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  1. I swear I saw something today that Hawaii is closing to tourism again. It could have been an old article since I didn't actually read it. That would be a legitimate reason to cancel a cruise. My TA said she'd be extremely surprised if any October cruise goes. I agree with her.
  2. I bought this maybe 7 years ago and always wanted to replace it. I've never seen this slogan in the gift shop since I bought this. Do you have a favorite Carnival T shirt? This is quite faded, but there's no way I'm getting rid of it.
  3. Perhaps I should have spelled it out more clearly. The panel and discussion might give an idea of what cruising will look like when it resumes.
  4. https://covidsciencesummit.com Arnold Donald will be on the panel. Anyone can watch, so check this out. I'm not sure I will, but this might interest many of you, as well as possibly answer questions as to when cruising will resume. Mods: delete or move post as needed. Thx
  5. Pricing has been driven down over the past 10 years. I see the pricing going back up to more realistic levels. I think that in itself will drive out many cruisers. The smaller ships will provide a more affordable choice for people with disposable income.
  6. No. I'm concerned about NOT being bumped. I'm hoping the line gives passengers the option of rescheduling or cancelling for these first few weeks as things open up.
  7. Blind people can tell if you're smiling when you talk. We can, too. Easy peasy.
  8. Well, IMO he's doing the right thing. However, it will be interesting to see the reaction from the general population. I hope people comply, but with anything mandatory comes a lot of push-back.
  9. I would love to experience an AI, but not in Mexico, where they all seem to be. I don't want to go to Hawaii, another AI place. I would love to find something on a lake that has everything that you describe.
  10. Do you really think so? California is pretty shut down, but I was under the impression that other parts of the south were pretty open. I just want everyone to use their heads with this.
  11. Re: SBP My husband and I decided to waive it and twice went to a notary to sign the SBP waiver before sending it to NAVPERS (they said they never received the first document). My retirement paperwork got lost somewhere between NAVPERS and DFAS. It took them 17 months and intervention by my state elected officials before my retirement pay finally kicked in. After all that, the SBP waiver fell through. DH and I talked about it and I said it was probably a happy mistake should I croak first. BTW, I served 8 years active and finished as a reservist. Picked up a DoD job along the way, bought back my military time, and will get a nice handful of monthly checks once I start collecting everything. Life is good. Re: lower capacity I am all for lower capacity on ships. I'd pay more to happily not have to fight the thoughtless crowds on some of the sailings I've (not) enjoyed over the past couple of years. Passengers have gotten so incredibly selfish and self-serving on Carnival that it's become uncomfortable for me. Let me count the ways. 1. Chogs at the pool. 2. Seat savers in the theater. 3. "My kids are fine on their own with firm check-in times throughout the day." Meanwhile, the darlings are pushing all the buttons on the elevator; jumping from landing to landing on the staircases and making a huge racket; sitting across a single step, blocking the way for those who'd like to use them; groups of high schoolers sitting outside the teen center and loudly practicing their adult-style curse words for everyone around to enjoy and think to themselves, "Why, that high schooler is so amazingly mature for her age with all that cussing;" roaming gangs of cuddly middle-schoolers racing and shouting through cabin passageways at all hours; the kiddy crowds around the self-serve ice cream (need I say more); ad nauseam. 4. Lido tables being used as card or gaming tables during peak meal times and those table hogs pointedly ignoring all the folks showing up looking for a table to eat their lunch. 5. Massive pile-ups at the theater doors for the frequent cruiser party with people pushing to the front once the doors open. Bonus points for whispering into Junior's ear to go save 6 seats up front and we're right behind you. 6. The trash and dirty dishes people leave EVERYWHERE to include, but not limited to, the stairs, the pool deck, the putt-putt golf course, the theater, the passageways, the public heads, and so forth. Slobs abound. 7. Amateur night drunks. 8. T-shirts with horrific slogans that the wearer thinks is funny and the reader has to look away or pull their kid out of view. Classy. 9. When the hell that is the safety drill is lengthened because the same selfish and self-serving passengers won't follow the extremely simple instructions. 10. The "look at me" cruisers who are loud, boisterous to a fault and really don't give a flying road apple what anyone thinks.
  12. Ah, an expert in our midst. Thank God we know who has the answers. Do you have office hours?
  13. I believe Paul Gauguin cruises were the first to announce a return. Europe is way ahead of us in the Corona thing, so you simply can't assume that Europe opening up means we will, too. When the U.S. starts seeing the same decline that the EU has, then we can think about cruising. This country is a hot mess with its reaction to Corona. And I'm talking the citizens, not the government. It's in our power to halt this thing, be we aren't capable of it for so many reasons.
  14. I'm reading all kinds of stories on the cruise lines. They're in a state of flux.
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