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  1. Like the sound of the Auckland to Auckland cruise. Have not been on Azamara, but like small ships. My Viking Oceans cruise (Southern Transatlantic Crossing) has been cancelled but Vikings New Zealand cruise does not do Milford Sound..Not many Auckland to Auckland cruises. Seabourn did one recently but cannot find any future ones.
  2. The first cruise I can find for the new Viking Mars is May 28th 2022 Barcelona to Bergen
  3. I think I have just answered my own question. The Viking site shows new ship listed " Viking Mars." (must be a replacement name for Tellus).
  4. I wonder where Viking Tellus build is at. It also has a build date of 2021.
  5. Thanks for all your reply's. If it was only a few hundred dollars I would not bother pursing it. But as it was $1100 I though I might as well try. The high price is because we are in our 70's and the trip was for 25 days to Spain, Morocco, Senegal, and South America. This was to be our last big trip, (we had said we would not go back to Europe because we are getting past the long flights from NZ, but got a good deal on business class flights ). In the future, if we can cruise, it will be close to home. Would love to do a Circle Australia cruise. . Our cruise was to be on Viking Jupiter, we had sailed with them before, and liked the experience. We like small ships, maybe this is because we have done 6 river cruises with APT and Scenic.
  6. How long is the credit note valid for. (From the start date of your cancelled cruise or from the date insurance was taken out). Thanks
  7. Has anyone had their travel insurance refunded or credited. I was fortunate to get my airfares refunded and a credit for cruise deposit . I was insured with 1 Cover but they seem to be one of the very few insurance companies who will not refund. Has anyone tried for a future credit from them. I have $1100 tied up with them .
  8. I was booked on this trip, but as I am in New Zealand it is highly likely our borders will still be closed. Payment was just about due ( 4 months out for New Zealanders), so I asked for a future cruise credit. Next year looks more likely, but Brazil and Argentina are not on my "want to go to " list at the moment.
  9. Is 270 sq ft the total of room including veranda. Some lines give both measurements.
  10. Fantastic sushi on Viking oceans ships in the buffet (Word Cafe) every evening. Also lots of crab, and seafood every evening in buffet.
  11. I see from the photos, some have the sofa near the window and some have the sofa close to the door. How can you tell what you are booking. I would prefer by the window.
  12. We got 3 mini Toberone Bars, plus packet peanuts and packet of almonds. Is this the same for all ships, or do they change. Yes, we also ate the chocolate bars before the "chocolate man" came.
  13. Is the Rum white or dark rum.
  14. I would love to know where Tellus will be sailing. I have decided to book the Southern Atlantic Crossing Barcelona to Buenos Aires November 2020. Now when to book is the question. I did the China cruise last Sep/October and there was a very large reduction after I booked. It was not a popular selling cruise. Sales seem to be slow by looking at the website for the Southern Atlantic Crossing. All levels open at this stage.
  15. I have just been trying to find this tour (Southern Atlantic Crossing) in the new brochure 2020-2021. It seems to be missed out? I know it is available because it is listed on line, with dates and itinerary, but strange that it is not in the brochure.(or maybe it is me and I just cannot see it?)
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