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  1. And that was my initial "going in" expectation as well, on our recent October "Navigator" cruise. However, within the first 5 days of our 10 day cruise, I won over $1,500 in the slots on 2 separate occasions. $1K during one afternoon session, and $500 during another evening visit. ☺️
  2. Mudhen, Sealion, and all the other "new friends" we met on this cruise - Mary and I had a wonderful time on the Navigator and we certainly enjoyed meeting all of you. Despite the 2 ports we missed due to weather, Portland worked out well as a last minute substitute. Kudos to the entire crew for making the trip so wonderful - particular the dining, the service, and the production shows. For the most part, the weather was fine and the beautiful weather we had in Bermuda, our last port, was the "icing on the cake"! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire cruise. Best Regards to all! Now, to get through the long wait until the next cruise!
  3. I can assure everyone that everything looked "fantastic" when we on board last week. So, it will only "be better" when you come on board after the additional work. The only "down side" that we noticed was that there is no longer any brown water being "served" in the showers or basins anywhere on the ship (it was eliminated during the last refit), so if you had grown to "like" that special feature on previous Navigator cruises, you'll have to bring your own in the future. πŸ˜‰ Regards.
  4. I would also like to add, with unbridled enthusiasm, how FANTASTIC the theater entertainment was! The dancer and singers were absolutely wonderful. They sang and danced their hearts out! I would rate them as good as any of the performers I've ever seen on Broadway (if that is to be the supposed standard). We saw wonderful shows each and every night. Regards.
  5. In about an hour, the Navigator (unfortunately), throws off all lines, and sets sail for the last leg of our voyage back to NYC. Our two days in Bermuda have been great with warm, sunny, and humid weather. Many have said on these boards in the past that the CD can "set the mood" for the ship and the cruise. Jamie, along with the asst. CD Dana, have jointly made that so especially true on this cruise. Jamie and Dana have both been outstanding in making this a wonderful adventure. DW and I cannot thank them both enough for being so kind, so friendly, and so interested in making everyone feel so welcome on "this little ship"! We have also met so many friendly and wonderful folks on this cruise. We can't wait to be back on board, again in the future. Best Regards.
  6. Roberto - The "Bermuda Chapter" of the BM&M Society is alive and well! 3:30PM this afternoon, the Society held it's meeting on the "Navigator", safely docked in St. George's Harbor. Best Regards!
  7. Several of you remarked about how much you enjoyed having Maggie as your assistant waiter (in training under Mario). I'm very pleased to report that Maggie was our waitress at dinner tonight and did a superb job! I told her that she had many fans all over the world, who were cheering her continued success and congratulated her on her promotion. She asked me to send her "Thanks" back to everyone. She said she would (again) be leading the dancing routines at Krews Kapers on the night of 23 October. We got back this evening at around 7:30PM after a very long day of excursion trips all over Halifax and Peggy's Cove. The weather was clear, sunny, cold, and windy. Everyone had a great time. We'll be leaving port at around 11PM tonight for our 2-day sailing to Bermuda. "Fingers crossed" that it will be smooth sailing! All for now. Internet has been great ever since we first left NYC. Regards to all.
  8. And we're onboard with Calfsealion, Mudhen, Begin The Beguine, KwajGirl and others, as well. We're all doing well and there's plenty of "happenings" going on to keep us all entertained. The shows and musical numbers are quite good. The food, wine, and service are all top notch. Jamie is doing a great job as our CD, Davor is our GM, and Capt. Ari is driving our boat. Some of us (like me) had no problem with the occasional bit of "rocking and rolling" that we encountered the other night out of Newport. But motion effects different people in different ways. The worst of the storm occurred after sunset and during the night when we were all tucked into bed. That helped. No matter which ship you're on, you are definitely going to "feel" sustained winds of 40 MPH and gusts of up to 60 MPH, along with 10-15 foot seas (like we experienced the other night). The seas are now very calm as we get ready to pull into Halifax this morning. Out of the "corner of our eye", we're following the track of tropical storm "Nestor", which is still off the coast of Florida....but is going to start moving it's way up the east coast towards the northeast during the next few days. We'll keep our fingers crossed that we can "get past it" (and south of it) before it gets to New England and Nova Scotia. We'll be headingsouth from Halifax to Bermuda this evening (Saturday). Everyone on board seems to be very happy. Last night was our Block Party, and it was lots of fun. Our own group of 4 has been able to "capture" two nights at Prime 7 in the upcoming days, All for now. Best Regards.
  9. Hi, Kwaj - I completely agree!....Great minds think alike ((Remember, we're all "intelligent people")) πŸ™„ In fact, I've already bought a couple of packs of the "peel & stick" type that will just temporarily stick onto a shirt/blouse/jacket, etc. and I also have some blue "Sharpie Markers" for us to write our names on. I'll have those with me in my "hand carry bag" that I'll carry them onto the ship with me, when I come on board. I'll have those name tags with me up on the pool deck on the first afternoon. Best Regards.
  10. Gnomie - Thanks so much for the "cheerie and positive" weather report! We'll be boarding Navigator in the early afternoon, along with "Mudhen", "Kwajgal", "California Sea Lion", "Begin The Beguine", and many other excited cruisers - both past "Regent Vets", as well as many "First-timers". We will toast you as well, from the pool deck, with Champagne in hand! Thanks very much to "Mr. Rumor" as well, for "setting the table" for us with a fresh pallet-load of Fever Tree and for ably taking care of Navigator for us prior to our embarkation. To paraphrase Ray S., "it's going to be a "glorious cruise"! Best Regards.
  11. BBWC - Completely agree! We did exactly the same thing. We head to NYC tomorrow to board our Regent cruise on Tuesday (Yes, really excited!). 28 days ago, we called up our TA and booked a future Regent cruise in 2021. We had already done the "research" well in advance and already knew exactly which future cruise we wanted. Through our TA, we received the discount from Regent for the future cruise (about $400/PP), we only had to pay a 7.5% deposit (vice the normal 15%), and we received an additional $200 in OBC's to use on our cruise beginning Tuesday (in additional to other OBC's we also have for this cruise). So we're "Happy Campers!" - - I mean "Happy Cruisers" πŸ˜‰ We had no desire to spend any time in a Travel Consultant's office while on the cruise, and wanted the extra OBC's available on our folio from "Day 1" of this cruise on Tuesday,
  12. In my humble experience (although still anxiously awaiting to take my first Oceania Cruise in 2020), Regent (another NCL company) has provided very proactive support to CC M&G's in the past, by providing prior written announcements left in each participant's stateroom, designating and reserving dedicated meeting spaces for us, having Regent officers in attendance to introduce themselves and "mingle" with the attendees, and even providing light snacks and bar service. I wonder why there would be such a difference between the two "sister" cruise lines?
  13. Yes Rich - Our thanks to you and Vlad, as well. Add us to the list of "Fever Tree fans"!
  14. Rich - I highly recommend Di Millo's Restaurant On The Water. Very close to the Cruise Docks. 25 Long Wharf. The best, most scrumptious, over-sized Lobster Rolls you could ever imagine! A good place for lunch. For a tourist place, the prices were pretty reasonable. Best Regards.
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