoot about the lanyard and will leave it behind. I do appreciate the free stuff Carnival throws our way. To take it home and throw it away is a waste. I'll leave it behind or gift it to a tablemate if it's something I don't care for.
  3. We'll be going back out there in September for an Imagination cruise. I wonder if we should plan on getting there around 10:30 the way you did. I'd be pissed if we got there early and was told to go to another lot or to come back in 90 minutes.
  4. This happened to us. We showed up at 11:30 for our 12:00 check-in and was told by a port employee that the garage wouldn't be open until noon. He at first directed us to park along the curb to wait for the garage to open, but his boss came out and told him to move the few of us that were waiting. It's a complete mess and Carnival needs to address it. If the first check-in time is noon, parking should be available earlier. The excuse is the previous cruisers have taken up all the parking in the garage. Yeah, well, when they start disembarking self-assist at 7:30 in the morning, I'm quite confident there will be plenty of spots open by 11:30. I need to find a public area (grocery store?) near the terminal where we can sit and wait for the garage to open. There is construction along the 710 exit ramp to the port, but the signage is still very clear as to where you need to go to get to the port.
  5. You were on the Mariner nearly 15 years ago. You aren't comparing apples to apples either.
  6. DH and I rode bikes through a rainforest outside Skagway. It was amazing! No way in hell would I fly over a glacier. *bawk, bawk, bawk*
  7. I've read a few of your posts. I'd say you'll fit in perfectly around here. I loved your "no one over 25 would cruise on a mega ship" post. Nice one.
  8. If I didn't have a lot of pain I think I'd go. I'd be real careful, though: No swimming, so strenuous excursions. And, yeah, showering would be a pain.
  9. Oh, nice! I have 3 cruises to pay off and all of them will leave a few dollars on a $100 or $500 gift card. Thanks for the help. 🙂
  10. Thank you for this detailed review. I'm just not sure I'm interested in sailing on these remodeled and over-passengered ships. Reports like yours help me to make this type of decision.
  11. Let's say I owe $486 on a cruise and I buy a $500 gift card. I send the card's information to my TA and she applies the payment. What happens to the extra $14?
  12. Yes, there will still be trivia, karaoke, and so forth. The Halloween activities will be in addition to the regular stuff.
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